The Battle Institute is a facility in north Lumiose City.

The Battle Institute parallels the one found in previous games. The purpose of this building is to test yourself against a variety of Trainers - many much harder than those you’d find in normal in-game play, exhibiting tactics you’d see more commonly in online and official competitions.

Strategy (gasp!) becomes much more important here than probably any area of the in-game experience. Even if you beat the main quest with ease, don’t be surprised if you find yourself struggling, especially if you and your opponent are rarely on equal footing.

Before you begin, there are restrictions on the battles paralleling those of the Battle Maison and general competitions.

Once you’ve spoken with the receptionist in the front of the area, between the PC and record-tracking machine, you can choose your team. You will successively fight five Trainers - winning or losing is somewhat irrelevant; the test will continue regardless and your Pokemon will always been healed between bouts.

Your score is mostly based on how many Pokémon you beat, how many of your Pokémon were beaten, how easily you won, how well you counteracted their tactics, and so on and so forth. After having finished, you’ll receive a certificate, naming your rank, test type, and score. The scores are below:

Battle Test Rank Number of Stars Point Range
Beginning Rank 1 0 - 999
Novice Rank 2 1,000 - 1,999
Normal Rank 3 2,000 - 2,999
Super Rank 4 3,000 - 3,999
Hyper Rank 5 4,000 - 4,999
Elite Rank 6 5,000 - 5,999
Master Rank 7 6,000+

Additionally, you will receive items and BP for winning.


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