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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Route 17

Vincent Lau

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Frillish Water/Ghost Surf 50%
Alomomola Water Surf 95% (Rippling)
Jellicent Water/Ghost Surf 2.5% (Rippling)
Horsea Water Super Rod 30%, 60% (Rippling)
Finneon Water Super Rod 70%
Seadra Water Super Rod 5% (Rippling)
Kingdra Water/Dragon Super Rod 5% (Rippling)
Lumineon Water Super Rod 30% (Rippling)

Move down the steps and out to the water. Use Surf to move onto the deeper water. Once you do, move off onto the closest shallow. Head over to the Fisherman here. Take him on!

Trainer Battle: Fisherman

Pokemon Level Type
Feebas 66 Water
Finneon 66 Water
Lumineon 66 Water

Once he’s been defeated, head around to the western side of the current shallows. Use your Dowsing MCHN here to locate and grab the hidden Blue Shard . Once you have it Surf over to the shallows to your north. There’s an item sitting in the shallow water here.

Grab it to find that it’s another Blue Shard ! Head over to the south-west corner of this shallow and Surf west, then south. There’s a Swimmer swimming about here. Challenge!

Trainer Battle: Swimmer

Pokemon Level Type
Tentacool 65 Water/Poison
Huntail 65 Water

To the south are two currents taking you west. The upper of the two, which starts slightly further west, is the one that you want to take, otherwise you’ll simply get spat out at the next route, Route 18 , which we don’t really want quite yet.

Once you’ve ridden the upper of the two currents, you’ll end up to the west of a female Swimmer. Nonchalantly stroll up to her and ask her if she’d like to partake in a battle with you. Yea.

Trainer Battle: Swimmer

Pokemon Level Type
Clamperl 65 Water
Shellder 65 Water

Head east past her, avoiding all of the currents. You’ll reach more shallows. Move onto them. Grab the Dive Ball to the Fisherman’s north, then take the Fisherman on himself.

Trainer Battle: Fisherman

Pokemon Level Type
Krabby 64 Water
Qwilfish 64 Water/Poison
Kingler 64 Warer

Once he’s defeated, move out onto the water east of the shallow. Surf into the current and let it take you back to the male Swimmer. This time take the bottom current flowing west. You’ll be spat at near a beach. You’re now officially in Route 18 !

We need to head through here to access the rest of Route 17 , so let’s get onto it!


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