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Pokémon: X & Y
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 01-11-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 18-09-2019 / 20:36 GMT

Pokémon: X & Y Guide

7 months ago · Guide Information

Looker Bureau

Ch. 5: A Fiery Woman And The Truth Revealed

Head again onto a Boulevard to get a Holo Clip from Loo-- oh, it’s Emma this time. She wants you to come to the bureau. There, she finds out (when you tell her) that Looker is in the hospital before suddenly running off. Meanwhile, a different person enters, requesting a battle before actually getting to the business.

Trainer Battle: Butler Chalmers

Pokémon Level Type
Braviary 62 Normal/Flying

Like the alley where you first met Emma and Mimi, a sleeping Skiddo marks the spot...

You have been requested to go to Hotel Richissime’s Royal Suite - Hotel Richissime is down the street in North Boulevard going clockwise, in a black building. The Royal Suite is at 5F; there, go south, west, and north into the room. There, you’ll find a member of the Elite Four, Malva, the Fire-type specialist.

She will challenge you to a brief battle, but it’s far from the difficulty her four normally would provide.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Trainer Malva

Pokémon Level Type
Pyroar 63 Normal/Fire

After the battle, she begins talking about that "Essentia" you met and how it really is just Emma in an Expansion Suit. It’s an article by Dr. Xerosic, once associated with Team Flare before you dowsed it thoroughly. She tells you he is in the Lysandre Café labs, but be ready to possibly die. Yikes, talk about serious business.

Anyways, Lysandre Café, as usual, can be reached through a taxicab. It’s in an off-shoot alley from Magenta Plaza, the northwestern plaza of the city where a Pokémon Center lies. You’ll meet Malva within. Follow her downstairs and you’ll be given access to some secret floor: go along to it. As you enter, you’ll be challenged to a Pokémon battle.

Trainer Battle: Scientist Sonia

Pokémon Level Type
Elgyem 60 Pyschic
Klinklang 60 Steel

Like earlier, our instructions will help you reach the end, sanity intact.

So, now then, another arrow tile puzzle. It’s actually the same as the one from before. The solution is altered at least, given what we’re here to do. Use the nearby westbound tile, then go through the teleporter. On the other side, go into the green teleporter, then go along the arrow tile. Once stopped, go northeast and beat the Scientist

Trainer Battle: Scientist Ernst

Pokémon Level Type
Weezing 61 Poison
Heliolisk 61 Electric/Normal

Use the nearby eastbound arrow, then the southbound one. After stopping, go northeast without using the tiles until you can use the eastbound one. Use another eastbound one after you finally stop and defeat the nearby gang member.

Trainer Battle: Lumiose Gang Member Sedna

Pokémon Level Type
Mandibuzz 62 Dark/Flying

Use the western of the three southbound arrow tiles. When stopped, go west between but not on the tiles, then further along to a familiar mug.

Trainer Battle: Lumiose Gang Member Eris

Pokémon Level Type
Pangoro 60 Fighting/Dark
Bouffalant 60 Normal

After the battle, go southwest and into the teleporter, then go north on the other side to another Scientist.

Trainer Battle: Scientist Justus

Pokémon Level Type
Muk 62 Normal

Use the teleporter afterwards, then go north and beat another familiar face

Trainer Battle: Lumiose Gang Member Nix

Pokémon Level Type
Druddigon 59 Ice/Ground
Krookodile 61 Ground/Dark

You need to read all the unique texts before being allowed to proceed.

Once the battle’s over with, go into the room beyond. Within are a number of treasures … wait, those are other Trainers’ Pokéballs! Examine each of the bookshelves - every single step you can take along their south-facing shelves - and read all five volumes of the Expansion Suit. After, speak with Nix, whose shift then ends.

Try leaving and someone barges in past you. This is Xerosic, and he summons Essentia to battle you in a four-battle series. The first three battles (six Pokémon total in a 2-3-1 distribution) are against the Pokémon you encountered in the back alleys, with a slightly higher set of levels.

The fourth is against two new Pokémon, insofar the strongest you’ve seen from in-game Trainers. Luckily, you do get to prepare between battles; speak with Looker before the fourth for a full healing . Plus, the Amulet Coin or Pure Incense might not be too bad an idea - you could earn $72,400 from these four battles!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Trainer Essentia

Round 1

Pokémon Level Type
Jellicent 64 Water/Ghost
Volcarona 66 Bug/Fire

Round 2

Pokémon Level Type
Whimsicott 63 Grass/Fairy
Granbull 63 Fairy
Mawile 63 Steel/Fairy

Round 3

Pokémon Level Type
Persian 66 Normal

Round 4

Pokémon Level Type
Crobat 68 Poison/Flying
Malamar 70 Dark/Psychic

Succeed and Emma will return to her senses, blissfully unaware of everything that’s been happening. Alls well that ends well, huh?

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