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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Route 7

Vincent Lau

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Zangoose Normal Any grass 5%
Seviper Poison Any grass 5%
Watchog Normal Any grass 15%, 10% (Win)
Tranquill Normal/Flying Any grass 30%, 10% (Win)
Zebstrika Electric Any grass 20%
Deerling (All Forms) Normal/Grass Any grass 20%
Foongus Grass/Poison Any grass 5%
Cubchoo (Win only) Ice Any grass 25%
Unfezant Normal/Flying Shaking Grass 5%
Audino Normal Shaking Grass 85%
Emolga Electric/Flying Shaking Grass 10%
Furret Normal Swarm 40%

Move north until you reach the stairs leading west. Go up them and follow the path. Move past the first person over to the man wearing the red bandanna. He’ll challenge you to a battle.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Breeder

Pokemon Level Type
Ducklett 34 Water/Flying
Tranquill 34 Normal/Flying

Continue on and move down the steps. To your south-east you’ll see a Youngster moving around in the very tall grass. Move into the grass and move into his vision to make him challenge you. It’s a Rotation Battle!

Rotation Battle: Youngster

Pokemon Level Type
Stoutland 33 Normal
Deerling 33 Normal/Grass
Deerling 33 Normal/Grass

Move east past the Youngster to reach a small gap in the tall grass with two items. One is a Zinc and the other actually a Foongus! We were tricked!

Wild Pokemon Battle

Pokemon Level Type
Foongus 36 Grass/Poison

Move back west to the path and continue north. Head into the shack when you reach it. Inside is a Hiker looking for an Emolga. If you trade one with him, he’ll trade you a Gigalith . Once you’re done in here, head back outside and move up the ramp onto the thin raised walkway.

Follow it east and move down the ramp there. You’ll have skipped over the tall grass. Make sure you don’t stop for too long whilst you’re on it or you’ll fall off. Once you’re on the other side, move over to the Lass and battle her. It’s a triple battle!

Triple Battle: Lass

Pokemon Level Type
Ducklett 33 Water/Flying
Unfezant 33 Normal/Flying
Ducklett 33 Water/Flying

Once the Lass is defeated, continue along the path north. You’ll reach a Nursery Aide. Feel free to battle her.

Trainer Battle: Nursery Aide

Pokemon Level Type
Cleffa 34 Normal
Cinccino 34 Normal

Now move north. You’ll see a Preschooler moving around in the tall grass to your left. Head in and challenge him to a fight.

Trainer Battle: Preschooler

Pokemon Level Type
Sunflora 34 Grass

The Foongus disguised as items can get annoying; luckily, there are some real items to be found too!

Once defeated, head west over to the small clearing with the item in it. Grab the Leaf Stone . Now head north. There’s what seems to be another item here, but it’s actually just a second Foongus pretending to be an item.

Move north, over to the entrance to the Celestial Tower . Now move around the right side of it over to the back. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and find the TinyMushroom here. If you want to, you can head into Celestial Tower now, but there’s still a fair bit to do in Route 7 first!

Take the path back south. You’ll see tall grass to your east. As soon as you do, head into the tall grass. You’ll reach a second Preschooler who’s also looking to whoop some ass.

Trainer Battle: Preschooler

Pokemon Level Type
Darumaka 34 Fire

Head past her and grab the Elixir behind her. Return to the path and continue back south. Go back south until you reach the ramp leading up onto the walkway taking you north, then east. Move up onto it and follow it to the other side. Check the rock in front of the shack to find a Revive . Head into the shack.

Talk to the woman sitting on the mat in front of the TV at any time to heal your Pokemon . Talk to the old, bald man to add incomplete entries for Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus to your Pokedex. These three Pokemon form the Kami Trio, a group of Legendary Pokemon not found in this game.

The other two people here are boring, so leave once you’re ready. Move east up the stairs. You will be stopped by a call from your Mom. You’ll chat and the call will end. Continue north and move in front of the twins. They’ll challenge you to a Double Battle.

Double Battle: Twins

Pokemon Level Type
Seviper 33 Poison
Zangoose 33 Normal

Move onto the walkway with its ramp to your south. Move along it until you move next to the Harlequin. He’ll challenge you to a battle.

Trainer Battle: Harlequin

Pokemon Level Type
Baltoy 35 Ground/Psychic

As soon as you finish the battle, keep moving along the walkway so that you don’t fall off. Continue to the eastern ramp and head down it. Grab the item here, TM81 - X-Scissor . Head back over the walkway to where the Twins are. Move north onto the ramp there. Move along it to the next Harlequin.

Trainer Battle: Harlequin

Pokemon Level Type
Baltoy 35 Ground/Psychic

From there, you can continue along the walkway to the other side. If you do, you can continue north into Twist Mountain . Unfortunately, there’s a man guarding the entrance who won’t let you pass until you’ve beaten the Champion, so you may as well head back.

You can now either head into the Celestial Tower or head back to Mistralton City to challenge the Mistralton City Gym . It’s assumed that you’re heading into Celestial Tower . As before, you’re free to skip ahead to the Gym.


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