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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Route 6

Vincent Lau

Wild Pokemon

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Marill Water Grass/Dark Grass 5%
Tranquill Normal/Flying Grass/Dark Grass 15%
Swadloon Bug/Grass Grass/Dark Grass 10%
Deerling (all forms) Normal/Grass Grass/Dark Grass 30%
Karrablast Bug Grass/Dark Grass 25%
Shelmet Bug Grass/Dark Grass 25%
Foongus Grass/Poison Grass/Dark Grass 10%
Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Azumarill Water Shaking Grass 5%
Dunsparce Normal Shaking Grass 10%
Castform Normal Shaking Grass 5%
Unfezant Normal/Flying Shaking Grass 2.5%
Audino Normal Shaking Grass 50%
Leavanny Bug/Grass Shaking Grass 5%
Emolga Electric/Flying Shaking Grass 20%
Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Azumarill Water Surf 5%
Marill Water Surf 30%
Blue Basculin Water Surf/Super Rod 70%, 35% (Rippling), 30% (Fishing)
Red Basculin Water Surf/Super Rod 70%, 35% (Rippling), 30% (Fishing)
Poliwag Water Super Rod 70%
Poliwhirl Water Super Rod 65%
Politoed Water Super Rod 5%

Check out the Pokemon available here. If any catch your interest, be sure to keep a lookout for them. Head over the bridge and into the Tall Grass. Follow the path until you reach the trainer. She’s keen as a bean for a battle!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Breeder

Pokemon Level Type
Minccino 27 Normal
Deerling 27 Normal/Grass

Continue following the path until you reach the next bridge. Move over it and challenge the Parasol Lady here.

Trainer Battle: Parasol Lady

Pokemon Level Type
Castform 28 Normal

If you want to quickly head back to Driftveil City , you can go south from here and jump over the ledge to take a shortcut back, but don’t forget that you can use Fly! If you’re fine to go on, continue north. You’ll reach yet another trainer, this time it’s a School Kid.

Trainer Battle: School Kid

Pokemon Level Type
Deerling 27 Normal/Grass
Shelmet 27 Bug

There’s an item to the School Kid’s east. Move over and grab it. It’s an Elixir ! There’s also what appears to be an item to the Kid’s north. If you move over and attempt to pick it up it will reveal itself as a Foongus .

Wild Pokemon Battle

Pokemon Level Type
Foongus 29 Grass/Poison

Move west, over the bridge and follow the path around to the Season Research Lab . You’ll see a Scientist standing out the front, next to the sign. Talk to him and he’ll challenge you.

Trainer Battle: Scientist

Pokemon Level Type
Deerling 28 Normal/Grass

Deerling has four appearances depending on the season.

Enter the Season Research Lab. Talk to the Scientist at the very back of the room to receive a free Deerling . Like Zorua, you’ll need space in your battle party to accept it. Since Deerling is a Grass-type Pokemon, if you’re lacking ammo for the Driftveil Gym, you could consider training it up.

Besides this, there’s nothing to do, so leave the lab. Head into the little fenced-off area next to the lab. Grab the Moon Stone there then head back to the dirt path. You’ll see a female Scientist here. Move over and battle her.

Trainer Battle: Scientist

Pokemon Level Type
Shelmet 27 Bug
Karrablast 27 Bug

There’s a fenced-off area south of this trainer. You can get inside through a gap on the west side. Move through it into the area and run to the right side of it. You’ll see a bare patch with no Tall Grass on it. This tile contains a Tiny Mushroom .

Next, head back out to the main path then head west across the next bridge. There’s another Foongus posing as an item in the grass here. Once you’ve passed it, go over and talk to the School Kid looking into the puddle if you want to battle him.

Trainer Battle: School Kid

Pokemon Level Type
Foongus 27 Grass/Poison
Karrablast 27 Bug

The next item in the grass is an actual item. Pick it up to find that it’s an Ultra Ball . The supposed item to the south of the Parasol Lady trudging through the puddle is just another Foongus though. Move north to battle the Parasol Lady.

Trainer Battle: Parasol Lady

Pokemon Level Type
Castform 28 Normal

Head over the bridge to your north then head east. Enter the shack here. The woman inside will heal your Pokemon if you talk to her, and the small girl will give you a Shiny Stone . When you’re ready to continue, exit the shack and head around to the right side of the house.

Move into the Dark Grass and head right when you reach the path heading that way. You’ll find a Pokemon Ranger at the end of the path. Move over to her to initiate a battle.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Whirlipede 28 Bug/Poison
Foongus 28 Grass/Poison

Now move back to the shack and continue west, back over to the bridge. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and head into the Tall Grass here. You’ll find a hidden item, Protein . That’s it for Route 6!

If you think you’re ready to take on the Driftveil City Gym, skip ahead to that section. If not, feel free to head north up the steps and you’ll enter Chargestone Cave.


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