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Versus Bug-type Pokemon

Follow the bubbles on the spider's web for the safest path in this "maze".

Wow, your first gym. This is exciting! Now, this is a Bug-type gym, so you’ll be facing all Bug-types. Make sure to bring Fire-type Pokemon if you have them, as well as Flying-types . Once you’re ready, slip down that pole.

After you slide down, you’ll land on a spider web. Neat! While you’re down here you might want some healing items to keep your Pokemon alive. But if you run out (or want to conserve items), just approach the pole to climb back up to safety and to the nearest Pokemon Centre.

Turns out the gym’s a maze. The white parts of the web can be walked on, while the grey parts can’t. Let’s head south-east and take on the first trainer. He can be avoided if you instead head north-east, then loop around past him however.

Gym Member Battle: Youngster David

Pokémon Level Type
"Ledyba" IconLedyba 10 Bug/Flying

Now head south-east some more, then loop clockwise around the edge of the web. Once you’re at the south end of the web, move north into the next ring. If you want to battle the next trainer, move north one more ring.

Now move clockwise and you’ll move in front and battle him. If you want to avoid him; stay in the second-from-edge ring and move clockwise past him. If not, then battle!

Gym Member Battle: Youngster Zachary

Pokémon Level Type
"Spewpa" IconSpewpa 10 Bug

Once you’re done, head north and then east, over to the Lass. There’s no way to avoid this one.

Gym Member Battle: Lass Charlotte

Pokémon Level Type
"Kakuna" IconKakuna 7 Bug/Poison
"Combee" IconCombee 9 Bug/Flying

Once she’s beaten, all that’s left is the Gym Leader! Get keen for the first Gym Leader battle. You might want to heal up with Potions and the like beforehand. Once you’re ready, speak with Viola. Dun dun dun, here we go!

Gym Leader Battle! Leader Viola

Welcome to Viola; your first gym leader!

Pokémon Level Type
"Surskit" IconSurskit 10 Bug/Water
"Vivillon" IconVivillon 12 Bug/Flying

Save your Fire and Flying Pokemon for the tricky Vivillon.

If you have Fire-type Pokemon, avoid the urge to field it straight away as "Surskit" IconSurskit is Water-type too. Stick with your Flying- or Electric-type Pokemon for now. Once "Vivillon" IconVivillon comes into play, you can then roast it or continue pecking/shocking away; your choice!

After defeating Viola, she’ll give you the Bug Badge ! This means that any Pokemon up to Level 30 that you received in a trade will obey. She’ll also hand you TM83 which happens to teach the move Infestation . Cool, eh?! After hearing about what the move does, she’ll allow you to leave.

The tent behind her will open up. Head on through and through the exit. You’ll wind up back in the room you began in. As you’re walking out, you’ll be approached by the guy that talked to you when you entered. He’ll tell you to head to Lumiose City and talk with the professor there. Sounds like a plan! Let’s head outside, heal our Pokemon and head off!

Head to where the Trainers’ School is north of the fountain, then head west from there. You see the woman that’s blocking the entrance? You can now try and move past her. She’ll stop you and introduce herself as Alexa, the older sister of Viola, who you just defeated. For defeating her sister, she’ll give you the Exp. Share . Awesomeness!

Once she’s done talking with you, she’ll head off. Let’s follow after her.

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