Pokemon Found in Flower Beds/Puddles

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Carnivine Grass 5%
Haunter Ghost/Poison 5%
Karrablast Bug 10%
Quagsire Water/Ground 10% (Yellow flowers), 30% (Otherwise)
Shelmet Bug 10%
Sliggoo Dragon 10% (Yellow flowers), 20% (Otherwise)
Stunfisk Ground/Electric 20% (Puddles)
Drapion Poison/Dark 30% (Yellow flowers), 10% (Purple flowers)
Weepinbell Grass/Poison 20% (Yellow flowers), 10% (Purple flowers)

Pokemon Found During Horde Battles

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Arbok Poison 5%
Gligar Ground/Flying 35%
Weepinbell Grass/Poison 60%

Pokemon Found While Surfing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Quagsire Water/Ground 50%
Sliggoo Dragon 16%
Stunfisk Ground/Electric 34%

Pokemon Found While Fishing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Poliwag Water 100% (Old Rod)
Barboach Water/Ground 65% (Good Rod)
Poliwhirl Water 35% (Good Rod), 60% (Super Rod)
Politoed Water 5% (Super Rod)
Whiscash Water/Ground 35% (Super Rod)

Theres only one more town left, so you know what that means…

Begin by heading south, where a crazy Hex Maniac awaits.

Trainer Battle: Hex Maniac Josette

Pokémon Level Type
Pumpkaboo 50 Ghost/Grass
Pumpkaboo 50 Ghost/Grass

Check the rock just east of the woman to find a Net Ball hidden there. Now head west down the stairs. Keep going until you reach the swamps at the bottom. Use Surf to move onto them then surf south to the other bank. Move back onto land and use your Dowsing Machine to find a Damp Rock nearby. Now head west. You’ll bump into a pair of rangers.

Double Battle: Rangers Ivy & Orrick

Pokémon Level Type
Tauros 53 Normal
Miltank 53 Normal

Head west from them and you’ll bump into a Swimmer… Um, we don’t think this is a good place to be swimming, but whatever floats her boat.

Trainer Battle: Swimmer F Coral

Pokémon Level Type
Stunfisk 52 Ground/Electric

Head south from her through the water to reach a Rare Bone on the other side. Head back to the Swimmer then continue north through the water. Check the rock next to the ranger here to find an Escape Rope . Now move in front of the Pokémon Ranger to take her on!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Clementine

Pokémon Level Type
Alomomola 54 Water

Head north out of the water. Now head to the deeper water and Surf north over it to the other side. Take on the Ranger here.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Ambre

Pokémon Level Type
Emolga 51 Electric/Flying
Grumpig 51 Psychic

Pumpkaboo come in different sizes; the bigger the better.

After beating her, keep going north. You’ll see a boulder here. What you need to do is use Strength to push it south one square, then east a square, then north two squares, then east two squares. It’ll drop into the hole and you’ll be able to collect the Toxic Plate behind.

Head back to the last Ranger and take the stairs up near her. Head south through the flower beds here to find a PP Up . Cool! Head back out of the flowers and head east over the bridge. You’ll find a Ranger circling here. Take him on before he makes you go dizzy!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Shinobu

Pokémon Level Type
Zangoose 51 Normal
Beartic 51 Ice

Once he’s defeated, head east to where the berry tree is. Grab the Yache Berry by it then head south to the stairs. Head up them and grab TM36 - Sludge Bomb at the top. Once you’ve done that, jump over the ledge and head south back to the Hex Maniac from the start. This time head east up the steps from her. Follow the path around.

When you see the Sky Trainer standing on the hill to your east, go up to her and challenge her to a duel!

Sky Battle: Sky Trainer Sera

Pokémon Level Type
Noctowl 50 Normal/Flying
Aerodactyl 52 Rock/Flying

From there turn on your Dowsing Machine and head south. Use it to find the Antidote hidden among the flowers. Head back to the path and continue south. When the path bends west, follow it. You’ll find a little girl here. Time to whoop her sorry ass!

Trainer Battle: Fairy Tale Girl Lovelyn

Pokémon Level Type
Mr. Mime 49 Psychic/Fairy
Azumarill 49 Water/Fairy
Aromatisse 49 Fairy

Jump over the stepping stones north and head around to that item that was behind the Fairy Tale Girl. It’s a Max Revive . Head back to the girl then head south into the flowers. Follow them as they loop back around north and you’ll find a HP Up at the end. Head back to the girl. Make sure you’re all healed up then head west over the bridge.

As you’re heading over the bridge, Shauna will catch up. She’ll then challenge you to a battle! Seriously; how long has it been since the last one?

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Trainer Shauna

Dont fret: your team will be healed between each round.

If Chespin was your starter

Pokémon Level Type
Delcatty 49 Normal
Goodra 49 Dragon
Greninja 46 Water/Dark

If Fennekin was your starter

Pokémon Level Type
Delcatty 49 Normal
Goodra 49 Dragon
Chesnaught 46 Grass/Fighting

If Froakie was your starter

Pokémon Level Type
Delcatty 49 Normal
Goodra 49 Dragon
Delphox 51 Fire/Psychic

Immediately after, Tierno will catch up and challenge you to a battle. Well, that’s a surprise!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Trainer Tierno

Pokémon Level Type
Talonflame 48 Fire/Flying
Roserade 49 Grass/Poison
Crawdaunt 52 Water/Dark

Luckily after your battle with Tierno, Trevor will heal you. After that though, it’s his turn to challenge you. We didn’t know he was so thirsty for battle!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Trainer Trevor

Pokémon Level Type
Raichu 49 Electric
Aerodactyl 49 Rock/Flying
Florges 51 Fairy

With that string of battles out of the way, you’ll be able to continue on. Head over to the other side of the bridge, then use your Dowsing Machine to find the hidden Timer Ball . Once you have it, head west to the gate. When you reach it head on through.


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