Pokemon Found in Flower Beds

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Amoonguss" IconAmoonguss Grass/Poison 20%
"Ditto" IconDitto Normal 20% (Yellow), 10% (Purple)
"Gothorita" IconGothorita Psychic 30% (Yellow), 10% (Purple)
"Jigglypuff" IconJigglypuff Normal/Fairy 10% (Yellow), 20% (Purple)
"Noctowl" IconNoctowl Normal/Flying 10% (Yellow), 30% (Purple)
"Zoroark" IconZoroark Dark 10%

Pokemon Found During Horde Battles

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Foongus" IconFoongus Grass/Poison 60%
"Lombre" IconLombre Water/Grass 5%
"Poliwag" IconPoliwag Water 35%

Pokemon Found in Shaking Trash Cans

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Banette" IconBanette Ghost 100% (Thursday)
"Garbodor" IconGarbodor Poison 100% (Other days)

Pokemon Found While Surfing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Floatzel" IconFloatzel Water 34%
"Lombre" IconLombre Water/Grass 66%

Pokemon Found While Fishing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Poliwag" IconPoliwag Water 100% (Old Rod)
"Basculin" IconBasculin (Blue-striped) Water 65% (Good Rod; X ver.), 35% (Super Rod; Y ver.)
"Basculin" IconBasculin (Red-striped) Water 65% (Good Rod; Y ver.), 35% (Super Rod; X ver.)
"Poliwhirl" IconPoliwhirl Water 35% (Good Rod), 65% (Super Rod)

There's a LOT of cool wild Pokémon to find and capture in the Pokémon Village.

Head towards the left, where there’s a man with Pokemon around him and the Pokemon will scatter in fear. The man will call the Pokemon back and then introduce himself as Wulfric, the eighth gym leader. After that he’ll leave for his gym - before you turn back yourself, might as well give the village a good search.

Speak with the "Furfrou" IconFurfrou directly east of you to receive a Chople Berry then speak with the "Fletchling" IconFletchling by it to receive a Pretty Wing . Now follow the clear path around between all the flowers. You’ll come by a hut with a sleeping "Snorlax" IconSnorlax with it. Head around it then head south-west to a small clearing with a tire.

Use your Dowsing Machine and check the tire to find another Pretty Wing . Now head south until you see a ramp to your east. Head up it and move through the flowers to find a Max Ether . Head back down the ramp. Head west from the ramp. You’ll see a bin; rummage through the bin to possibly find an item.

Next, continue west to the next bin and check to see if there’s anything in that one. Keep going west to yet another bin that you should search. Now check the one north of it. Yup, we’re quite the Pokemon binmen alright… Walk north from there to find an empty hut. Use the Dowsing Machine to find the Honey underneath.

Head north-west from it and you’ll find a Full Restore next to the bin. Once more, study the contents of the bin itself in hopes of finding something cool. Once you have the item, head back to the hut and head south from it. You’ll see a ramp to your west after a while. Once you do, head up it.

"Snorlax" IconSnorlax doing what they do best. Lucky "Snorlax" IconSnorlax.

Use Surf and move onto the water. Begin surfing north. When you come by land with flowers on it, move onto it. In the centre of the flowers is an item, a Pixie Plate . Now use the Dowsing Machine to find the Honey hidden around here. From here you can walk north up to where the waterfall is.

Until you defeat the gym you won’t be able to use Waterfall, so you can’t get up the waterfall just yet. If you want you can Surf to the eastern bank and head east to find a person guarding the Unknown Dungeon . He’ll tell you that you need to beat the Elite Four before you can enter.

That’s all there is to do, so Fly back to Snowbelle City , heal up and stock up on any items you might need, then head to the gym!


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