The Battle Maison is for advanced players wishing to hone their battling skills.

The Battle Maison is a facility similar to the Battle Towers and the Battle Subways from the previous games. The premise of playing here is to get a very long battling streak against trainers: using only one team, no items from the bag, and with healings between each battle, you need to get as far as possible.

In doing so, you earn BP to exchange for numerous valuable items. This is much harder than it sounds! The facility itself is found in Kiloude City after beating the game: it is the gold mansion in the center of the town. If you go further within to the battling area, you can speak with the receptionist to begin battle.

Like in the past, there are a number of restrictions, also shared by Lumiose’s Battle Institute.

After each battle win, you’ll earn some BP (Battle Points) . BP is used to buy items at the exchange in the entrance of the Maison. The BP earned will increase significantly as time goes on.

For the most part, Trainers in the Battle Maison are completely random, except at the 20- and 50-win marks, at which point you’ll battle an unique trainer according to the battle rules. Due to this chaotic nature, you will definitely want to construct a team well-fitted to fight any type of Pokémon.

Pokémon with huge move varieties, such as "Lapras" IconLapras or "Blaziken" IconBlaziken or "Lucario" IconLucario or "Charizard" IconCharizard or "Noivern" IconNoivern or "Dragonite" IconDragonite, will be absolutely key to your survival. Hopefully you’ve gathered enough TMs and HMs throughout the Kalos region to modify some Pokémon to your needs.

During your challenge, you are allowed to interrupt it or save. Interrupting your challenge, unlike previous generations, is okay. Now you can take breaks to do Wi-Fi battles or whatever. It’s a notable feature to series veterans … and a welcome one! Your streak will end, however, if you lose a battle or opt to change battle types.

BP Exchange (Left Lady)

The lady on the left sells items that improve your Pokemon's performance.

Item Name Cost Effect
Ability Capsule 200BP Switches a Pokémon’s two abilities (if it has two)
Absorb Bulb 32BP If the holder is hit by a Water-type move, Special Attack goes up
Air Balloon 48BP Makes the Pokémon immune to Ground-type moves until hit (which destroys the item)
Assault Vest 48BP Raises Special Defense, but prevents status moves from being used
Bright Powder 48BP Lowers the foes’ accuracy
Calcium 2BP Increases Special Attack EVs by 10 (up to 100 Special Attack or 510 overall)
Carbos 2BP Increases Speed EVs by 10 (up to 100 Speed or 510 overall)
Cell Battery 32BP If the holder is hit with an Electric-type move, its Attack rises
Choice Band 48BP Increases Attack, but only allows one move to be used
Item Name Cost Effect
Choice Specs 48BP Raises Special Attack, but only allows one move to be used
Dubious Disc 32BP Evolves "Porygon2" IconPorygon2 into "Porygon" IconPorygon-Z when held during a trade
Electirizer 32BP Evolves "Electabuzz" IconElectabuzz into "Electivire" IconElectivire when helding during a trade
Eject Button 32BP If the holder is attacked, it switches with another Pokémon in your party
Flame Orb 16BP Burns the holder: best used with moves (i.e. Fling) that make the opponent hold it
Focus Band 48BP The holder may survive an attack that would otherwise KO it; it will have just 1 HP
Focus Sash 48BP If at full HP, the holder cannot be KO’ed in one hit - it will survive with at least 1 HP left
HP Up 2BP Increases HP EVs by 10 (up to 100 HP or 510 overall)
Iron 2BP Increases Defense EVs by 10 (up to 100 Defense or 510 overall)
Item Name Cost Effect
Iron Ball 48BP Lowers Speed and negates Flying-type and Levitate designations
Life Orb 48BP The power of moves is increased, but the holder also loses HP with each move
Magmarizer 32BP Evolves "Magmar" IconMagmar into "Magmortar" IconMagmortar when held during a trade
Muscle Band 48BP Increases the power of Physical-class moves
Power Anklet 16BP Doubles EV growth in Speed while lowering Speed in battle
Power Band 16BP Doubles EV growth in Special Defense while lowering Speed in battle
Power Belt 16BP Doubles EV growth in Defense while lowering Speed in battle
Power Bracer 16BP Doubles EV growth in Attack while lowering Speed in battle
Power Herb 32BP Lets a move that needs to charge be used immediately, but lowers the user’s Happiness
Power Lens 16BP Doubles EV growth in Special Attack while lowering Speed in battle
Item Name Cost Effect
Power Weight 16BP Doubles EV growth in Max HP while lowering Speed in battle
Protector 32BP Evolves "Rhydon" IconRhydon into "Rhyperior" IconRhyperior when held during a trade
Protein 2BP Increases Attack EVs by 10 (up to 100 Attack or 510 overall)
Rare Candy 48BP Causes an instant level-up, if the Pokémon is under Level 100
Razor Claw 48BP Increases the critical-hit ratio of moves; evolves "Sneasel" IconSneasel into "Weavile" IconWeavile if held while leveling-up at night.
Razor Fang 48BP Makes hit enemies flinch; evolves "Gligar" IconGligar into "Gliscor" IconGliscor if held while leveling-up at night.
Reaper Cloth 32BP Evolves "Dusclops" IconDusclops into "Dusknoir" IconDusknoir when held during a trade.
Red Card 32BP If the holder is hit by an enemy, the foe is removed from battle - this will end wild encounters
Ring Target 32BP Moves that normally do nothing will now hit - use moves like Fling to give this to the enemy
Sachet 32BP Evolves "Spritzee" IconSpritzee into "Aromatisse" IconAromatisse when held during a trade
Item Name Cost Effect
Safety Goggles 48BP The holder will not be affected by Hail, Sandstorm, or the various Powders
Scope Lens 48BP Increases the holder’s critical-hit ratio
Toxic Orb 16BP Badly Poisons the holder
Up-Grade 32BP Evolves "Porygon" IconPorygon into "Porygon2" IconPorygon2 if held during a trade
Weakness Policy 32BP If the holder is hit super effectively; then its Attack and Special Attack both rise sharply
Whipped Dream 32BP Evolves "Swirlix" IconSwirlix into "Slurpuff" IconSlurpuff if held during a trade
White Herb 32BP Reverts lowered stats, but lowers Happiness - hold to use automatically
Wide Lens 48BP Raises the accuracy of moves
Zinc 2BP Increases Special Defense EVs by 10 (up to 100 Special Defense or 510 overall)
Zoom Lens 48BP If the holder moves after the Pokémon it wants to hit, its accuracy is boosted

BP Exchange (Right Lady)

The lady on the right sells exclusive TMs.

TM Name Cost Effect
Dream Eater (TM85) 48BP Absorbs HP; only works on Sleeping targets
Explosion (TM64) 48BP User will faint
Incinerate (TM59) 16BP If target holds a Berry, it is destroyed
Quash (TM60) 24BP User makes target go last
Retaliate (TM67) 48BP More powerful if ally fainted last turn
Roar (TM05) 24BP Forces switch (ends wild battles)
Round (TM48) 16BP Stronger if allies use Round, too
Sludge Wave (TM34) 32BP May cause Poison
Smack Down (TM23) 32BP Removes Flying-type designation
Steel Wing (TM51) 32BP May raise the user’s Special Defense
Swagger (TM87) 24BP Confuses a target, but raises Attack sharply
Volt Switch (TM72) 48BP User will switch out


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