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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Driftveil City

Vincent Lau

Driftveil City

At the entrance to the city sits a fountain, surrounded by a pretty little clearing. To the south-west of this fountain is a hidden item, so whip out your Dowsing MCHN to find it. It turns out to be an Ultra Ball . Once you have it, continue west up the steps onto the bridge.

You’ll run into a member of Old Team Plasma facing off with a member of New Team Plasma. How odd. The new member will push the old one and they’ll talk about N, the infamous member of Old Team Plasma who’s nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Hugh will scream out, much to everyone’s surprise.

He’ll run over and charge at the New Team Plasma Grunt who will flee with Hugh at his tail. The Old Grunt will talk to you, then leave. Move west until you’re across the bridge and in the actual city. First let’s head to the Pokemon Center. Head west along the road. Take the road leading north when you reach it.

You’ll see the Pokemon Center to your right. Enter and heal your Pokemon. Talk to the woman upstairs in the back left corner and she’ll give you three Luxury Balls . Restock your items if you want, then leave. It’s time for the usual deal: looting the city!

First turn right from the Pokemon Center. You’ll reach a dead end. When you do, walk south down a thin gap. You’ll find some Calcium at the end of that gap. Now head back onto the road and enter the building north of it. It turns out to be a hotel. There’s nothing important on the 1st or 23rd floors, so head straight to the 25th floor.

There, talk to the man; he’ll give you a Big Root and will tell you how awesome it is. That’s it for the entire building, so exit. Head back to the Pokemon Center and enter the building to its west. On the first floor you’ll find a bald man who happens to be the first Move Tutor that you can meet within the game.

He has a variety of moves that he can teach, but you need to exchange a specifed number of shards ( Red Shards in the case of this guy) for him to teach the move to one of your Pokemon. The moves and prices for each are listed below.

Red Shards Moves(s)
2 Covet, Bug Bite
4 Drill Run, Bounce, Signal Beam, Iron Head
6 Super Fang, Uproar, Seed Bomb, Dual Chop
8 Low Kick, Gunk Shot
10 Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, Ice Punch

An easy way to find shards is to transport to the Entralink via the Wireless menu and accept the Funfest Mission Find Shards!.

You can visit him at any time to have him teach your Pokemon these moves, assuming you can meet his price. Although there’s an 11th floor, there’s nothing of interest there. Instead, head straight up to the 25th floor. Talk to the man here for an Air Balloon then leave the building.

See the large building just to your south? Although it looks like a warehouse, it actually is the Driftveil Markets . Move back to the road, walk south and enter it at its east entrance (you can enter from the south or north if you want, but the north entrance is obscured and the south is a longer walk).

There are three vendors in here. The first is the man behind the counter in the south-east portion of the market. He sells the following:

Heal Powder, Energy Powder, Energy Root, Revival Herb

Next is the Old Team Plasma Grunt standing at the intersection in the market. He’s selling various incenses… how… hardcore. These incenses are surprisingly good though, if you can afford them.

Odd Incense, Sea Incense, Rose Incense, Wave Incense, Rock Incense, Pure Incense, Luck Incense, Lax Incense, Full Incense

The last vendor is the woman behind the counter to his north. She’s selling milk… Moomoo Milk!

MooMoo Milk (one or multiple)

Those are the only three selling goods, so exit the market by the south entrance. First, let’s head over behind the market. Motorcyclist Charles, the guy from Route 5 is loitering around the west side of the building. If you talk to him he’ll ask if you’d like to partake in another battle.

This time the battle style is the opposite to what you did before. If you’re playing Black 2, you’ll have already fought a Rotation Battle with him, so this time you’re fighting a Triple Battle. If you’re playing White 2, it’s swapped around. He has the same team as before, so he’s still a decent challenge.

Go ahead and answer ‘Yes’ if you want to fight him.

Rotation/Triple Battle: Motorcyclist

Pokemon Level Type
Archen 26 Rock/Flying
Sigilyph 26 Psychic/Flying
Tirtouga 26 Water/Rock

Embargo prevents the opposing Pokemon from using its held item. The Pokemons trainer also cannot use items for five turns.

Once he’s beaten or otherwise, hug the market wall immediately to your right to discover a hidden entrance to the market. Inside, go down to discover TM63 - Embargo . Sneaky! Afterwards, step back onto the road and run east towards the Driftveil Drawbridge.

There’s a building with a door at the corner of the intersection leading there. Enter this building. Talk to the bald man near the reception desk and he’ll give you a Shell Bell . Neither floor, 14th or 19th contains anything of interest, so just leave.

Next, head west, past the intersection and around the corner. You’ll notice a building to the east. Move over and enter. On the 1st floor is a girl who will ask you to show her a Pokemon with a particular TM move. If you can do this, she’ll reward you with a Heart Scale . This can be once per day, but she’ll ask for a different move.

There’s nothing cool on the 19th floor so head directly up to the 23rd floor. Talk to the man to receive an Everstone . There’s nothing else to see, so back to the street we go!

You’ll notice a gate to the south. Guess what’s there? The Pokemon World Tournament! Unfortunately, a guy in black inside the gate is stopping you from heading there. Ah well, we’ll be back later! Head back to the Pokemon Center and head north. You’ll move through a gap in the fence onto an asphalt road.

East leads to the Driftveil City Gym (which is close at the moment) and west leads to Route 6. For now, however, we’re heading up the stairs! You can’t head down the stairs leading west, so instead head east. You’ll come upon the Old Team Plasma Grunt from before.

He’ll come over and begin talking with you. You’ll be brought over to his leader and you’ll begin talking to him. He’ll challenge you to a battle to test your strength. Answer ‘Yes’ if you want to fight. If you need to, make sure your Pokemon are healed first.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Trainer Rood

Pokemon Level Type
Herdier 27 Normal
Swoobat 27 Psychic/Flying

Its not often you get gift Pokemon, especially a rare Pokemon like Zorua!

After defeating Rood, Hugh will appear and Rood will disappear inside. You and Hugh will both follow him and the three of you will talk. Hugh will start freaking out and will leave. Rood will then ask if you want to take Zorua under your wing. Make sure you have free space in your battle party and choose ‘Yes’, duh!

There’s not much else to do here unless you want to talk with everyone. Once you’re ready, leave. Guess what? Driftveil City Gym is…. open! Unfortunately it’s unlikely that you’ll be strong enough to beat the Gym just yet (feel free to check and decide for yourself), so let’s head to Route 6 first to get your train on!


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