Pokemon Found Everywhere

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Durant" IconDurant Bug/Steel 40%
"Graveler" IconGraveler Rock/Ground 20%
"Sandslash" IconSandslash Ground 20%
"Lairon" IconLairon Steel/Rock 20% (X version)
"Pupitar" IconPupitar Rock/Ground 20% (Y version)

Pokemon Found During Horde Battles

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Durant" IconDurant Bug/Steel 60%
"Geodude" IconGeodude Rock/Ground 35%
"Aron" IconAron Steel/Rock 5% (X version)
"Larvitar" IconLarvitar Rock/Ground 5% (Y version)

Pokemon From Ceiling

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Ariados" IconAriados Bug/Poison 80%
"Noibat" IconNoibat Flying/Dragon 20%

Pokemon Found Using Rock Smash

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Graveler" IconGraveler Rock/Ground 95%
"Shuckle" IconShuckle Bug/Rock 5%

Something big lurks at the end of this cave (after beating the game).

It’s assumed you’ll first enter Terminus Cave by the entrance near the Black Belt. Walk down into the ditch and grab the Dragon Scale . Once you have it, head to the north part of the area and use your Dowsing Machine to find the Normal Gem . Once that’s done, head back outside to Route 18 - Vallee Etroite Way and back up the stairs.

You’ll see tracks to your east. Step onto them and head south down them. When you see tracks leading off east heading into a cave, follow them inside. Here you’ll find TM31 - Brick Break . Pick it up and head back outside. Take the tracks back west and north into the entrance to the cave there. Once inside, begin following the path north-east.

Star Pieces are purely shop-selling fodder so sell 'em quick at 4900 Pokédollars a pop.

You’ll reach some stairs leading down. Take them and head south in the next area. When you come to a point where the path splits heading east and west, take the eastern one first. Break the rock with Rock Smash when you need to then follow the path over the thin bridge. At the other side you’ll find a Star Piece .

Now head back to where the paths split and take the western path this time. Head under the bridge and over the ledges. Just after the ledges use your Dowsing Machine to find a Dusk Ball hidden in a rock. Now keep following the path around to the bridge you just walked under.

Use your Dowsing Machine to find the nearby Hyper Potion then cross the bridge. Just after it you’ll bump into a worker who wants nothing other than a Pokemon match. Charming.

Trainer Battle: Worker Narek

Pokémon Level Type
"Graveler" IconGraveler 46 Rock/Ground
"Graveler" IconGraveler 47 Rock/Ground
"Golem" IconGolem 48 Rock/Ground

After defeating the worker, head south past the path leading east. Instead you’ll find a thin path leading west. Follow it around to the breakable rock and break it using Rock Smash . Just past it you’ll find a Heal Rock . Once you have it head back to where you skipped the path leading east. This time take that path.

Head on over the bridge. Partway across you’ll bump into a Hiker; cue another battle.

Trainer Battle: Hiker Aaron

Pokémon Level Type
"Rhydon" IconRhydon 50 Ground/Rock

After defeating the Hiker, head over the bridge and follow the path around. You’ll stumble into a Worker.

Trainer Battle: Worker Dimitri

Pokémon Level Type
"Octillery" IconOctillery 50 Water

Head south from the worker and jump over the ledges. Head up onto the elevated platform to your north-west to find an Escape Rope . Head back down from the platform and head east. You’ll find a Hiker here. Feel free to take him on.

Trainer Battle: Hiker Bergin

Pokémon Level Type
"Boldore" IconBoldore 48 Rock
"Steelix" IconSteelix 48 Steel/Ground

Use Rock Smash here to open up access to a new pathway.

Follow as the path loops around. Jump over the ledges, then head back north following the thin path around back up to a worker. Just before you reach him you’ll see a path leading east. Head up and over the bridge you just passed by before. Head down to the worker again and this time head north from the worker.

When you see the breakable rock ahead, use Rock Smash on it. Head to the end of the little path and you’ll be able to find a hidden Moon Stone . Now head back south until you see the path leading downstairs to your east. Head down it. Follow this path around and you’ll run into a Battle Girl.

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl Andrea

Pokémon Level Type
"Throh" IconThroh 49 Fighting
"Conkeldurr" IconConkeldurr 50 Fighting

Keep going north. When you see the breakable rock to your left, use Rock Smash on it. Follow the path that you created through until it opens out into a new area. Here use your Dowsing Machine to find an Iron. From there head south then west over to the Dusk Stone .

Grab it up then head back and take the path leading north instead. When you see the breakable rock to your east, Rock Smash. Head on through and when you see the path leading north, take it. Head over to the nearby Black Belt and challenge him!

Trainer Battle: Black Belt Gunnar

Pokémon Level Type
"Toxicroak" IconToxicroak 49 Poison/Fighting
"Sawk" IconSawk 50 Fighting

Head north from the Black Belt along the thin path. When you finally reach the end you’ll find a X Attack . Grab it then head back to the Black Belt. Head east from him to another Black Belt pacing back and forth. Take this one on too!

Trainer Battle: Black Belt Ricardo

Pokémon Level Type
"Hariyama" IconHariyama 52 Fighting

Head north-east from the Black Belt and follow the path around to the Full Heal at the end. Now head back. When you see the ramp up leading west just before getting back to the Black Belt, head up it. Break the two rocks with Rock Smash then take on the Battle Girl.

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl Hailey

Pokémon Level Type
"Medicham" IconMedicham 49 Fighting/Psychic
"Hawlucha" IconHawlucha 51 Fighting/Flying

"Throh" IconThroh's counterpart is "Sawk" IconSawk; both are tough Fighting-types.

Walk past her and slide down the ramp leading east. Head north and grab the Elixir there, then head back to the ledges and jump over them. Now walk back to the Black Belt once more and continue south past him. Follow the path until you are between two ramps.

Take the one leading down to the west. In this area, head north around to the TM, using Rock Smash to get there. Once you get there grab the TM. It’s TM30 - Shadow Ball . Now use the Dowsing Machine to find the Max Potion hidden nearby. Head back up the ramp out of the area. Now take the ramp leading up east.

Use the Dowsing Machine to find a Dire Hit hidden in a rock behind the male Pokémon Ranger. Once you’ve done that, take the Pokémon Rangers on!

Double Battle: Rangers Fern & Lee

Pokémon Level Type
"Nidoking" IconNidoking 51 Poison/Ground
"Nidoqueen" IconNidoqueen 51 Poison/Ground

Next, head south. When the path splits into two leading east and west, take the one heading west. There’s an Iron Plate there. Once you have it, head back to where the paths split and take the one leading east. You’ll find stairs here. Go up them. You’ll find a ramp leading up to your north-east. Head up it and take on the nearby Worker.

Trainer Battle: Worker Yusif

Pokémon Level Type
"Probopass" IconProbopass 50 Rock/Steel

Heading up to the top you’ll find a person blocking your way. Until you defeat the Elite Four you can’t explore the rest of the cave. Oh well. Use your Dowsing Machine to find the hidden Max Repel here, then head south over the ledge to find a Reaper Cloth. Once you have it you’re done! Use an Escape Rope to get back outside.

Head down the nearby stairs and head south through the flower beds. You’ll then be in Couriway Town!


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