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The Power items enhance EVs growth, but reduce your Pokemon's speed in battle.

Super Training is an excellent way of increasing your Pokemon’s EVs and thus making them more powerful in the areas you want. However, in the long term, it can get tedious and slow, so we’ll discuss an alternative and often much quicker way of EV training.

As you may well know, you can gain EVs from wild battles and, if you fight horde battles, you’ll get 5 times the normal yield of EVs. Normally this equates to 5 EVs (or 10 for certain Pokemon) per battle, which isn’t yet comparable to the 12 EVs per Super Training.

However, there are a few tricks you can use to make horde battles more attractive. First, if Exp Share is On, all Pokemon will gain EVs in battles. Next, if a Pokemon equips the Macho Brace , they’ll earn double the EVs in battle.

Also, Pokemon equipped with Power items (e.g. Power Anklet) from the Battle Maison can earn 4 additional EVs per battle and if the lead Pokemon has the Macho Brace, they will receive double EVs too! Finally, if you have Pokerus , that doubles EVs too.

Horde Battles

The Oddish evolution line can learn Sweet Scent.

If you didn’t know already, you can force horde battles by using the Sweet Scent move (learned by certain Grass-type Pokemon) or Honey item. To speed up horde battles, be sure to use multi-targeting moves like Surf, Earthquake, Rock Slide, etc.

Stat Best place to train Pokemon (EVs)
HP Route 5, Connecting Cave "Gulpin" IconGulpin (5), "Whismur" IconWhismur (5)
Attack Route 14, Route 19 "Bellsprout" IconBellsprout (5), "Weepinbell" IconWeepinbell (10)
Defence Terminus Cave, Victory Road "Durant" IconDurant (10)
Special Attack Frost Cavern "Vanillite" IconVanillite (5), "Smoochum" IconSmoochum (5)
Special Defence Reflection Cave "Mime Jr." IconMime Jr. (5)
Speed Route 8, Route 12, Route 15 "Wingull" IconWingull (5), "Murkrow" IconMurkrow (5)
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