There's a couple of hidden items dotted around the entrance to the town.

Head south. When you see the Pokémon Center pay it a visit. Heal up and stock up on any items you might need. Once you’ve done that head back outside. Exploration time! First turn your Dowsing Machine on and find the hidden Pretty Wing in a nearby bush.

Head south from the Center. When you see stairs just to the east that leading back north, head up them. After you get up the first flight, use your Dowsing Machine to find a hidden Ether . Now continue up the next flight. You’ll enter Couriway Station. Talk to the old lady at the start of the station and she’ll give you TM89 - U-turn .

Head past her and the benches to the end of the platform. There you’ll find a Rare Candy . Now use your Dowsing Machine to find a Poké Ball hidden in a bench on the platform. Now exit the platform and head down the stairs. When you reach the bottom head out onto the wooden plank lookout to your south-east.

Use your Dowsing Machine here to find yet another hidden item, this time a Burn Heal . Now head west until you reach the house. Inside, there’s a girl that wants to see the move Nuzzle. If any of you Pokémon know it such as "Pikachu" IconPikachu, feel free to use it on her. After she’s paralyzed and a little hurt, she’ll hand you a Revive as thanks.

Anyway, head back outside. Head east until you see the path leading south. Begin to head down it and Sycamore will stop you. He’ll speak with you about Lysandre then take you on! Okay! Come at us, Prof!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Professor Sycamore

Pokémon Level Type
"Venusaur" IconVenusaur 50 Grass/Poison
"Blastoise" IconBlastoise 50 Water
"Charizard" IconCharizard 50 Fire/Flying

"Blastoise" IconBlastoise is a classic Water-type Pokemon. You can Mega Evolve it too!

After that he’ll mention that he hid an item in this town and then he’ll promptly leave. How cryptic… Head south over the bridge. You’ll see a house to the west. Head on in. Talk with the girl in the centre of the house. She’ll ask a quiz about your starter’s height and weight. Here are the stats of each starter, just to help you out with the quiz.

Starter Height Weight Reward
"Chespin" IconChespin 1’4“ 19.8 lbs Miracle Seed
"Fennekin" IconFennekin 1’4“ 20.7 lbs Mystic Water
"Frogadier" IconFrogadier 2’0“ 24.0 lbs Charcoal

After answering the two questions correctly, she’ll give you the reward listed above, depending on what starter you picked. Once you’re done, head back outside. Head east, up the stairs. There’s a Photo Spot up here so feel free to make use of it. Just past it is the town hotel. Head on in.

Speak with the girl on the east side of the ground floor. She’ll ask you a question ‘What does a li’l "Skrelp" IconSkrelp disguise itself as to find potential prey?’. The answer is ’ Kelp ‘. For answering the question correctly you’ll receive TM55 - Scald .

Another Rare Candy to quickly boost the levelling of one of your choice Pokémon!

Once you have it, head upstairs to the last room. Once again Mr. Bonding’s here. Speak with him and he’ll give you a Stealth Power before leaving. Once he leaves, leave the hotel too. Just east of the hotel is a man selling ‘premium’ Fresh Water here for $300. Buy some if you really want to.

If you do buy Fresh Water, you’ll get given a bonus berry though, so it might be an idea if you can spare the monies. You can do it once a day also. Now turn on your Dowsing Machine and walk north past the man. Use it to find the hidden Prism Scale . Once you have it grab the Max Potion here too. After that you’ll be all done.

Leave town by the south exit. Head on through the gate and you’ll be in the next route! Sweet, second last route of the game! Route 19 - Grande Vallee Way .


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