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Welcome to the lofty home of the Elite Four!


  • Water or Rock (For the Fire chamber)
  • Electric or Grass (For the Water chamber)
  • Ground or Fire (For the Steel chamber)
  • Fairy or Ice (For the Dragon chamber)
  • Steel or Ghost (For the Champion)

You made it to the Elite Four! Congratulate yourself! High five and fist bump yourself! Once you’re done being awesome, head into the Pokémon Center and heal up. Stock up on those Revives , Full Restores , Hyper Potions and maybe even Max Potions if any of your Pokémon have enough HP.

When you’re all done head back outside. There’s a Photo Spot to your east if you want to capture the moment. Once you’re ready, head north into the giant freaking palace! Save inside, then head down either hallway and walk into the Pokémon League itself. The door will slam shut behind you; there’s no going back now.

Elite Four

Once you pass the big hallway, there's no going back…

One of the Elite Four will speak with you. Her name’s Malva. After speaking with you she’ll head into her room awaiting you. You’ll then be able to walk around again. There are four rooms to enter, each containing an Elite Four member. You can do them in any order you want.

  • The north-east door leads to the Blazing Chamber containing Malva, the Fire user.
  • The south-east door leads to the Flood Chamber containing Siebold, the Water user.
  • The north-west door leads to the Ironworks Chamber containing Wikstrom, the Steel user.
  • And lastly the south-west door leads to the Dragonmark Chamber containing Drasna, the Dragon user.

Feel free to enter them in any order you want. It’s strongly recommended that between each battle you Revive and heal all of your Pokémon so that you’re ready to go for the next one. Remember that Revives don’t recover PP , so make sure you won’t run out of that with any of your Pokémon otherwise it’ll might make things much harder.

Blazing Chamber

The north-east door leads to the Blazing Chamber; through here and you’ll fight Malva. Head on up to the circular elevator. Ride it up and you’ll come face to face with Malva. Walk up to her and the fight will begin soon enough.

Elite Four Battle!: Elite Four Malva

Pyroar is weak to Fighting, Ground, Rock and Water moves.

Pokémon Level Type
"Pyroar" IconPyroar 63 Fire/Normal
"Torkoal" IconTorkoal 63 Fire
"Chandelure" IconChandelure 63 Ghost/Fire
"Talonflame" IconTalonflame 65 Fire/Flying

The battle itself is actually quite straightforward. There aren’t any real curveballs. Water-types will need to be careful for "Pyroar" IconPyroar’s Wild Charge (Electric), but once Pyroar’s down it’s clear sailing. "Torkoal" IconTorkoal’s Stone Edge (Rock) can be a bit brutal though and "Talonflame" IconTalonflame’s Brave Bird (Flying) is fairly damaging too.

If you have Rock-type Pokemon or moves, use them to crack Talonflame for quadruple damage. Otherwise you can keep reviving Pokémon with Revives while it uses Brave Bird, slowly killing itself because of the recoil. Hah, how’d you like that? Once you’ve swept away her team, head on back out into the main hall and to the next Elite

Flood Chamber

The Flood Chamber’s in the south-east door. Walk over to the elevator and it’ll take you to the level above. Here you’ll find Siebold. Walk up to him and the battle will start.

Elite Four Battle!: Elite Four Siebold

Unlike Lysandre's Gyarados, this one doesn't Mega Evolve. Phew!

Pokémon Level Type
"Clawitzer" IconClawitzer 63 Water
"Starmie" IconStarmie 63 Water/Psychic
"Gyarados" IconGyarados 63 Water/Flying
"Barbaracle" IconBarbaracle 65 Rock/Water

Electric and Grass-type Pokemon will trounce this battle easily. Grass-types will need to switch out against "Gyarados" IconGyarados, due to it being part Flying and having Ice Fang (Ice). Instead, use Electric Pokemon/moves to shock the giant sea dragon for quadruple damage, although you’ll need to be fast to not get blasted by its Earthquake (Ground).

When it’s "Barbaracle" IconBarbaracle’s turn, bring back your Grass-typ e because they’ll do quadruple damage against this sea creature too. Easy win! Once you’ve beached Siebold, head on back out into the main hall and seek out the next Elite.

Ironworks Chamber

The north-west door, Ironworks Chamber, is home to the master of Steel-type Pokemon. Once inside move to the elevator and take it to the second floor. You’ll find Wikstrom here waiting for you. Go up to him to challenge him to a duel.

Elite Four Battle!: Elite Four Wikstrom

Aegislash can swap between Blade and Shield Forme mid-battle.

Pokémon Level Type
"Klefki" IconKlefki 63 Steel/Fairy
"Probopass" IconProbopass 63 Rock/Steel
"Scizor" IconScizor 63 Bug/Steel
"Aegislash" IconAegislash 65 Steel/Ghost

A combination of Ground and Fire-type Pokemon/moves are ideal for this duel. For "Klefki" IconKlefki and "Aegislash" IconAegislash, avoid Fighting-types because of their Fairy and Ghost desginations and stick with the aforementioned recommended types. When it’s "Probopass" IconProbopass’s turn in the spotlight, hammer it with Ground or Fighting moves for massive damage.

When facing "Scizor" IconScizor, this steel-clad bug won’t like your Fire-type Pokemon/moves at all. Once you’ve shattered Wilkstrom’s iron will, head on back out into the main hall. Enter whichever room you want to next.

Dragonmark Chamber

Through the south-west door you’ll find Dragonmark Chamber. Head on over to the elevator and ride it up a floor. On the floor above you’ll find a calm lady, Drasna. Walk up to her to witness the fury of her Dragon Pokemon.

Elite Four Battle!: Elite Four Drasna

Altaria is weak to Rock, Ice, Dragon and Fairy moves; especially Ice.

Pokémon Level Type
"Dragalge" IconDragalge 63 Poison/Dragon
"Altaria" IconAltaria 63 Dragon/Flying
"Druddigon" IconDruddigon 63 Dragon
"Noivern" IconNoivern 65 Flying/Dragon

Fairy Pokemon will laugh in Drasna’s face; Ice-types too. However your Fairy will need to be careful with Dragagle as it’s part Poison - have your Ice, Psychic or Ground-type Pokemon smother it out. From there, it’s a clean sweep for your Fairy or Ice Pokemon. "Altaria" IconAltaria and "Noivern" IconNoivern in particular won’t survive your Ice Pokemon.

Once you’ve weathered the draconic storm, head on back out into the main hall. Enter whichever room you want to next.

The Champion

After beating all of the Elite Four, the door to the Champion will open. Obviously heal up and when you’re ready to, head on through!

Radiant Chamber

Walk up to the elevator and take it up to the next level. Here you’ll find the Champion! Walk up to her. After she speaks with you, the battle will begin! Prepare yourself (as she’s also got a full pack of six Pokémon to fight with)!

Champion Battle!: Champion Diantha

Tyrantrum is weak to Fighting, Ground, Steel, Ice, Dragon and Fairy moves.

Pokémon Level Type
"Hawlucha" IconHawlucha 64 Fighting/Flying
"Tyrantrum" IconTyrantrum 65 Rock/Dragon
"Aurorus" IconAurorus 65 Rock/Ice
"Gourgeist" IconGourgeist 65 Ghost/Grass
"Goodra" IconGoodra 66 Dragon
"Gardevoir" IconGardevoir 68 Psychic/Fairy

Hawluchua has a curious typing, but you can safely smack it in the face with Psychic and Electric Pokemon/moves, plus Ice, Rock and Fairy if your Pokemon are fast/durable. For "Tyrantrum" IconTyrantrum, you can target its Rock or Dragon type separately; your Ice-types will be in slight danger though because of its Rock typing and Grass only does x1 damage.

"Aurorus" IconAurorus is easy if you pummel it with Fighting or Steel-type moves for 4x damage. Avoid Grass Pokemon because of its Ice-typing and be wary of fielding Water-types too because of its Thunder (electric). "Gourgeist" IconGourgeist is another Pokemon whose types ( Ghost and Grass ) you can consider separately.

"Goodra" IconGoodra is pure Dragon (the only Pokemon not dual-typed here!) so should be easy to figure out (hint: Fairy!). Be wary of fielding an Ice-type because it has Fire and Fighting moves. Finally we come to Gardevoir, who will Mega Evolve into Mega Gardevoir ! Take her out with Ghost or Steel Pokemon if you have them.

After defeating Diantha, she’ll lead you up the elevator. You’ll appear in the Kalos’ Hall of Fame! Head on up and record your Pokémon. From there, you’ll skip to a cinematic. Bask in the glory! As the ceremony winds down, the giant from before, AZ , will appear and challenge you! Let’s do it!

Trainer Battle!: Pokemon Trainer AZ

Looks like you've got one final opponent before you see the end credits…

Pokémon Level Type
"Torkoal" IconTorkoal 60 Fire
"Golurk" IconGolurk 60 Ground/Ghost
"Sigilyph" IconSigilyph 60 Psychic/Flying

Compared to Diantha or even the Elite Four, AZ is easy mode. Except for "Golurk" IconGolurk , you should’ve encountered all of his Pokemon before, so just whip him into shape with your Champion-beating team. After winning another cinematic will play. Cry! Stream tears down your face! Once the cinematic finishes, the credits will roll.

After the credits end you’ll be back at the main menu. Head back into the game if you want! There’s still some things to do!

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