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Pokémon: X & Y
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 01-11-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 19:11 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 07-06-2020 / 02:54 GMT

Pokémon: X & Y Guide

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To Gym 7

Route 16 - Melancolie Path (Part 2)

Head back out from the abandoned building, back to the main path. Follow it west. When you reach the very tall grass, head west through it. You'll see a bush on the other side. Cut it and head on through. Move north through the very tall grass. In the north-east corner of the area is a Rare Candy .

With prize in hand, backtrack to the main path and head south. You'll bump into a female Roller Skater.

You have to wade through overgrown grass for this Rare Candy, but it's worth the trouble!

Trainer Battle: Roller Skater Jet

Pokémon Level Type
Delcatty 37 Normal
Swanna 39 Water/Flying

There's also a male skater ready to test his mettle here.

Trainer Battle: Roller Skater Olle

Pokémon Level Type
Manectric 40 Electric

Head west, into the fallen leaves. When you see very tall grass to your north, head on through and then around to the Sky Trainer. Speak with him to take him on!

Sky Battle: Sky Trainer Gavin

Pokémon Level Type
Chimecho 37 Psychic
Vibrava 38 Ground/Dragon
Talonflame 39 Fire/Flying

Talonflame is a monster with its Hidden Ability Gale Wings (unavailable in the story).

Head back to the main path and follow it south. You'll be stopped by a Ranger jumping out of the leaves. Give him a smack for trying to scare you!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Lee

Pokémon Level Type
Crawdaunt 39 Water/Dark
Sandslash 39 Ground

Keep following the fallen leaf path. You'll bump into a Hex Maniac that's hidden in the grass. Great, now even the non-Rangers are trying to spook you.

Trainer Battle: Hex Maniac Osanna

Pokémon Level Type
Pumpkaboo 40 Ghost/Grass

Keep heading south. When you see a berry tree to the east, head over there and grab the Lum Berry off the ground. Head back to the main path. Grab out your Dowsing Machine and continue south. Use it to find the hidden Big Mushroom . Now head west, then north-west along the path.

A Pokémon Ranger will burst out of the leaves and challenge you.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Bjorn

Pokémon Level Type
Sliggoo 41 Dragon

Head north from the Ranger. When you see the stairs, head on down. You'll see sisters here. Move in front of them to begin the double battle.

Double Battle: Mysterious Sisters Achlys & Eos

Pokémon Level Type
Alakazam 40 Psychic
Gardevoir 40 Psychic/Fairy

Continue past the sisters and use Strength to push the boulder into place. Head north. When you reach the flowers; don't worry about continuing north through them. Until you have Waterfall you won't be able to explore the area ahead. Instead, head west. There's a girl here keen to kick your ass. Don't let her.

Trainer Battle: Fairy Tale Girl Alice

Pokémon Level Type
Klefki 37 Steel/Fairy
Mawile 39 Steel/Fairy

The tip screens scattered around hold some surprising nuggets of info from time-to-time.

Head south down the stairs. Head south through the flowers and push the boulder into the hole. Move over it and walk up the stairs. You'll find a Fist Plate at the top. Using your Dowsing Machine you can also find a Rare Candy . Backtrack back through the flowers.

Back at the shack, head inside. Talk with the closer fisherman and tell him you want the rod. He'll give you the Super Rod . Talk with the other Fisherman here. He'll tell you that if you can see the same Pokemon more than seven consecutive times whilst fishing, he'll give you some Dive Balls . Sweet! Anyway; go back outside.

Head west from the shack to reach the gate that leads back into Lumiose City! You can head on through if you want, otherwise head around to the water bridges to your north. Enter by the left one and speak with the Fisherman there to start a fight.

Tip #045: Hidden Benefit Of Chain Fishing

Chain Fishing - the art of fishing the same Pokemon consecutively - isn't just for boosting your ego or getting free Dive Balls. The more Chain Fishing you do, the more likely you encounter Shiny Pokemon ! This is one of the easier ways to get Shiny Water Pokemon, but will still require some time investment (and practice).

Trainer Battle: Fisherman Wade

Pokémon Level Type
Poliwhirl 37 Water
Poliwhirl 39 Water

Head north a little then take the path east. Follow it around to the next Fisherman.

Trainer Battle: Fisherman Seward

Pokémon Level Type
Whiscash 40 Water/Ground

On the tile just west of the Fisherman is a hidden Repel . Pick it up then head back around to the first Fisherman. Head north from him. Follow the path around to the third and final Fisherman.

Trainer Battle: Fisherman Finn

Pokémon Level Type
Basculin 38 Water
Basculin 38 Water

Head north from him, back onto land. Head west from there and you'll find a Dive Ball at the end. Sweet! That's all that we can do in this area until we get Waterfall! Backtrack to the start of the route and head through the gate into Dendemill Town .

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