Pokemon Found Everywhere

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Electrode" IconElectrode Electric 20%
"Klefki" IconKlefki Steel/Fairy 20%
"Litwick" IconLitwick Ghost/Fire 20%
"Magneton" IconMagneton Electric/Steel 20%
"Voltorb" IconVoltorb Electric 20%

Pokemon Found in Shaking Trash Cans (Not Tuesday)

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Garbodor" IconGarbodor Poison Rare
"Trubbish" IconTrubbish Poison Common

Pokemon Found in Shaking Trash Cans (Tuesday)

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Rotom" IconRotom Electric/Ghost Common
"Rotom" IconRotom (Fan) Electric/Flying Rare
"Rotom" IconRotom (Frost) Electric/Ice Rare
"Rotom" IconRotom (Heat) Electric/Fire Rare
"Rotom" IconRotom (Mow) Electric/Grass Rare
"Rotom" IconRotom (Wash) Electric/Water Rare

During Tuesdays, you can find the rare Rotom in the shaking trash cans.

Once you’re inside, follow the path around and take on the Punk Guy when you see him!

Trainer Battle: Punk Guy Sid

Pokémon Level Type
"Scrafty" IconScrafty 39 Fighting/Dark
"Sharpedo" IconSharpedo 39 Water/Dark
"Pawniard" IconPawniard 39 Dark/Steel

Now head south until you see a path heading west. When you do, take it. You’ll run into an adorable Punk Couple.

Double Battle: Punk Couple Zoya & Asa

Pokémon Level Type
"Pangoro" IconPangoro 42 Fighting/Dark
"Garbodor" IconGarbodor 42 Poison

Now that they’re defeated, head west until your each some punks. Neither want to fight, but head north and one will stop you and introduce you to the boss. He’ll teach you a new skating trick, the Cosmic Flip Kick . Do a drift-and-dash as you go over a ledge to do it.

After your private lesson, head east from the room. You’ll find a Twisted Spoon near a fallen bookshelf. Now break the nearby cracked wall using Rock Smash and find TM95 - Snarl behind. Backtrack to the hallway leading north-south, back past the Punk Couple. Head south until you see a Punk Girl. Let’s do this!

Sharpedo is weak to Grass, Electric, Fighting, Bug and Fairy moves.

Trainer Battle: Punk Girl Jeanne

Pokémon Level Type
"Seviper" IconSeviper 40 Poison
"Arbok" IconArbok 40 Poison

Head south from her to find a Smoke Ball . That’s all there is to do in this section of the hotel. Let’s head back outside. Head south back to the gate. The next area’s optional, so if you don’t want to do it, skip ahead Dendemill Town . If not, then read on. Either way though; you might want to head into the town to heal up before continue.

Once you’re ready to though, head south from the gate and you’ll enter Route 16 !


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