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Santalune City is home to the first gym in the game. Get ready for a big battle!

The Pokémon Center is directly in front of you when you enter Santalune. Let’s head in and heal up first. One of your friends will appear and he’ll tell you about things and stuff. Once he’s done, heal up and buy any items here that you might want. The shop list is as below.

Santalune City Pokemart (Right-Hand Clerk)

Item Cost
X Speed 350
X Attack 500
X Defense 550
Guard Spec 700
Dire Hit 650
X Accuracy 950
X Sp. Atk 350
X Sp. Def 350

You’ll also see that behind the Pokémon Center counter, to the left is a change room . In the future, when you get more clothing, you’ll be able to duck in there and customise your outfit. How spiffy!

The PC (Personal Computer) next to the Pokémon Center counter can also be used to store and retrieve Pokémon. If you caught more than six Pokémon and want to move one of the stored Pokémon into your party, you can do so now. Once you’re ready we can head out and explore!

Right next door to the center is a clothing shop . Ooooh! Walk in and you’ll be greeted. Look at the hats at the back of the store to see what might take your fancy. Enjoy!

Santalune City Clothing Shop

Clothing Color Category Cost
Logo Cap Red Hat 800
Logo Cap Black Hat 800
Knit Cap Black Hat 3100
Camo Cap Olive Hat 800
Outdoors Cap Beige Hat 3100
Button Gray Accessory - Hat 500
Button Pink Accessory - Hat 500
Button Purple Accessory - Hat 500
Button Lime Green Accessory - Hat 500
Feather Green Accessory - Hat 1400

Feel free to buy anything that you want and head back into the Pokémon Center to change into it. Once you’re done, head west from the Pokémon Center. The girl in the house second from the end to your west will measure how strong the relationship between you and the first Pokémon in your party.

The house at the end contains a woman who will tell you all about each badge in the game; which you might find useful. Once you’re done with those two houses; head back east until you see the fountain. Head up to it, then head east to the house at the end. Talk to the kid inside and he’ll hand you a Great Ball .

Great Balls have a higher chance at catching tougher Pokémon than regular balls do.

Head west back to the fountain, then past it to the house at the other end. Inside you’ll find a hiker willing to trade a "Bunnelby" IconBunnelby , if you have one, for his "Farfetch'd" IconFarfetch’d . Once you have one; feel free to come back here and trade if you so wish. Once you’re done; head back to the fountain. Now head north from it.

Just in front of you you’ll see the Trainers’ School . Feel free to head inside and have a look around. Talking to the old man inside will grant you three X Attacks and three X Defenses . Nice one! You can talk to the other people in here if you really want and check the whiteboard for info on statuses, but there’s nothing else really important here.

Once you’re good to go, head back outside. Let’s go west first. You’ll see the gym leader, Viola’s sister standing guard to an area. You can’t get past her until you defeat Viola, which will come in due time. Keep going west and head up the stairs.

Go up to the flower box in front of the building here and check the second from the left tile of the flower box to find a Super Potion . Now head back to the Trainers’ School and go east. You’ll find the gym here.

Talk to the person patiently waiting out the front to try and clear the entrance. Seems like they’ll only budge if you beat them to a healthy Pokémon battle. As well as that, they’ll give you some roller skates for winning. Awesome!

Trainer Battle: Roller Skater Rinka

Pokémon Level Type
"Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon 7 Normal

The Roller Skates allow you to travel faster than running; great for any impatient!

Now; you’re able to head inside and challenge the gym if you want to! However; it’s recommended to clear out Route 22 for now, so let’s do that instead. If you want to skip ahead to the Santalune City Gym , feel free to skip to the next page. If not, head east from the Gym and read on!

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