Versus Grass-type Pokemon

Were you lucky enough to grab that Event "Torchic" IconTorchic? If so then this gym will be a breeze.

Okay, a grass-type gym! Let’s do this! Make sure to take the good types of Pokemon listed above and avoid the bad types. When you’re good to go; walk up to the first rope and interact with it. You’ll climb up. From there head anti-clockwise. Stand at the start of the net and interact to jump across. You’ll see a trainer here. Take him on.

Gym Member Battle: Pokemon Ranger Chaise

Pokémon Level Type
"Simisage" IconSimisage 32 Grass

Once he’s defeated, climb up the nearby rope. Head clockwise over the next two nets and climb up the next rope. Head anti-clockwise over the next net and take the trainer on there if you want to.

Gym Member Battle: Pokemon Ranger Maurice

Pokémon Level Type
"Ferroseed" IconFerroseed 29 Grass/Steel
"Lombre" IconLombre 29 Water/Grass
"Carnivine" IconCarnivine 29 Grass

Head back clockwise over two nets. Now slide down to the level below. Head clockwise over the next net and you’ll come upon the next trainer.

Gym Member Battle: Pokemon Ranger Brooke

Pokémon Level Type
"Roselia" IconRoselia 30 Grass/Poison
"Wormadam" IconWormadam 30 Bug/Grass

Head up the rope then clockwise over the next net. Once again head up the next rope. From there head anti-clockwise over the next two nets. Another battle!

Gym Member Battle: Pokemon Ranger Twiggy

Pokémon Level Type
"Gloom" IconGloom 29 Grass/Poison
"Exeggutor" IconExeggutor 31 Grass/Psychic

Climb up the nearby rope then head anti-clockwise over the next two nets and you’ll appear in front of Leader Ramos. Make sure you’re all healed up before the battle then take him on!

Gym Leader Battle! Leader Ramos

He might look old, but he still has some decent Pokémon with him!

Pokémon Level Type
"Jumpluff" IconJumpluff 30 Grass/Flying
"Weepinbell" IconWeepinbell 31 Grass/Poison
"Gogoat" IconGogoat 34 Grass

Fire, Ice or Flying Pokemon will reign supreme in this match.

For "Jumpluff" IconJumpluff and "Weepinbell" IconWeepinbell, avoid Bug-type Pokemon, because these two Pokemon’s secondary types are strong versus Bug. "Jumpluff" IconJumpluff won’t like Ice-type moves, as they do quadruple damage to it. If you have any neutral Pokemon, watch their weight as Grass Knot does heavy damage against heavy Pokemon.

After defeating Ramos you’ll get the Plant Badge . This means that any Pokémon up to Level 60 that you received in a trade will obey. Now you can use HM02 - Fly that you received earlier! You get TM86 - Grass Knot as a reward also. Finish speaking with him then slide down the slide nearby to get back to the entrance. Head back outside. Good job!

Let’s heal back up and head out of town by the south exit, into Route 13 ! As you’re leaving you’ll receive a Holo Clip from Lysandre. After acting like a bit of a creeper for the hundredth time the clip of Lysandre will end. Onwards to Route 13! As you’re heading through the gate you’ll be stopped again (again!?).

This time it’s Sycamore’s assistants. At least you get something this time. They upgrade your Pokédex so that it now includes the Mountain Kalos Pokédex . Your Pokédex is fully upgraded now. Whoo!! After that they’ll leave. Now actually head on through into the next route.


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