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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Pokemon Musicals

Vincent Lau

In the north-east part of Nimbasa City is a building that holds Pokemon Musicals. Those who played Black or White will probably be familiar with them. In these Musicals, four Pokemon are adorned with accessories called Props, dance to music and appeal with some of their Props.

Were OK… but is the Pokemon OK?

To enter a Musical, talk to the woman at the centre counter if you wish to participate with NPCs or talk to the woman at the left counter if you wish to participate with friends with your Wireless or infrared. You can’t participate via Wi-Fi.

As soon as you decide to enter a Musical, you will be asked to select a Pokemon to participate. The only thing that matters about the Pokemon you choose to have perform in the Musical is the amount of ‘slots’ it has for Props.

The more Props it can hold, the better! Generally, humanoid Pokemon (ie. two arms, two legs, a head, a torso etc.) are the best choice, but sometimes they have less slots than non-humanoid Pokemon, so be careful with this.

Next, you must pick a Show. You’re given a total of four Shows that you can choose to perform in (although you can download more via Global Link). Each has a different style that your Pokemon should dress to if you participate in it.

Show Style
Stardom Cool
Forest Stroll Cute
A Sweet Soiree Elegant
Exciting Nimbasa Unique

Once you’ve picked one of the Musicals to perform in, you will be asked to dress your Pokemon. Once you reach the dressing screen, it’s time to place props on! Each Prop has one or two spots that it can be placed on, as well as a style that matches the style of one of the Shows.

You want to place Props on your Pokemon that match the style of the Show. You should fill every Prop slot with Props of that style, except for one, which you should place a Prop of a different style in. If you do this, your Pokemon will perform better and have a better chance of winning.

Once you’ve dressed your Pokemon, it’s time for the Show to begin! Shows last for a minute or so. During this time you can only really do one thing, which is to show off. You do this by making ’ appeals ’ to the audience.

On the bottom corners of the bottom screen of your DS or 3DS should be two ‘appeal’ buttons (assuming that you placed Props on both arms). You can use these at any time to gain the audiences attention.

You only get at most two chances to make an appeal, so its crucial you time them right.

The most optimal time to use an appeal is when the spotlight is on your Pokemon, simply because they’re already having attention drawn to them. The more attention you get, the more likely you are to win.

Other times that you can use an ‘appeal’, the other Pokemon participating in the Musical can ‘steal’ attention from your Pokemon by using an ‘appeal’ immediately after you do. This is bad for you and means you’re less likely to win.

For this reason, a good time to use your second appeal is right at the end of the Musical, so that no one else can steal attention from your Pokemon by following with an ‘appeal’. If you correctly dress up a Pokemon with many Prop slots and use ‘appeals’ as explained above, you’re near guaranteed to win!

If you do win, you’ll be able to talk with people in the Pokemon Musical building after the show to receive more Props, making it easier to correctly dress your Pokemon. There are a few other Props floating about in other places, although there’s not all that many.

As the Props don’t tell you what style they are, we’ve included a list of each Prop along with its style below:


Black Wings, Chef’s Hat, Cowboy Hat, Electric Guitar, Football, Frying Pan, Horn Helmet, Ladle, Lantern, Microphone, Pirate Hat, Racket, Rigid Shield, Scarlet Cape, Shuriken, Standing Mike, Striped Tie, Tie, Toy Cutlass, Toy Fishing Rod, Toy Sword, Trident, Umber Belt, White Domino Mask, Wig, Winner’s Belt


Big Barrette, Blue Barette, Blue Flower, Candy, Colorful Parasol, Crimson Scarf, Decorative Ribbon, Fedora, Frilly Apron [1], Gift Box, Headband [1], Pink Barette, Purse, Red Barette, Red Flower, Red Parasol, Round Button, Small Barrette, Striped Barrette, Tambourine, Whisk, White Pompom, White Wings, Wind Up Key


Black Cape, Black Tie, Bouquet, Bowtie, Cane, Crown, Dressy Tie, Fluffy Beard, Frilly Apron [2], Gentleman’s Hat, Gorgeous Flower, Gorgeous Specs, Headband [2], Lace Cap, Laurel Wreath, Lonely Flower, Monocle, Necklace, Pocket Watch, Rose, Snow Crystal, Square Glasses, Tiara, Trumpet, White Cape


Beret, Bib, Big Bag, Fake Belly Button, Fake Bone, Germ Mask, Google Specs, Green Barette, Helmet, Hula Skirt, Jester’s Cap, Magic Wand, Mallet, Maraca, Paint Brush, Pennant, Professor Hat, Red Nose, Round Mushroom, Scarlet Hat, Smiley-Face Mask, Straw Hat, Thick Book, Toy Cake, Witchy Hat, Wrench


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