Mythical Pokemon like "Diancie" IconDiancie can only be obtained from Nintendo events (or by trading).

Every now and then, Nintendo likes to give away rare or powerful Pokemon via Mystery Gift . Usually, these Pokemon cannot be obtained via normal gameplay, such as the so-called “Mythical” Pokemon or Pokemon with access to moves they cannot learn. As such, it’s a wise idea to grab them while you can, to complete your Pokedex or bolster your party strength.

The Pokemon available via Mystery Gift differ depending on the region and there’s not always a Mystery Gift distribution all the time. The best thing you can do is regular scout the official Pokemon website ( or other frequently updated Pokemon fan sites. In general, if there’s a distribution occuring, you’ll probably find out about it somewhere.

There are numerous ways to receive a Pokemon distribution. All of these require choosing the “ Mystery Gift “ option before loading your save file, then “ Receive Gift “. From there, you will see these options.

  • Get via Local Wireless : If there’s a Pokemon being distributed via wireless at an event venue, pick this. Your 3DS will search the nearby area for a Pokemon.
  • Get via Internet : If a Pokemon is being distributed via the Internet, you should pick this while your 3DS is connected online. Your 3DS will search the Internet for a Pokemon.
  • Get via Infrared : This is similar to “via Local Wireless”, but very rarely used. If there’s an Infrared Pokemon distribution machine at an event venue, pick this and follow the co-ordinator’s instructions.
  • Get with Code : This is similar to “via Internet”. If you have received a serial code for a Pokemon, pick this when your 3DS is connected online and input the serial code. Unless specified, serial codes are one-use.
    Which option you pick depends on the distribution itself–please refer to the distribution information to determine which one. In most situations, after you have received a specific Pokemon distribution, you will be unable to receive it on the same game, unless you start a new file.

After receiving a Pokemon, you can pick it up from the delivery lady near the reception of any Pokemon Centre. Be sure to save your game after receiving it!

Notable Event Pokemon Distributions for X and Y

Date(s) Pokemon (Note) Type
Oct 2013 to Jan 2014 "Torchic" IconTorchic with Blazikenite Internet
July 2014 Fancy Pattern "Vivillon" IconVivillon Internet
Aug/Sept 2014 Poke Ball Pattern "Vivillon" IconVivillon Internet
October 2014 Super Size "Pumpkaboo" IconPumpkaboo Internet
Oct/Nov 2014 Shiny "Gengar" IconGengar Code
Oct/Nov 2014 "Diancie" IconDiancie Code
Oct/Nov 2015 "Hoopa" IconHoopa McDonalds Internet (N. America) Code (Europe)
November 2015 "Zoroark" IconZoroark with Sludge Bomb Code
February 2016 "Mew" IconMew Code
March 2016 "Celebi" IconCelebi Internet
March 2016 "Articuno" IconArticuno, "Zapdos" IconZapdos, "Moltres" IconMoltres Code
April 2016 "Jirachi" IconJirachi Internet
Date(s) Pokemon (Note) Type
May 2016 "Darkrai" IconDarkrai Code
May 2016 "Zygarde" IconZygarde Internet
May 2016 Shiny "Xerneas" IconXerneas Internet (N. America)
May 2016 Shiny "Yveltal" IconYveltal Internet (N. America)
June 2016 "Manaphy" IconManaphy Internet
July 2016 "Shaymin" IconShaymin Internet
August 2016 "Arceus" IconArceus Code
September 2016 "Victini" IconVictini Internet
October 2016 "Keldeo" IconKeldeo Internet
November 2016 "Genesect" IconGenesect Code
December 2016 "Meloetta" IconMeloetta Internet


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