The Battle Chateau is found early in the game while going along Route 7.

The Battle Chateau is a place for battle. (What a surprise.) When you first enter, Viola will appear to explain the details to you. Your goal is to progress up through the ranks of nobility by proving your skill in battle. Thusly, the more Trainers (within the Battle Chateau) that you beat, the higher and more pompous your rank.

Fighting Trainers, especially late in the game, will become a tedious business. Firstly, they are pretty random. They change every few hours, sometimes coming in at random while you’re fighting. Late-game players will find themselves emptying the Chateau in like ten minutes; if you’re wondering why, just leave and have a nap or something.

For the most, the Trainers encountered will be random. Of course, Game Freak couldn’t let us off that easily: once your rank gets high enough, Gym Leaders, and even the Elite Four and Champion will begin to make cameos here.

That’s about it - the purpose is to be the stuffing out of these Trainers to somehow raise through the ranks of nobility. There’s no real other benefit to this, though - it’s just something to do.


We hope you’re rich; because this stuff will burn through your wallet: in the post-game, actually, it’s about the only thing worth spending money on. Writs allow for a number of things to occur.

To send a Writ, you need to speak with the woman near the Chateau entrance to buy and send a Writ. Writs will last only until midnight, though - God forbid you send one at 11:59 PM. Described below are the Chateau Writs and their effects; if you don’t have one, you need to rise further through the ranks.

Writ Cost Effect
Writ of Invitation 50,000 Makes more Trainers come to the Chateau.
Silver Writ of Invitation 50,000 Makes a lot more Trainers come to the Chateau.
Gold Writ of Invitation 50,000 Makes a vast number of Trainers come to the Chateau.
Writ of Challenge 50,000 All Pokémon fought are boosted in Level by 5.
Blue Writ of Challenge 50,000 All Pokémon fought are lowered in Level by 5.
Red Writ of Challenge 50,000 All Pokémon fought are boosted in Level by 10.
Black Writ of Challenge 50,000 All Pokémon fought are boosted in Level by 20.

Ranks of Nobility

The higher your rank, the stronger the Pokemon nobility you can battle.

Battling people in the Battle Chateau will slowly but surely let you rise through the ranks of nobility. Note, of course, that these ranks are gender-specific, which is important to note for anyone wishing to deal with Medals.

Male Ranks Female Ranks
Baron Baroness
Viscount Viscountess
Earl Countess
Marquis Marchioness
Duke Duchess
Grand Duke Grand Duchess


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