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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Victory Road Part 2 (White 2)

Vincent Lau

Victory Road - Cave

Victory Road - Cave

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Onix Rock/Ground Cave/Dust Cloud 20%
Boldore Rock Cave 80%
Excadrill Ground/Steel Dust Cloud 80%

As soon as you step inside the cave, you’ll be standing close to a Veteran. If you time it right, you can sneak past him when he’s not looking. But you’re probably better off plucking up your courage and meeting him head on.

Trainer Battle: Veteran

Pokemon Level Type
Gigalith 55 Rock
Skarmory 55 Steel/Flying

After kicking his butt, head east while hugging the south of the cave. Inspect the small rock blocking your passage to score yourself a Full Restore . Then go around the big rocks and take on the Ace Trainer pair just ahead.

Depending on how you approach them, this can be in the form of a Double Battle or two separate single battles. If you walk between both, it’ll be a Double Battle. Whereas if you speak to one of them or only one notices you then you’re looking at a single battle. Choose whichever format suits you best.

Double Battle: Ace Trainer and Ace Trainer

Male trainer’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Durant 55 Bug/Steel
Ferrothorn 55 Grass/Steel

Female trainer’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Heatmor 55 Fire
Galvantula 55 Bug/Electric

Having shown off your mad skills, continue west from the pair and you’ll come across a crossroads. This is where navigation gets slightly more complicated, as you have a choice of three roads before you: north, south or west. We’ll go south first, along the narrow path. At the end, exit the cave via the door.

Victory Road - Outside

You’ll immediately be stopped by a female Backpacker who will ask if you’d like to battle.

Trainer Battle: Backpacker

Pokemon Level Type
Sawsbuck 54 Normal/Grass

Head over the stream to the other side by using Surf . Grab the Escape Rope there then head back onto the water. If you haven’t already, we’d suggest teaching one of your Pokemon Waterfall so that you can explore bonus areas.

If you have a Pokemon with Waterfall, use it to head down the waterfall to your south. At the bottom of the waterfall, follow the stream east and continue following it until you reach the very end. You’ll find a cave there. Move onto the ground and enter the cave.

Victory Road - Cave Ruins

You’re back in the first area, but you can take on a few trainers that you couldn’t before. Move down the steps to your south and head out onto the water. Head south until you reach the point where the paths split, one leading west and one south.

The west path is blocked off, so head south and continue under the bridge. Keep going until you reach some ground at the very end that you can move onto. Head up the stairs and take on the two Veterans here, in a double battle!

Double Battle: Veteran and Veteran

Double Battle: Veteran and Veteran

Male trainer’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Braviary 55 Normal/Flying
Carracosta 55 Water/Rock

Female trainer’s party

Pokemon Level Type
Mandibuzz 55 Dark/Flying
Archeops 55 Rock/Flying

Once the Veteran couple are defeated, move east then turn around and head up the stairs taking you west. At the end is TM93 - Wild Charge patiently waiting for you to pick it up. That’s it for this area. If you head east over the ledge, you can return to the Victory Road entrance.

If you want, you can head to the Pokemon Centre there to heal your Pokemon. Either way, once you’re ready, backtrack to the crossroads where you headed south. This time, take the western stairs.

Head south-west and over to a suspicuous rock. Check it to find a Full Restore . As usual, use your Dowsing MCHN if you need helping finding it (That’s what it’s there for!). Continue heading west until you reach the exit to the cave.

Victory Road - Outside

Head east through the Tall Grass here. Grab the Max Repel sitting in the corner, then head back a bit and go down the stairs to the south leading east. Make your way through the Dark Grass and snatch the Ultra Ball just lying there. Then continue onwards and battle the Ace Trainer by the water.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Swanna 55 Water/Flying
Ampharos 55 Electric

Once he’s defeated, Surf onto the water and head east, past the broken bridge, then land on the shore to the north. Head up the stairs and go around the narrow path, through the Dark Grass. Be sure to pick up the Full Restore along the way. After the last corner, there’ll be a female Ace Trainer patrolling around.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Darmanitan 55 Fire
Tangrowth 55 Grass

Past the female Ace Trainer, head south down the stairs.

Victory Road - Cave Ruins

Aha, it’s the initial area again and your final visit here during this run. To your right, there’s a Psychic looking eagerly for a battle. Let’s not disappoint them.

Trainer Battle: Psychic

Pokemon Level Type
Lampent 54 Ghost/Fire
Musharna 54 Psychic

When the dust settles, head east across the bridge. On the other side, there’s a boulder that needs pushing. Arm yourself with Strength then push the boulder up once, right three times and then down all the way until it gets stuck. Then left and down into the hole.

Next, walk over the boulder and head west, where an Ace Trainer is pacing back and forth rather aimlessly.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Golurk 55 Ground/Ghost
Sigilyph 55 Psychic/Flying

Edge your way past the Ace Trainer and you’ll stop before a ledge leading south. If you jump past here, you’ll return to the very beginning. Like earlier, you can use this opportunity to return to the Pokemon Centre and heal your Pokemon. Or you can walk backwards.

In any case, you’re done here, so in your own time return all the way to the crossroads once more. Now you’ve only got one more direction left and that’s north .

Victory Road - Cave

There are two boulders up here, but only the western one can be pushed into a hole. Do so, by using Strength. Now head over it and enter the nearby door. Inside it’s pitch black and you can only see a slight distance around you.

If youre brave you CAN walk around in the dark. But its much easier with a Pokemon flashlight on.

You should have a TM that teaches Flash from the back alleys of Castelia City . If you teach this move to a Pokemon and get them to use it like a HM, the area can be illuminated and you can navigate with much greater ease. Feel free to teach this to a Pokemon and get them to use it.

Now, head west, then north past the stairs. To your east you’ll see an item tucked away here. Grab it to find that it’s a magnificent PP Max ! Head back to the stairs and move up them. The first rock at the top of the stairs contains a Red Shard that you can collect by interacting with it.

Head further east and move down the set of stairs. Use Surf and head out onto the water. Move to the ground at the south-eastern corner of the body of water and jump onto it. Grab the Rare Candy that’s there. Surf back onto the water and head north towards the north-eastern corner of the water.

Use your Dowsing MCHN to find the hidden Max Elixir here. Surf back to the main area. Head west and move north up the set of stairs. Follow the path around and exit the cave.


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