Don't forget to keep following our guide for those hidden items tucked away in every town.

Go north up to the first house. Talk with the nearby boy and he’ll give you TM41 - Torment . Use your Dowsing Machine to find the Tiny Mushroom near the boy. Now head between the two nearby houses, then behind the one that’s a clothing store. You’ll come out near an item. Pick it up to find that it’s an Ether . Head back out from between the houses.

Don’t worry about the house next to the boy, but enter the one after that. There’s a clothing shop here, so feel free to shop around. Once you’re done go back outside. Head east to the Pokémon Center. Head in and heal up. Head to the west side of the center and you’ll find Mr. Bonding there. Speak with him to receive an Encounter Power .

From there; head to the east side of the center if you want to listen to someone tell a poem. Afterwards you may tip them. Feel free to stock up on items while you’re here too.

Laverre City Pokemart (Right Clerk)

Item Cost
Protein 9,800
Iron 9,800
Calcium 9,800
Zinc 9,800
Carbos 9,800
HP Up 9,800

When you’re ready, head on back out. Head east and talk to the guy by the gate. If you can show him a Pokémon shorter than 12 inches, he’ll give you a Poké Doll . You can’t head through the gate to the next route just yet as there are Team Flare members guarding it; which isn’t a good sign.

Anyway; back to the Pokémon Center. Head north up along the path next to it. You’ll see the Laverre City Gym straight ahead of you. Remember where it is; but for now let’s keep exploring. Head east and enter the building there.

Talking with the man in the centre of the house, you’ll be able to teach your two starters either F ire Pledge, Water Pledge or Grass Pledge depending on their type. If you transfer starters from other Pokemon games (or get them from trades), they can learn these moves too.

You do need to be close enough with your Pokémon to have them learn it, but it’s a nice move and if both starters learn it and use it at the same time during a Double Battle, the moves will receive a massive damage bonus. Neato!

Look behind buildings whenever possible for frequently hidden goodies.

Once you’re done, head back outside and head east past the gym. Before you head up the stairs leading north, turn your Dowsing Machine on and use it to find the hidden Ultra Ball . After that, head up the steps leading north, then head west along the path. Talk with the girl here and she’ll give you a Gengarite . Hell yeah!

In the house behind you can talk with a man who will give your Pokémon ribbons if they’re close enough with you. It’s similar to the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald ribbon system. Seems like they’re bringing back a lot of old things back. Head out when you’re done.

Step into the house next door and talk with the woman there if you want to know what party you had when you beat any of the Gym Leaders. After reminiscing, take your leave. Heading north from the house will lead you to the Poké Ball Factory ; but you can’t progress until you defeat the gym leader here so don’t worry about it yet.

Instead; head east from the house. You’ll reach another house. Check the mushrooms next to the house to find a Leaf Stone . Talk to the girl at the nearby lamppost. If you can show her a Pokémon over 9 foot 10 inches, she’ll give you a Poké Doll just like the guy looking for a small Pokemon.

Head into the nearby building if you want to. You can sit around in this cafe and talk with people if it tickles your fancy. Once you’re done, head outside. That’s it for exploration. Gym time! Make your way there when you’re ready and roaring.


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