Mega Stones can be used after a certain point in the storyline. Certain Pokémon have a Mega Stone attributed to it, and this Pokémon must hold it for Mega Evolution to occur. In battle, you can enable Mega Evolution from the attack menu, then select an attack.

Each Mega Evolution only lasts for the duration of the battle, and only one Pokémon per team can Mega Evolve during the battle. The Mega Evolution can result in a number of things, including changed stats, abilities, and even types.

As a note, some Mega Stones are only found in some versions of the game. If you desire another, you are allowed to trade the item. However, it must be held by a Pokémon during the trade.

Some Mega Stones are handed to you; others require keen observation.

Initially, you can receive Mega Stones from certain people across Kalos, but that’s only half of the story.

After the game is complete, you are able to upgrade the Mega Ring. From 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM each day thereafter, according to your 3DS clock (which will read 20:00 to 21:00), you can find other Mega Stones dotted around Kalos besides those you’re given - these will appear as a shiny sparkle on the floor.

If a Mega Stone doesn’t have “8 to 9 PM” listed, it means you get it from a person. Otherwise, it’s found somewhere on the floor from 8 to 9 PM.

Mega Stone Version Mega Evolves Location
Abomasite Both Abomasnow Frost Cavern
Absolite Both Absol Kiloude City - Upgrading the Mega Ring
Aerodactylite Both Aerodactyl Ambrette Town
Aggronite Y Aggron Cyllage City Gym (8 to 9 PM)
Alakazite Both Alakazam Reflection Cave B3F (8 to 9 PM)
Ampharosite Both Ampharos Azure Bay
Banettite Both Banette Chamber of Emptiness (8 to 9 PM)
Blastoisinite Both Blastoise Choose Squirtle as Kanto starter; shop in Lumiose City
Blazikenite Both Blaziken Held by Torchic in online X/Y Mystery Gift event
Charizardite X X Charizard Choose Charmander as Kanto starter; shop in Lumiose City
Charizardite Y Y Charizard Choose Charmander as Kanto starter; shop in Lumiose City
Garchompite Both Garchomp Victory Road (8 to 9 PM)
Mega Stone Version Mega Evolves Location
Gardevoirite Both Gardevoir A Trade in Lumiose City
Gengarite Both Gengar Laverre City
Gyaradosite Both Gyarados Couriway Town (8 to 9 PM)
Heracronite Y Heracross Santalune Forest (8 to 9 PM)
Houndoominte Y Houndoom Route 16 (8 to 9 PM)
Kangaskhanite Both Kangaskhan Glittering Cave (8 to 9 PM)
Lucarionite Both Lucario Plot event atop the Tower of Mastery in Shalour City
Manectite X Manectric Route 16 (8 to 9 PM)
Mawilite Both Mawile Shabboneau Castle (8 to 9 PM)
Medichamite Both Medicham Laverre City (8 to 9 PM)
Mewtwonite X X Mewtwo Found after capturing Mewtwo
Mewtwonite Y Y Mewtwo Found after capturing Mewtwo
Pinsirite X Pinsir Santalune Forest (8 to 9 PM)
Mega Stone Version Mega Evolves Location
Scizorite Both Scizor Frost Cavern; behind Abomasnow (8 to 9 PM)
Tyranitarite X Tyranitar Cyllage City Gym (8 to 9 PM)
Venusaurite Both Venusaur Choose Bulbasaur as Kanto starter; shop in Lumiose City


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