Our sight-seeing tour begins in south Lumiose City.

We need a reference point from which to, so find your way back to the Pokémon Center in South Boulevard . To navigate the city, look at the area highlighted on the circular map in the top left corner of the top screen each time you walk into a new area. This will help you get your bearings.

The South Boulevard is obviously in the south part of town. Once you’re at the Pokémon Center, heal up. Once you’re done, head outside and head anti-clockwise until you reach North Boulevard . Time to explore that!

North Boulevard

In the distance, you may notice Lumiose Station.

Head anti-clockwise along the boulevard. Don’t go down the lane leading to the centre of town just yet. Keep going and the first thing you’ll reach is a seedy alley on your left. Heading inside you won’t find anything, so don’t fret about it. From there; you can head to the other side of the street and find Lumiose Station , but there’s nothing here yet either.

Instead; stay on the left side of the street and enter Cafe Bataille . Here there’s again not anything really important, but you can find out some useful battling info by talking to the Black Belts along the back wall. Once you’re done, head back outside.

Continue anti-clockwise. When you see a building with a large entrance to your right, head inside to find that it’s the Battle Institute . Once you’re ready to; head back outside. Continuing anti-clockwise, you’ll head past a gate on your right. This gate leads to Route 16 (which you won’t be able to access from Lumiose City for a while yet).

Continue on and you’ll see Cafe Action to your left. Inside you can gain a bit of information about the PR Video Studio. Once you’re ready to head out, do so. Stay to your left and head down the boulevard to the next cafe, Cafe Ultimo . Speak with the people inside for info on Super Training . Once you’re done, walk on outside again.

This Roller Skater is just chilling underneath a tree.

There’ll be a Roller Skater at a nearby tree between the cafe you just visited and a building across the road. She’ll teach you how to Backflip with your Roller Skates! How cool! You’ll find out that you do it by gaining enough speed, then jumping over a ledge.

Once you’ve spoken with her; head to the building across from the cafe you just visited. Head up to the fourth floor and speak with the kid to receive a Prism Scale . Once you have it, leave as there’s not really anything else interesting here.

Continue on in your regular direction. When you see a large building to your right, opposite a lane leading into the city, head inside. It’s Hotel Richissime , where there are a few minigames available (such as making beds or remembering a customer’s order). You’ll find Mr. Bonding here too. This time he gives a Bargain Power .

Now take the elevator up to the fifth floor. Head into the east penthouse here and speak with the woman in the bathroom. She’ll give you TM49 - Echoed Voice for acting like a creeper. Well, that’s a surprise! Besides that, there’s not really much else to do here, so head back outside.

There's nothing like a free TM to brighten up a Pokémon Trainer's day.

Keep going down the same path as before. You’ll eventually see Lumiose Museum to your right. Feel free to pop on in. Go on through past the receptionist. Buy the $ 200 ability to listen to information about the paintings if you’re interested, otherwise; just west over to that section of paintings.

Speak with the purple-haired man to receive TM82 - Dragon Tail . Sick one! Feel free to explore the rest of the museum at your leisure. Once you’re done, head back onto the street. Nip across the road to find the nearby Pokémon Center. Sweet! The regular stock will be here, but the right clerk will be selling the following.

Lumiose City North Boulevard Pokemart (Right Clerk)

Item Cost
Heal Ball 300
Net Ball 1000
Nest Ball 1000

Once you’re done looking there, head back outside. Continue on and you’ll see the gate to Route 14 to your right. You can try entering the route but until you meet Sycamore at Lysandre Cafe , you can’t get through. Instead just continue on and you’ll eventually see an office building on your right. Head on inside.

If you head up to the second floor and enter it, you’ll see something freaky as hell. What just happened?! Anyway, head on up to the third floor and speak with the girl just east of the elevator entrance. She’ll hand you an Expert Belt . The girl next to her will then give you a Protein . That’s all there is to do here, so head back outside.

Continuing on, you’ll see a small street shop to your right. Speak with them, and if the time’s right, you can buy Lumiose Galettes from them. They bake more at 3:00, 9:00, 15:00 and 21:00 each day, so drop by around then if they don’t have any when you visit. Continuing on, you’ll see Cafe Triste to your left.

There’s nothing interesting inside, so don’t worry. The office building across from it doesn’t really have anything that interesting either, so you can continue on. Further on you’ll see the exit back to Route 13 - Lumiose Badlands . And that’s everything in North Boulevard ! Looks like it’s time to explore all of the lanes and the like now.

Head back into South Boulevard and head anti-clockwise down it. When you see an avenue to your left, head down it.

Estival Avenue

You’re in Estival Avenue. Start heading down it. You’ll notice alleys to your right and left. The one on your left doesn’t have anything, but the one on your right contains a trainer. If you speak with him and answer ‘Yes’ to his question, the battle will begin!

Trainer Battle: Garcon Jacopo

Pokémon Level Type
"Gabite" IconGabite 30 Dragon/Ground

Don't miss this good opportunity to get some free items daily!

Head back out of the alley and continue down the avenue. Enter the Loto-ID Center on your right. Each day you can speak with the woman at the counter to try and see if the daily ID matches the ID of any of your Pokemon. If it does you can get some pretty awesome prizes.

Once you’re ready; head back outside. Head across the road to Cafe Rouleau . Speak with the Roller Skater inside, the one that’s not behind the counter. She’ll teach you a trick, the 360 . Now when you’re jumping over a ledge, rotate the Circle Pad and you’ll do a spin mid-air. Cool! Head back outside and head the way you were before.

You’ll see another cafe on your left. This one’s called Cafe Gallant . There’s nothing particularly interesting about it, so head across the road and enter Lumiose Press . Feel free to talk to the woman in the back of the building for info about the city. Once you’re ready to, head back outside.

There definitely aren't a shortage of cafes in Lumiose city. If in doubt, use the taxi.

That’s all there is to do in this avenue. As you’re walking toward the city centre, you’ll see two alleys on either side of the street. They both connect to other areas. As we were heading anti-clockwise around North Boulevard , let’s head anti-clockwise through the avenues and the like. For that reason; take the alley on your right.

Bleu Plaza

There’s a waitress here, standing by the alley leading back to South Boulevard. If you tell her that you’ll help, you’ll instead get into a Pokémon Battle. Talk about unexpected!

Trainer Battle: Waitress Paget

Pokémon Level Type
"Kirlia" IconKirlia 30 Psychic/Fairy

Head past her, then move into the alley to your left. There’s a chef here to take on; even chefs need to indulge in Pokemon battles it seems.

Trainer Battle: Chef Kamaboko

Pokémon Level Type
"Pidgeotto" IconPidgeotto 30 Normal/Flying

Head back to the plaza then talk to the man standing in front of the short alley leading to the centre of the city. Challenge him to a battle.

Trainer Battle: Owner Toro

Pokémon Level Type
"Diggersby" IconDiggersby 30 Ground/Dark

Now let’s head anti-clockwise to the next area. It’s Vernal Avenue which you explored last time you were here. Because of that, just continue on through to Vert Plaza.


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