Exp. Point and Hatching Powers will save a lot of time training and breeding Pokemon.

Players of Black/White/Black 2/White 2 may recall a multiplayer-related ability called “Pass Powers”. Pass Powers and O-Powers are quite similar: they give you some sort of additional boost or help in the game, or send them through the Internet or local Wi-Fi to other players, not necessarily people you’re even Friends!

O-Powers are found by speaking with the “Mr. Bonding” character: he recurrently appears in hotels or Pokémon Centers of new towns, and simply speaking with him will give you a new power.

These powers will cost you a little bit of energy. Energy can max out at ten total units, and regeneration is caused by walking around to accumulate steps. You will earn a point of energy for having gotten less than 2,000 steps; two points for 2,000 to 2,999 steps; three points for 3,000 to 3,999 steps; and four from there on out.

Repeated use of the O-Powers should also increase their level, increasing the length they take effect in, and the intensity of the effect, but also the cost. Fair warning!

O-Power Length Cost (You/Others) Effect
Accuracy Power - 3 / 1 Raises in-battle accuracy
Attack Power - 3 / 1 Raises in-battle attack
Bargain Power 3 mins 2 / 1 Lowers the money needed at stores by 10% - 50%
Befriending Power 3 mins 2 / 1 Makes Happiness go higher
Capture Power 3 mins 4 / 2 Raises the basic catch rate by 10% - 30%
Critical Power - 2 / 1 Ups the critical-hit rate
Defense Power - 3 / 1 Raises in-battle Defense
Encounter Power 3 mins 2 / - Makes you encounter 50% - 200% more Pokémon
Exp. Point Power 3 mins 4 / 2 Boosts EXP. earned by 20% - 100%
O-Power Length Cost (You/Others) Effect
Hatching Power 3 mins 2 / 1 Lessens the steps needed for Egg hatching by 20% - 50%
HP-Restoring Power - 2 / 1 Heals in-battle HP by 20 - 200 points
PP-Restoring Power - 2 / 1 Restores in-battle PP by 5 - 40 points
Prize Money Power 3 mins 4 / 2 Increases money earned in battles by 50% - 200%
Sp. Attack Power - 3 / 1 Raises in-battle Special Attack
Sp. Defense Power - 3 / 1 Raises in-battle Special Defense
Speed Power - 3 / 1 Raises in-battle Speed
Stealth Power 3 mins 2 / - You encounter 2/3 - 1/3 the usual amount of Pokémon


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