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Pokémon: X & Y
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 01-11-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 19:11 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 07-06-2020 / 03:13 GMT

Pokémon: X & Y Guide

2 weeks ago · Guide Information

To Gym 8

Snowbelle City Gym - Gym 8

Versus Ice-type Pokemon

Double Damage : Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel

Normal Damage : Normal, Water, Grass, Electric, Poison, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Fairy

Half Damage : Ice

No Damage : None

The path through this gym can be a bit mind numbing without a guide.

Final gym, oh yea! This one's an Ice-type gym. See the table above for good and bad types to bring. This gym can be a bit annoying. Stepping on one of the buttons next to the trainers will cause the square of that colour to spin 90 degrees, changing the shape of the path.

You need to press each button a certain number of times to get it into the right position ahead of time. It can be a little difficult. Head over to the south-west of the four trainers. Time to show her what we're made of!

Tip #060: Advantage(?) of Ice-type Pokemon

Honestly, Ice-types generally get the shaft, with four weaknesses and only one resistance (itself). Plus a lot of Water-types can use Ice-type moves; they don't get STAB with Ice moves of course, but they suffer less weaknesses. Still, Ice-type Pokemon are immune to being Frozen - that counts for something, right?

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Imelda

Pokémon Level Type
Sneasel 54 Dark/Ice
Cloyster 55 Water/Ice

Press the pink button two times. Head east over to the south-east trainer. Give him a delightful taste of your Pokemon prowess.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Viktor

Pokémon Level Type
Delibird 54 Ice/Flying
Mamoswine 55 Ice/Ground

Now press the blue button three times. Go back and press the pink button three times. Now you'll be able to head north through to the yellow tiles. Head over to the north-east trainer and take him out with the trash.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Shannon

Pokémon Level Type
Cryogonal 52 Ice
Piloswine 53 Ice/Ground
Jynx 54 Ice/Psychic

After that, head immediately over to the north-west trainer without pushing the green button.

Gym Member Battle: Ace Trainer Theo

Pokémon Level Type
Beartic 54 Ice
Vanilluxe 55 Ice

Now press the yellow button once and the green button three times. You can now take the gym leader on! Enjoy! Speak with him and the battle will begin in earnest!

Gym Leader Battle! Leader Wulfric

Got a Fire, Fighting, Rock or Steel type to hand? Then this gym will be easy mode.

Pokémon Level Type
Abomasnow 56 Grass/Ice
Cryogonal 55 Ice
Avalugg 59 Ice

Note! He has access to two Hyper Potions .

Cryogonal is one of the few pure Ice-types (and quite rare too).

First up is Abomasnow; drop your Rock-types for now, because this fearsome snow beast is part Grass and thus strong against Rock. Fire Pokemon are ideal as their attacks do 4x damage. Once you've wiped out Abomasnow, Wulfric only has pure Ice-types (these used to be rare!), making the rest of the battle super straightforward.

You'll get the Iceberg Badge from Wulfric and now any Pokémon ever will obey you, even Level 100s ! You'll also receive T M13 - Ice Beam . Once he's done talking an ice path will appear. Slide back to the entrance and head on out!

As you leave the guy that's been giving you advice at the start of each gym will follow you out and congratulate you on being able to now head to the Pokémon League. Wulfric will also come out and send you off. Well, time to head there next then!

Or... since you can now use Waterfall outside of battle, maybe you want to take a little detour and go chase those waterfalls. Either way, heal up and stock up before leaving town. If you're heading for the league, take the west exit out of town into Route 21 , the final route to explore.

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