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Pokémon: X & Y
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 01-11-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 11-07-2020 / 20:33 GMT

Pokemon Found in Tall Grass

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Azurill Normal/Fairy 20%
Bidoof Normal 10%
Bunnelby Normal 20%
Dunsparce Normal 5%
Farfetch'd Normal/Flying 10%
Litleo Fire/Normal 20%
Psyduck Water 10%
Riolu Fighting 5%

Pokemon Found in Flower Beds

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Azumarill Water/Fairy 20%
Bibarel Normal/Water 20%
Diggersby Normal/Ground 10%
Dunsparce Normal 5%
Farfetch'd Normal/Flying 10%
Litleo Fire/Normal 10%
Psyduck Water 20%
Riolu Fighting 5%

Pokemon Found While Surfing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Azumarill Water/Fairy 5%
Psyduck Water 95%

Pokemon Found While Fishing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Magikarp Water 100% (Old Rod)
Carvanha Water/Dark 35% (Good Rod)
Goldeen Water 65% (Good Rod)
Gyarados Water/Flying 60% (Super Rod)
Seaking Water 35% (Super Rod)
Sharpedo Water/Dark 5% (Super Rod)

This side-route will provide invaluable experience before your upcoming gym battle!

A new route already? Sweet! Follow the path along and you'll run into your first Pokémon trainer in the area.

Tip #007: Out Of Reach Areas

Remember the bush that requires Cut to pass through in Route 3? Sadly there's a part of Route 22 that you can't visit right now until you have Surf and Waterfall , which contains the flower beds. So if you were hoping to catch an amazing Azumarill, you'll have to settle with a lowly Azurill for now!

Trainer Battle: Rising Star Louise

Pokémon Level Type
Psyduck 6 Water
Litleo 7 Fire/Normal

Continuing on, you'll find a Lass.

Trainer Battle: Lass Elin

Pokémon Level Type
Goldeen 6 Water
Marill 6 Water/Fairy

Keep following the path. You'll see two trainers to you north, but they won't want to battle. Continue on and you'll reach another trainer. This guy does want to battle.

Trainer Battle: Rising Star Loic

Riolu is weak to Flying Pokemon if you have one (eg. Pidgey, Fletchling).

Pokémon Level Type
Riolu 9 Fighting

Head into the bushes just below Loic, and you'll find another battle-ready trainer.

Trainer Battle: Schoolboy Rabbie

Pokémon Level Type
Pidgey 7 Normal/Flying
Metapod 5 Bug

Head right; out of the grass. Head south and you'll find yet another trainer looking for thrills.

Trainer Battle: Schoolgirl Mackenzie

Pokémon Level Type
Bunnelby 8 Normal

Head south from Mackenzie. You'll see a ledge to your left. Don't go hopping over it just yet; for now keep going south, past the steps. Where you'll encounter yet another battle!

Trainer Battle: Lass Elsa

Pokémon Level Type
Flabebe 8 Fairy

Super Potions are great at the start, but become less effective as you progress.

You can't head any further south (you can't really do anything else either). Heading east up the stairs leads you to a woman blocking your path (you won't be able to get past her for quite a while - not until you have all eight badges under your belt).

Instead; go back to Santalune City and challenge Viola. Make sure you go back by jumping over the ledges, otherwise you'll miss finding a Super Potion . Once you're back in the city, it's time to challenge the Gym Leader !

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