Pokemon Found in Tall Grass/Flower Beds

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Eevee Normal 5% (Grass), 20% (Flowers)
Emolga Electric/Flying 5%
Golett Ground/Ghost 30% (Grass), 10% (Flowers)
Hawlucha Fighting/Flying 20% (Grass), 5% (Flowers)
Sigilyph Psychic/Flying 20% (Grass), 10% (Flowers)
Snubbull Fairy 10% (Grass), 30% (Flowers)
Houndour Dark/Fire 10% (Grass; X ver.), 20% (Flowers; X ver.)
Electrike Electric 10% (Grass; Y ver.), 20% (Flowers; Y ver.)

Pokemon Found During Horde Battles

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Nosepass Rock 60%
Yanma Bug/Flying 35%
Houndour Dark/Fire 5% (X version)
Electrike Electric 5% (Y version)

The road to the next gym wont be as long as before.

Head north along the path and you’ll reach a berry tree. Grab the Lapapa Berry sitting underneath it. From there; head north through the flowers to the boulder. If you’ve defeated Grant; you’ll now be able to use HM04 - Strength to push it into place. Do so and head on over it to the next boulder. This one’s a bit more of a puzzle.

First though; use your Dowsing Machine when nearby the boulder and you’ll be able to find a Revive hidden in a rock. Now move around behind the boulder. Push it south twice, east three times, north twice, east once, north once and east until it falls into the hole. Move over it and grab TM73 - Thunder Wave!

Backtrack all the way back to the path. Continue along the path and you’ll bump into a psychic. Battle time!

Trainer Battle: Psychic Robert

Pokémon Level Type
Solosis 22 Psychic

Continue following the path and you’ll meet another trainer.

Trainer Battle: Tourist Fumiko

Pokémon Level Type
Skiploom 19 Grass/Flying
Dunsparce 19 Normal
Azumarill 19 Water/Fairy

Psychic/Flying Sigilyph is weak to Rock, Ghost, Electric, Ice and Dark moves.

Head north into the area containing the stones. There’s a backpacker here; but he’s not keen for a battle. Head north until you reach the gate-like area leading into the next set of stones. From here turn your Dowsing Machine and face east. You’ll be able to use it to find a Paralyze Heal .

Now head back west to the gate, then into the north-west corner. You’ll find a X Accuracy . Head back to the gate and head through. If you’ve defeated Grant, you’ll be stopped by a Team Flare Grunt as you attempt to head through the gate. He’ll try and take revenge on you.

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Houndour 21 Dark/Fire
Golbat 23 Poison/Flying

Once he’s defeated, head on through the gate. Now that you’re through, face east once more and use the Dowsing Machine again. This time you’ll find a Burn Heal . Once you have it, head back to where the gate is and head north-west to the psychic. Battle time!

Trainer Battle: Psychic Sayid

Pokémon Level Type
Meditite 19 Fighting/Psychic
Kirlia 21 Psychic/Fairy

Head north past the psychic to find a Thunder Stone along the back fence. Once you have it; head around to the gate to get into the next section of stones. Head on through and you’ll be stopped once more by a Team Flare Grunt; assuming that you defeated Grant. Another battle then.

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Electrike 23 Electric
Croagunk 21 Poison/Fighting

Follow the short grass path around and you’ll reach another Grunt. You can avoid this one if you so wish, otherwise; battle her.

Trainer Battle: Team Flare Grunt

By now you should be finding these Team Flare Grunt battles fairly easy.

Pokémon Level Type
Gulpin 24 Poison

You can keep following the short grass path until you reach a tourist standing by a rock. Take her on if you wish to.

Trainer Battle: Tourist Tomoko

Pokémon Level Type
Drifloon 19 Ghost/Flying
Pachirisu 19 Electric
Hippopotas 19 Ground

Once you’ve done that; continue north and you’ll reach Geosenge Town!


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