Like with any good sequel, Pokemon X and Y brings a lot of new features to the plate and improves on previous recipes. Obviously we’ll discuss these changes throughout our guide, but just to whet your appetite, here’s what you can expect!

1. Catching Pokemon Rewards Experience

Prior to X and Y, Pokemon only gained experience by fainting other Pokemon. However if you successfully capture a Pokemon, you will now gain experience (and EVs). Now you’ve got even more reason to chuck Pokeballs at Pokemon!

2. Customisable Main Character

Gotta save up cash for those clothes…

Bored of players having almost identical appearances? In X and Y, you can change your trainer’s hairstyle, hair colour and even clothing and accessories! The temptation is strong to choose a female trainer just for their superior clothes selection…

3. Massively Improved Exp. Share

Exp. Share is no longer a hold item and is a Tool instead. When it’s activated, all your Pokemon that didn’t battle will receive 50% of the battle experience (and full EVs). If you have a full party of six Pokemon, you can earn 250% more experience; needless to say, training is a breeze.

4. New Pokemon Type: Fairy

Amazingly, the Pokemon scientists have just figured out there’s a new Fairy type. Cue many new Fairy-type Pokemon and even older Pokemon now re-typed to Fairy. Fairies are strong against Dark, Dragon and Fighting Pokemon and take no damage from Dragon-type moves.

5. Mega Evolution

Did you think "Charizard" IconCharizard was the last in "Charmander" IconCharmander’s evolution line? Think again! Many Pokemon can now Mega Evolve into a more powerful form by using a Mega Stone. Unlike normal evolution, Mega Evolution only occurs during battle.

6. Pokemon-Amie

Pokemon is one step closer to world domination with Pokemon-Amie.

This is like a simpler version of Nintendogs or Tamagotchi but with Pokemon, allowing you to play with your Pokemon outside of battle. Ever wanted to stroke "Eevee" IconEevee or feed "Snorlax" IconSnorlax? Well, your dreams are now a reality thanks to Pokemon-Amie!

8. New Types of Battles

We almost need a Pokedex for battle types at this rate. X and Y introduces Sky Battles that only feature Flying-type Pokemon or those with the Levitate ability. You can also encounter hordes of 5 wild Pokemon at once. Whoa, talk about dangerous!

9. Wonder Trade

Send "Espeon" IconEspeon; receive "Bulbasaur" IconBulbasaur. Not bad.

Surprises are always nice, so it’s cool that you can now surprise other players and get surprised yourself via Wonder Trade. How it works is that you can send any Pokemon you want and then get matched up with a player who’s also sending any Pokemon. Hopefully not "Weedle" IconWeedle though.

10. Easier To Breed Outstanding Pokemon

Last but not least, something advanced trainers will really appreciate. It’s now super easy to breed Pokemon with perfect IVs thanks to the improved Destiny Knot, which is now guaranteed to pass down 5 IVs when breeding Pokemon.


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