After the scenes, head down to the North/South Boulevards again. As usual, you’ll get a call through the Holo Caster; Emma wants you down at the bureau. There, Mimi arrives with a letter from Looker. After reading it, Emma runs off, trying to find him. Head to the Lumiose Art Museum first.

There, you can go to the third floor and speak with the art director concerning where “the police officer” was heading. (You can also buy an audio guide to finally get a description of that new painting.) Once done, go back outside to learn more precisely where he’s at - Lysandre Café. Go there…

Lysandre Cafe is just a few paces away from the central Pokemon Centre.

So that concludes pretty much everything pertaining to the game’s plotline. Congrats! You can battle Emma (as Essentia) in the Looker Bureau office on occasions now with her "Crobat" IconCrobat and "Malamar" IconMalamar as outlined previously - should be easy.


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