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Pokémon: X & Y
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 01-11-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 21-11-2019 / 06:55 GMT

Pokémon: X & Y Guide

3 weeks ago · Guide Information

List of Items

HM and TMs - Part 2

TMs 51 - 100

TM Move Name Type Location
TM51 Steel Wing Steel Battle Maison BP Exchange
TM52 Focus Blast Fighting Anistar City - PokéMart
TM53 Energy Ball Grass Route 20
TM54 False Swipe Normal Sycamore's Lumiose City lab
TM55 Scald Water Couriway Town
TM56 Fling Dark Lost Hotel - Route 16 side
TM57 Charge Beam Electric Route 13
TM58 Sky Drop Flying Kiloude City
TM59 Incinerate Fire Battle Maison BP Exchange
TM60 Quash Dark Battle Maison BP Exchange
TM Move Name Type Location
TM61 Will-O-Wisp Fire Route 14
TM62 Acrobatics Flying Coumarine City
TM63 Embargo Dark Coumarine City
TM64 Explosion Normal Battle Maison BP Exchange
TM65 Shadow Claw Ghost Glittering Cave
TM66 Payback Dark Geosenge Town
TM67 Retaliate Normal Battle Maison BP Exchange
TM68 Giga Impact Normal Kiloude City - PokéMart
TM69 Rock Polish Rock Route 11
TM70 Flash Normal Reflection Cave
TM71 Stone Edge Rock Waterfall Area - Frost Cavern
TM72 Volt Switch Electric Battle Maison BP Exchange
TM73 Thunder Wave Electric Route 10
TM74 Gyro Ball Steel Reflection Cave
TM75 Swords Dance Normal Lumiose City - PokéMart
TM Move Name Type Location
TM 76 Struggle Bug Bug Lumiose City - PokéMart
TM 77 Psych Up Normal Anistar City
TM 78 Bulldoze Ground Lumiose City - PokéMart
TM 79 Frost Breath Ice Frost Cavern
TM 80 Rock Slide Rock Waterfall Area - Couriway Town
TM 81 X-Scissor Bug Azure Bay
TM 82 Dragon Tail Dragon Lumiose City, second visit
TM 83 Infestation Bug Santalune City Gym
TM 84 Poison Jab Poison Shalour City - PokéMart
TM 85 Dream Eater Psychic Battle Maison BP Exchange
TM 86 Grass Knot Grass Coumarine City Gym
TM 87 Swagger Normal Battle Maison BP Exchange
TM 88 Sleep Talk Normal Cyllage Town
TM 89 U-turn Bug Couriway Town
TM 90 Substitute Normal Anistar City
TM Move Name Type Location
TM 91 Flash Cannon Steel Kiloude City
TM 92 Trick Room Psychic Coumarine City
TM 93 Wild Charge Electric Kiloude City - PokéMart
TM 94 Rock Smash Fighting Ambrette Town
TM 95 Snarl Dark Lost Hotel - Route 15 side
TM 96 Nature Power Normal Ambrette Town
TM 97 Dark Pulse Dark Waterfall Area - Routes 15 & 16
TM 98 Power-Up Punch Fighting Shalour City Gym
TM 99 Dazzling Gleam Fairy Laverre City Gym
TM 100 Confide Normal Coumarine City

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    Pokemon Company International
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    1 November 2013
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    1 November 2019
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    Daniel Chaviers

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