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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Route 4 (Black 2)

Vincent Lau

Unova Route 4

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Sandile Ground/Dark Deep Sand 35%
Darumaka Fire Deep Sand 35%
Trubbish Poison Deep Sand 25%
Scraggy Dark/Fighting Deep Sand 5%

Surf required (after Gym 5)

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Frillish Water/Ghost Surf 50%
Alomomola Water Rippling Water 95%
Jellicent Water/Ghost Rippling Water 5%

Super Rod required (post-game)

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Finneon Water Fishing 65%
Clamperl Water Fishing 30%
Qwilfish Water/Poison Fishing/Rippling Water 5%, 30% (Rippling)
Lumineon Water Rippling Water 60%
Huntail Water Rippling Water 5%
Relicanth Water/Rock Rippling Water 5%

There’s a number of trainers to battle here (surprised?). The first Hiker ahead on the left side of the path isn’t looking for a fight, but the Pokemon Breeder is!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Breeder

Pokemon Level Type
Drilbur 16 Ground
Marill 16 Water

Pokemon Breeders are great to train on, but remember to avoid their line of sight if you just want to go past them.

Once you’ve defeated the breeder, you can choose to either take the path left, into the sandy area, or continue north. It’s assumed that you take the path left. The dark, deep sand here acts in the same way as tall grass, so be wary of wild Pokemon as you walk through.

If you want, you can battle the man near the entrance to the sandy area.

Trainer Battle: Policeman

Pokemon Level Type
Growlithe 16 Fire
Herdier 16 Normal

From there, move north-west until you reach the stairs leading to the waterside below. Move down them. You’ll find a couple of Fishermen here, as well as a Mystic Water past them both. Battle them if you want.

Trainer Battle: Fisherman (North)

Pokemon Level Type
Basculin 17 Water

Trainer Battle: Fisherman (South)

Pokemon Level Type
Psyduck 16 Water
Basculin 16 Water

Once you’re done here, backtrack to the main road and instead take the path north. Make sure you’re prepared for a battle before venturing forward. You’ll encounter Colress, the man who stopped you as you were leaving Castelia City.

He notes that there are some Crustle blocking the path ahead and uses it as an opportunity to make use of a machine that he’s developed which causes the Crustle to flee. Once they’ve fled he initiates a battle!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Trainer Colress

Pokemon Trainer Colress

Pokemon Level Type
Magnemite 21 Electric/Steel
Klink 23 Steel

After the battle, Colress will flee himself, but not without giving you a Protein first. Once he’s left, continue north up the road. You can enter the first building on the right when you reach it, but you won’t find any valuable items or services, so feel free to continue on.

Enter the second one on your right. on the second floor, next to the television, you’ll find a Wide Lens . The woman on the first floor is looking for a Pokemon with a particular trait. Once you’re done here, leave the second building. Continue north along the road and enter the building on the left of the path.

On the second floor is a man who’ll give you a Sitrus Berry if you talk to him. Do so, then leave. Continue on and enter the final building, on the right side of the road at the T-junction. The woman on the bottom floor mimic the cry of a Pokemon in your party–guess right to get a Poke Toy .

Exit the building when you’re done. The sign on the north-west corner of the T-junction shows a Trainer Tip. You might want to read it to help you within the Pokemon world. Once you’re done, you can either choose to head north and enter Join Avenue and then Nimbasa City or head west and explore the rest of Route 4.

This walkthrough assumes that you will explore the rest of the area. If you don’t want to, simply skip ahead to Join Avenue. Along the road leading west is a patrolling Policeman. If you move into his vision, he will challenge you to a battle.

Trainer Battle: Policeman

Pokemon Level Type
Riolu 21 Fighting
Growlithe 21 Fire

Once you’ve kicked the copper’s ass, continue along the path leading west. When the road turns north, you will notice a small shack to the west of the road. You can enter it and talk to the woman inside to heal your party whenever you wish. From there, move back east and walk down the steps to the south of the road.

You’re in another sandy area. Move south and go up the stairs leading west when you reach them. Move north between the partially-constructed building and ridge until you reach the end of the thin path. Click ‘A’ when you’re adjacent and looking at the final tile to find a Red Shard .

Go back and move back down the steps. Move east, then south. There’s another Policeman to battle here.

Trainer Battle: Policeman

Pokemon Level Type
Herdier 22 Normal

Move south, past the Policeman, then head south-east over to the stairs there. Move up them, then follow the path north to the end. There you’ll find TM28 - Dig . Hells to the yes! Backtrack to the stairs, then head west to the stairs there.

A Pokemon that uses Dig burrows under the ground on the first turn and attacks the opponent on the second turn. It can also be used in place of Escape Ropes to escape dungeons.

Just before the stairs is a secret item. Turn your Dowsing MCHN on and move until you’re on it, then move to a tile adjacent face the tile and press ‘A’ to find a Hyper Potion . Now move up the stairs. Here there are a number of trainers, all itching for a fight, as well as three items, one of them hidden in deep sand.

The battles are as follows:

Trainer Battle: Roughneck (Left of Stairs)

Pokemon Level Type
Darumaka 22 Fire

Trainer Battle: Roughneck (Below Stairs)

Pokemon Level Type
Venipede 21 Bug/Poison
Sandile 21 Ground/Dark

Trainer Battle: Youngster (Walking Around)

Pokemon Level Type
Pidove 22 Normal/Flying

Trainer Battle: Biker (Patrolling Youngster)

Pokemon Level Type
Zumbat 21 Poison/Flying
Timbur 21 Fighting

Trainer Battle: Hooligans

Pokemon Level Type
Cottonee 21 Grass
Petilil 21 Grass

Once they’re all defeated, you can find the first item, some Stardust , north of the Biker. The second’s south of the four top trainers, on the way to the Hooligans. The item here is a Grip Claw . To the west of the Hooligans is a hidden Green Shard . Use your Dowsing MCHN to find it.

The final items are through a gap in between the fence on the right and some girders, a little before the Hooligans. Walk through the gap and into the deep sand. Turn your Dowsing MCHN on and use it to find the second last item, a Yellow Shard .

Now move a little further east in this deep sand area. The Dowsing MCHN will show up yet another item. Move over to it and press ‘A’ on the tile it’s on to find some more Stardust .

If it’s Thursday today, head east from the two Hooligans. You’ll find a Mandibuzz with its Hidden Ability there. If you interact with it, you’ll initiate a battle. Feel free to attempt to catch it.

Wild Pokemon Battle

Pokemon Level Type
Mandibuzz 25 Dark/Flying

That’s it for the entirety of Route 4! From here, you can head back to the house with the lady who heals you Pokemon and then choose to either head north past the house into Desert Resort or head back east, before taking the path north at the T-junction and heading to Nimbasa City .

If you want to skip straight there, go ahead; otherwise continue on to the walkthrough covering Desert Resort!


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