Lysandre's Cafe is just opposite the central Pokemon Centre in Lumiose City.

From the central Lumiose City Pokémon Center stroll over to the nearby Lysandre’s Cafe. You’ll see a Team Flare member out front. Head inside and speak with the waiter. Hang on a moment, the waiter’s a Grunt who wants a piece of action!

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Scrafty" IconScrafty 46 Dark/Fighting

Speak with the waitress and it turns out she wants to fight too. How bizarre!

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Liepard" IconLiepard 46 Dark

Now check the cupboard behind the waitress. It’s a hidden door that’ll open for you after saying the password that you learnt from the first Grunt. Head on into Lysandre Labs itself. Go north up the stairs and you’ll run into Lysandre himself. He’ll challenge you to a battle upfront. Brace yourselves!

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Lysandre

Pokémon Level Type
"Mienfoo" IconMienfoo 45 Fighting
"Murkrow" IconMurkrow 45 Dark/Flying
"Pyroar" IconPyroar 47 Fire/Normal
"Gyarados" IconGyarados 49 Water/Flying

Use Mega Evolution during battle and you'll find tougher trainers aren't quite as tough.

Meinfoo and "Murkrow" IconMurkrow are no problem for Fairy-type Pokemon. "Pyroar" IconPyroar can be swept away by Water-types, shaken by Rock or Ground-types or punched in the face with Fighting-types. "Gyarados" IconGyarados can be particularly tricky - if you have an Electric-type , let it loose for quadruple damage.

After what was a pretty brutal battle you might want to head back out, heal your Pokémon and come back. Once you’re ready to go we shall explore! You’ll see blue tiles with arrows on them. If you stand on one you spin in the direction of the arrow until you hit a wall. Take the one just west of the elevator that takes you west.

Now move north and take on the Grunt!

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Swalot" IconSwalot 46 Poison

The coloured circles are warp panels. Move onto the one nearby. Now move over to the nearby Team Flare member and show her your moves.

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Aliana

Pokémon Level Type
"Mightyena" IconMightyena 46 Dark
"Druddigon" IconDruddigon 48 Dragon

After defeating her she’ll let you pass by. Take the green warp panel as the yellow one will take you back to the entrance. Once you stand on the warp panel and head north onto the blue tile. You’ll spin about for a bit. When you stop, take on the nearby Grunt.

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Swalot" IconSwalot 45 Poison
"Liepard" IconLiepard 43 Dark

Once defeated, head through the door to the north. You’ll get given some Revives by the two people here who are searching for that giant you saw a while ago. Head back outside and south down to the blue tile that will spin you east. Move onto it, then onto the one to your south that will spin you south. From there head west through the door.

There’s two Grunts in what appear to be the barracks. Good thing they assume you’ve just taken your Team Flare suit off. Anyway, talk with the first one to receive TM12 - Taunt ! Grab the nearby item. It’s a Revive . Now interact with any of the beds and you can rest your Pokémon . Feel free to come back and do this as needed.

Once you’re ready, head back outside. Head east and you’ll see another Grunt. Take him on!

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

The Team Flare Grunts are going to come thick and fast now.

Pokémon Level Type
"Liepard" IconLiepard 44 Dark
"Mightyena" IconMightyena 44 Dark

Head north-east to encounter yet another Grunt.

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Houndoom" IconHoundoom 44 Dark/Fire
"Toxicroak" IconToxicroak 44 Poison/Fighting

Take the blue tile directly east of her. Now take the next tile that takes you east. There’s another Grunt here. Better get those Pokemon ready!

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Manectric" IconManectric 43 Electric
"Scrafty" IconScrafty 45 Dark/Fighting

Head north into the room there. There’s two Team Flare higher-ups here. Move over to them and you’ll catch their attention. Celosia will take you on first.

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Celosia

Pokémon Level Type
"Manectric" IconManectric 46 Electric
"Drapion" IconDrapion 48 Poison/Dark

Immediately after defeating Celosia, Bryony will challenge you!

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Bryony

Pokémon Level Type
"Liepard" IconLiepard 46 Dark
"Bisharp" IconBisharp 48 Dark/Steel

Once you defeat Bryony, they’ll give you some useful information. After that, head back outside to the Grunt you took down before. You’ll see three blue tiles to your south that all lead south. Take the western-most of the three and move south-west between all the blue tiles once you stop spinning. You’ll find a green panel at the end.

Head through then grab the nearby Black Glasses . Now head north and take the Grunt on there.

Dark Glasses will boost the power of Dark-type moves by a useful 20%.

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Mightyena" IconMightyena 43 Dark
"Toxicroak" IconToxicroak 45 Poison/Fighting

Now enter the nearby green warp panel. You’ll warp to near a door. Head on through and head to the back of the room to find a Rare Candy . You can also read the notes on the desk. Once you’re done, head back outside. Take the green warp panel back. In this area head over to the blue tile that will spin you west. Take it.

Now you’re back where you were where you had to choose one of the three blue tiles to spin you south. This time take the eastern-most of the three and you’ll wind up near a green warp panel. Stand on it and you’ll warp to an item. Pick up the Hyper Potion then warp back. You’ll see two more blue tiles that will take you south.

Take the eastern-most one again and you’ll appear near another Grunt. Let’s take this one on too!

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Golbat" IconGolbat 46 Poison/Flying

Once he’s taken care of head through the nearby green warp panel. Once you do, move over to the nearby Grunt and fight her!

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Toxicroak" IconToxicroak 44 Poison/Fighting
"Liepard" IconLiepard 44 Dark

Now walk east over to the door there. Head on through. You’ll find another named Team Flare member. Let’s take her on!

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Mable

Pokémon Level Type
"Houndoom" IconHoundoom 46 Dark/Fire
"Weavile" IconWeavile 48 Dark/Ice

After defeating her she’ll hand you the Elevator Key . Awesome! Now you can head up the elevator. We’ve done everything here, so let’s go do that now! Head out the door and take the path south along the wall. Move onto the blue tile that will send you west. Now take the eastern of the two that spin you south.

Now walk north-west over to the one that will spin you back into the area with the elevator. Take it and then head up the elevator. Head to floor B2 . Follow the path along until you reach Lysandre who has locked up the tall guy! You’ll then hear about some of the backstory of the plot in a really cool 3D cinematic.

Once it’s over, head back to the elevator. Make sure you’re all healed up, then this time head to floor B3. Walk into the large room to find Lysandre with a Team Flare member. Lysandre will leave and you’ll need to take the other guy on!

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Xerosic

Xerosic is the final trainer here, so you'd better shape up.

Pokémon Level Type
"Crobat" IconCrobat 46 Poison/Flying
"Malamar" IconMalamar 48 Dark/Psychic

After he’s out of the way he’ll tell you to press one of the switches behind him. Don’t worry, no matter which switch to press the weapon will activate anyway. Once you see the destruction unfold you’ll be able to leave.

Head back outside of Lysandre Labs and out of his cafe, back into the streets of Lumiose City. Heal up, then Fly to Geosenge Town !


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