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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Victory Road Part 3 (White 2)

Vincent Lau

Victory Road - Cliffside

The Cliffside on Victory Road.

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Gurdurr Fighting Any Grass 70%
Throh Fighting Any Grass 30%
Audino Normal Shaking Grass 95%
Sawk Fighting Shaking Grass 5%

Move up the thin set of stairs and grab the Dragon Fang . Now head down the eastern set of stairs and enter the cave there.

Victory Road - Cliffside Cave

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Druddigon Dragon Cave 80%
Zweilous Dark/Dragon Cave 20%
Onix Rock/Ground Dust Cloud 20%
Excadrill Ground/Steel Dust Cloud 80%

Move down the first set of steps to your west, then move south until you’re noticed by a Veteran. Take him on.

Trainer Battle: Veteran

Pokemon Level Type
Fraxure 54 Dragon
Zweilous 54 Dark/Dragon
Flygon 54 Ground/Dragon

Now head down the large staircase leading west. Grab the Dragon Scale at the bottom. If you jump over the ledge and head out of the cave at the bottom, you’ll see a Pokemon guarding an entrance to another cave, but there’s nothing can do to get in just yet, so instead backtrack to the start of this cave and leave.

Victory Road - Cliffside

Head back to where you found the Dragon Fang and continue up the steps taking you north. You’ll see a large set of steps leading north with a female Veteran guarding them. These lead to the Pokemon League . We still have a little more to explore first though, so let’s get onto that.

If you wish to simply skip ahead to the Pokemon League, feel free to head up. There are still a few trainer battles before you reach it though. If not, let’s head west from the large staircase until we find stairs leading back south. Move down them. Continue down the steps until you reach the female Ace Trainer.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Fraxure 55 Dragon
Vanilluxe 55 Ice

Head south past her, down two flights of stairs. Then turn left and head up the small set of stairs, which leads to just a bunch of rocks. Or are they? Check the north-eastern-most of the rocks to discover a hidden Normal Gem . Then leave that small area via the stairs below and make your way east.

Down the next set of stairs you’ll find a Black Belt pacing around. Be sure to say “hi”.

Trainer Battle: Black Belt

Pokemon Level Type
Pinsir 54 Bug
Heracross 54 Bug/Fighting

To the west of the Black Belt is a Max Elixir , just chillin. Grab it then go down the next flight of stairs… and the next one. To your right is a cave that you can enter.

Victory Road - Cave

Take on the Pokemon Ranger just inside.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Electabuzz 54 Electric
Probopass 54 Rock/Steel

From there continue west through the cave. When you reach the boulders, push the one still out of the hole into it using Strength . Now head west, over both boulders and continue until you reach the Pokemon Ranger at the end.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Magmar 54 Fire
Camerupt 54 Fire/Ground

There’s nothing left in here, so exit the cave via the nearby door when you’re ready.

Victory Road - Cliffside

Head west then up the stairs. At the top, an Ace Trainer is blocking your passage.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Zweilous 55 Dark/Dragon
Eelektross 55 Electric

Once you’ve sent him crying, head past him and up the stairs. Pick up the Max Revive that’s lying around, then up some more stairs. Head north-east next, towards another bunch of rocks. One of these rocks contains a Rare Candy . Use the Dowsing MCHN to find it.

Now backtrack a little and head west and north up the next set of stairs. Around here, a Battle Girl is looking all over the place for a battle. Feel free to flex your muscles if you want (or your Pokemons’ muscles, rather).

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl

Pokemon Level Type
Throh 54 Fighting
Sawk 54 Fighting

After that exercise, push on past her, up two more flight of stairs. Whew… this sure is a lot of climbing. Nobody mentioned this back in Pokemon boot camp… Anyway, once you’ve scaled the stairs, you don’t have much further to go. Head east and you should spot familiar territory.

Yup, it’s the stairs leading to the Pokemon League again. But this time you’ve seen everything there is to see, except what lies beyond these stairs… Go up them and face the first Veteran’s challenge.

Trainer Battle: Veteran

Pokemon Level Type
Zebstrika 54 Electric
Starmie 54 Water/Psychic
Sawk 54 Fighting

Continue up the stairs and fight the next Veteran.

Trainer Battle: Veteran

Pokemon Level Type
Beartic 54 Ice
Golurk 54 Ground/Ghost
Throh 54 Fighting

Enter the cave at the top. Head through until you’re near the end of it and you’ll be stopped by Hugh. He challenges you to one final battle. Let’s go!

Hugh - Final Rival Battle

This is your final battle with Hugh before the Elite Four.

If Snivy was your starter

Pokemon Level Type
Unfezant 55 Normal/Flying
Simipour 55 Water
Bouffalant 55 Normal
Emboar 57 Fire/Fighting

If Tepig was your starter

Pokemon Level Type
Unfezant 55 Normal/Flying
Simisage 55 Grass
Bouffalant 55 Normal
Samurott 57 Water

If Oshawott was your starter

Pokemon Level Type
Unfezant 55 Normal/Flying
Simisage 55 Grass
Bouffalant 55 Normal
Serperior 57 Grass

Once you’ve defeated Hugh he’ll hand you TM24 - Thunderbolt in return. Continue on and head out the door. Move around and head through the gate.


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