There's no gym leader in this town (or for a long time).

Upon entering the town you’ll receive a Holo Clip reminding you that Lysandre made the Holo Caster. Um… thanks? Once it’s over, you’re free to explore. Let’s head south-west to the Pokémon Center first though. Heal up and check the Pokémart stock. Once you’re done; head on out. Exploration time!

Head to the building north of you, near the entrance to the town, first. Inside you’ll find a guy named Cassius. Speak with him to have your Pokémon PC renamed from ‘Someone’s PC’ to ‘Cassius’s PC’. Also make sure you talk with the girl along the back wall to receive TM46 - Thief . Then head back to the front of the Pokémon Center.

Now head west. You’ll see a person in a white shirt near the Pokémon Center. Speak with him to receive an Ultra Ball . Cool as. You should be near an intersection now. Head south and you’ll head into some trees. Follow the path around to find a Star Piece at the end.

Go back to the intersection, then head north to the small fountain. There’ll be a guy just to the west of the fountain who’ll give you a Berry Juice if you speak with him. Head into the house just above the guy.

This Star Piece is located past Camphrier Town's south gate.

Talk to the woman in the kitchen to receive a Sweet Heart . Talk to the man standing by the table and he’ll ask you to show him a Pokémon of a certain type. Do so if you can and you’ll receive a berry of your choice. Each day the type will change, so you can come back and try again each day.

The berry’s you can choose from are as follows:

  • Cheri Berry
  • Chesto Berry
  • Pecha Berry
  • Rawst Berry
  • Aspear Berry

Once you’re done; head back outside. If you try leaving town going west; you’ll be stopped and told to visit Shabboneau Castle . Okay, guess we’ll head there in a bit. Head south over the ledges first though. Snatch up the X Attack as you go by. When you circle around to the house entrance, head inside.

To the west of the reception desk is a Rising Star who will give you a Full Heal when talking to him. Now head upstairs. Go to the room at the end to find Mr. Bonding again, the O-Powers dude. You’ll receive the Sp. Atk Power from him when talking to him. He’ll then once again head off.

That’s all there is to do here, so head outside and back up to the fountain again. Now head north from the fountain, over the bridge and into the castle.

Shabboneau Castle

Shabboneau Castle also holds one of the Mega Stones (after beating the game).

Inside you’ll bump into Shauna once again. The two of you will speak with a man, who will then be called away to Route 7 - Riviere Walk . We should head there in a bit. Let’s loot this castle a little first though! Head north, up either side, until you reach the stairs. Head up them. In the room above, head south to find an Escape Rope near the table.

There’s nothing in the room to the north, so you may as well just exit the castle and head out the town’s west exit, the one you couldn’t use before. Let’s head to the next route!


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