Pokemon Found in Tall Grass

Pokemon Type Encounter Rate
"Bunnelby" IconBunnelby Normal 20%
"Caterpie" IconCaterpie Bug 11% (Y version)
"Fletchling" IconFletchling Normal/Flying 20%
"Pidgey" IconPidgey Normal/Flying 14%
"Scatterbug" IconScatterbug Bug 20%
"Weedle" IconWeedle Bug/Poison 11% (X version)
"Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon Normal 15%

The time has arrived to begin your Pokémon collecting in earnest!

Head north and start walking through that tall grass. You’ll probably end up having your first wild Pokémon battle here. Enjoy! Feel free to catch any Pokémon you see in the area, once you get Poké Balls.

Once you head past the first patch of grass, you’ll run into Shauna and your rival. They’ll actually show you how to catch Pokémon. Once you’re done watching the tutorial; your rival will give you ten Poké Balls . Thanks!

Feel free to stroll around a bit catching Pokémon. If you didn’t pick "Fennekin" IconFennekin, you should catch a Flying-type Fletching or "Pidgey" IconPidgey (preferably the former) so the first Gym isn’t too much of a bother. If your Pokemon ever get too hurt; just head back into town and heal at the Pokémon Centre.

Once you’re ready; continue heading north until you reach the entrance to a forest. A person’s standing in front of it. If you move in front of his line of sight, he’ll challenge you to a Pokémon battle, so be ready. Once you’re good to go; run in front of him to start the battle!

Trainer Battle: Youngster Austin

As in previous versions of Pokémon; you're forced to battle trainers if they see you.

Pokémon Level Type
"Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon 5 Normal

Once you emerge victorious; it’s time to head deep into Santalune Forest. This should be fun!


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