Pokemon Found While Surfing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Tentacool" IconTentacool Water/Poison 69%
"Wailmer" IconWailmer Water 31%

Pokemon Found While Fishing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Luvdisc" IconLuvdisc Water 100% (Old Rod)
"Clauncher" IconClauncher Water 65% (Good Rod; X ver.)
"Skrelp" IconSkrelp Poison/Water 65% (Good Rod; Y ver.)
"Staryu" IconStaryu Water 35% (Good Rod; X ver.)
"Shellder" IconShellder Water 35% (Good Rod; Y ver.)
"Qwilfish" IconQwilfish Water/Poison 60% (Super Rod)
"Clawitzer" IconClawitzer Water 35% (Super Rod; X ver.)
"Dragalge" IconDragalge Poison/Dragon 35% (Super Rod; Y ver.)
"Starmie" IconStarmie Water/Psychic 5% (Super Rod; X ver.)
"Cloyster" IconCloyster Water/Ice 5% (Super Rod; Y ver.)

The Old Rod only lets you hook a small number of Pokémon in the water.

Head down onto the beach and head north. Past the two large and one small rock you’ll see two more small rocks. Check the south-western one for an Ultra Ball . Head north-west and grab the Mago Berry from the tree.

Continue east from there until you run into a swimmer who’ll promptly hand you a Dowsing Machine to use to find hidden items! Bring it out to learn how to use it. Head only a small way south-east and you’ll find a Pearl near the swimmer. Head further south-east with it out and you’ll be able to find a Heart Scale hidden in the sand too.

Head back to the swimmer and continue north. You’ll be stopped by another swimmer, but this time she wants to battle.

Trainer Battle: Swimmer Female Genevieve

Pokémon Level Type
"Wingull" IconWingull 19 Water/Flying
"Psyduck" IconPsyduck 21 Water

Nearby you can interrupt a Fisherman and battle with him if you speak with him.

Trainer Battle: Fisherman Wharton

Pokémon Level Type
"Tentacool" IconTentacool 19 Water/Poison
"Tentacool" IconTentacool 19 Water/Poison
"Tentacool" IconTentacool 19 Water/Poison

Continue up the coast and you’ll find another Fisherman that you can battle.

Trainer Battle: Fisherman Shad

As usual, a good Grass or Electric move works best against Shellder.

Pokémon Level Type
"Shellder" IconShellder 20 Water
"Staryu" IconStaryu 20 Water

Finally you’ll see a swimmer walking up and down along the beach. Get in her line of sight if you want to fight.

Trainer Battle: Swimmer Female Marissa

Pokémon Level Type
"Masquerain" IconMasquerain 22 Bug/Flying

From there, head north and you’ll be in Cyllage City.


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