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Pokémon: Black & White 2

Castelia City Part 1

Vincent Lau

Castelia City.

Hugh will wander off. Head to the south end of the dock that you’re currently on. You’ll notice an item sitting next to the bottom right lamppost. Pick it up to reveal that it’s a Heart Scale ! Go north and leave the current dock.

Don’t forget that you can talk to the captain of the ship at any time and select the top option (‘Yes’) to sail back to Virbank City whenever you wish to.

When you reach the actual city, a man will immediately stop you and give you a Bicycle . How convenient! Hop on the bike and get exploring!

The Bicycle speeds up travel a lot. Although, if you need to manoeuvre around tight spaces, good ol walking/running is better.

If you feel a little daunted by the sheer size of the city, just follow our handy guide to make sure that you collect and do everything. Only actions that will get you items or help you in your journey will be listed, but feel free to explore the city and enjoy!

First, go east down your current street. Heal yourself at the Pokemon Center if you need then head to the very right end of the street. Enter the gate there. Talk to the girl just next to the doorway to receive the Quick Claw . Exit the gate and run left.

Now enter the street to the right of the Pokemon Center.

Castelia Street

Run up the street and enter the first building on your right–it’s the Game Freak building!

Inside, take the elevator to the top floor. In the south-west corner of the top floor is a Revive . To your right are three people gathered around a table. The people sitting at the bottom and the right of the table are both willing to battle if you speak to them and accept their challenge.

The information for each battle is below. Nishino’s Pokemon has Leftovers, so you need to be quick with your moves. The other is none other than one of the most well-known employees of Game Freak, Shigeki Morimoto. For that reason alone you should battle him! DO IT.

Dont hold back now; these guys made the game so theyre no slouches when it comes to battling.

Trainer Battle: Game Freak Nishino

Pokemon Level Type Held Items
Clefairy 16 Normal Leftovers

Trainer Battle: Game Freak Morimoto

Pokemon Level Type
Pansage 14 Grass
Panpour 14 Water
Pansear 14 Fire

Once you’re done, exit the building. Back on the street, head north and enter the next building on your left. Go up to the top floor. Talk to the Guitarist here to receive TM44, which teaches Rest . Exit this building. Head north until you exit the street. You’ll now be at the fountain. Walk around and enter the next street to your left.

Mode Street

Run south until you reach the ice-cream stand. You can talk to the girl here and buy either one or twelve Casteliacones once per day, excluding days during Winter. One costs $100, so twelve therefore will cost you $1200. If you buy a cone, a businessman walking by will notice.

Next, enter the building just across from the ice-cream stand. It’s an art gallery, Studio Castelia ! Talk to the man in the north-east corner. He will ask for a Pokemon of a certain random type. If you can show him one of that type before the day ends he will reward you with a berry of your choice.

If you really want that berry, save before you talk to him for the first time of the day. If he asks for something that you don’t have, simply reset and try again.

Available Berries
Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Pecha Berry, Rawst Berry, Aspear Berry

This event resets each day, so you can get one berry per day as long as you can show him a Pokemon of the type that he asks for. When you’re done, exit back to the street and run south until you’re out of the street.

If a Pokemon holds a berry, they can automatically eat it mid-battle for a range of special effects.

You should now be back where you received the Bicycle. After battling the Game Freak employees you may need to heal yourself. If so, run east to the Pokemon Center and heal yourself.


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