Pokemon Found in Tall Grass/Flower Beds

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Chatot Normal/Flying 30% (Grass), 10% (Flowers)
Exeggcute Grass/Psychic 10%
Miltank Normal 10% (Grass), 30% (Flowers)
Pachirisu Electric 5%
Slowpoke Water/Psychic 30% (Grass), 10% (Flowers)
Tauros Normal 10% (Grass), 30% (Flowers)
Pinsir Bug 5% (X version)
Heracross Bug/Fighting 5% (Y version)

Pokemon Found During Horde Battles

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Mareep Electric 35%
Miltank + Tauros Normal 5%
Wingull Water/Flying 60%

Pokemon Found Using Rock Smash

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Binacle Rock/Water 34%
Dwebble Bug/Rock 66%

Pokemon Found While Surfing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Lapras Water/Ice 1%
Mantyke Water/Flying 15%
Tentacool Water/Poison 84%

Pokemon Found While Fishing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Luvdisc Water 100% (Old Rod)
Clamperl Water 35% (Good Rod)
Remoraid Water 65% (Good Rod)
Corsola Water/Rock 60% (Super Rod)
Gorebyss Water 5% (Super Rod)
Huntail Water 5% (Super Rod)
Octillery Water 30% (Super Rod)

Get ready; there will be a number of gyms in quick succession.

Head south from the gate, through the tall grass. You’ll find a bush on the other side. Cut it down then head around to find a Aspear Berry tree. Grab the berry on the ground and head back to the gate.

Head north from the gate now, into the tall grass there. In the north-east corner of the fenced off area is a tile that doesn’t have tall grass on it, but instead contains a hidden item. Check it to find Honey . Head back to the gate again.

If you haven’t yet defeated Korrina, head to the Shalour City Gym and do that now. Until you do, you can’t head down the steps to the east. If you’ve beaten her; head straight on down. It’s your first water route! Teach HM03 - Surf to one of your Pokemon if you haven’t yet.

Once you have; speak to the guy by the sign and he’ll offer you a Lapras (you’ll need an empty slot to take it); then interact with the water and use the move. You’ll move out onto the water. There’s a swimmer here swimming up and down the channel. Take him on!

Trainer Battle: Swimmer M Alessandro

Pokémon Level Type
Qwilfish 29 Water/Poison
Binacle 29 Rock/Water

Now that he’s defeated; head over to the other bank. Head south along the beach until you meet the Backpacker. Fight time.

Trainer Battle: Backpacker Joren

Pokémon Level Type
Linoone 28 Normal

Don’t take the steps leading east just yet. Instead turn on your Dowsing Machine and head south along the beach. At the bottom end you’ll be able to find a Net Ball . Once you have it, head back to the stairs and up them.

You’ll see the entrance to the ranch to your north, head up it, then follow the path north-west along to the house. Enter it. Talk with the girl inside to receive TM45 - Attract . Now head back outside and down into the field with all of the Gogoats. Move next to one that’s not sleeping and try and walk into it to mount it!

Guess what? You can jump over ledges now; both ways! You can’t however move up or down stairs. Jump out of the field then move north-east. You’ll see a number of ledges here. Jump over all of them then dismount. Run up the steps and grab the Shiny Stone there.

Exeggcute is weak to Flying, Poison, Bug, Ghost, Fire, Ice and Dark moves.

Get back on Gogoat and jump back over the ledges. Now head south through the field until you see a ledge to your left (the one south of the one leading back into the Gogoat field). Jump over it and dismount. Move north up to the fence, then move west along it.

You’ll find a Whipped Dream here. Get back on Gogoat. Head back to the field he started in and dismount. You can wander around first if you want; but for the purposes of this guide we’ll walk through the rest of the route.

Head back out of the ranch. You should now see a field of flowers to your south. Head through them to the other side. Take the path leading down west and follow it along. Cut the bush and grab the Leftovers behind. Head back to the main path and take it south, then east. You’ll come upon a trainer!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Breeder Amala

Pokémon Level Type
Seviper 27 Poison
Miltank 29 Normal

Now head east through the next lot of flowers. You’ll eventually run into a Youngster.

Trainer Battle: Youngster Aidan

Pokémon Level Type
Yanma 27 Bug/Flying
Mothim 27 Bug/Flying
Whirlipede 27 Bug/Poison

From there keep following the path around and you’ll bump into another trainer.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Breeder Foster

Pokémon Level Type
Zangoose 27 Normal
Tauros 29 Normal

Tauros used to be crazy rare in Pokemon Red/Blue.

Head north up the steps. You’ll see stairs to your west, leading down to the beach. Head down them and take on the Fisherman.

Trainer Battle: Fisherman Murray

Pokémon Level Type
Magikarp 24 Water
Magikarp 24 Water
Magikarp 24 Water
Magikarp 24 Water
Magikarp 24 Water
Magikarp 24 Water

Turn on your Dowsing Machine to find the Ice Heal nearby. Now use Surf and move onto the water to your north. Head north and when you see the little alcove to your west, head there and get off onto the shadows.

Check the small rock here to find a Water Stone . Head back onto the water. Move east, then north. Keep going until you reach Azure Bay! This is a bit of a hidden extra area. Enjoy!


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