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Vert Plaza

The trainers here are no match for your hardened team of Pokemon.

Face the entrance to the alley leading back to the boulevard to find a pink haired woman keen for a fight. Well, if you insist!

Trainer Battle: Punk Girl Lillian

Pokémon Level Type
"Krokorok" IconKrokorok 30 Dark/Ground

Head down the alley to the lady there if you want to try your chances with her. By that, we mean a Pokemon battle, of course.

Trainer Battle: Beauty Aimee

Pokémon Level Type
"Fletchinder" IconFletchinder 34 Fire/Flying

After defeating her, she’ll hand you a Destiny Knot . To reach her you will have had to have passed a cafe to your left. Go back to it and enter it. It’s called Cafe Cyclone .

It’s basically a tipping cafe where people do random novel things. Feel free to look around then leave when you’ve seen enough. Now head back to the plaza itself and head anti-clockwise to the next one.

Jaune Plaza

Gasp! Your friends actually live in houses!

Head down the alley from Jaune Plaza toward the boulevard. There’s an open door on your right. Head inside. It’s Trevor’s house! Neat right?! Anyway, feel free to explore it then head back outside. Just past Trevor’s house you’ll see alleys leading away on either side. The one on your right will take you back the way you came.

The other alley will lead to a Beauty wanting to battle. Go for it.

Trainer Battle: Beauty Anais

Pokémon Level Type
"Seadra" IconSeadra 34 Water

The Beauty will give you an Elixir for winning. Continue following the alley and you’ll reach the next avenue!

Hibernal Avenue

Only two things to check out here. Head inside Cafe Kizuna that’s right next to the alley you just came out of. Here people think about how Pokémon feel, but there’s nothing of real importance here so head out when you’re ready. Check out the restaurant across the street.

Turns out that you can’t dine here until after beating the Elite Four, so feel free to head back outside. Oh well. Head toward the boulevard until you see an alley to your left. Head down it and follow it around. You’ll see a path leading off from it. Look down it to see a Black Belt at the end. Talk with him if you wish to battle.

Trainer Battle: Black Belt Killian

Pokémon Level Type
"Machoke" IconMachoke 30 Fighting

Head back out of the part of the alley you were in, back to the main part. From there follow it around to the next Plaza.

Rouge Plaza

You’ll wind up in the alley near the Plaza, with two buildings here. There’s nothing of interest in the building opposite and the Sushi High Roller place won’t let you in until you ‘become famous’. There’s nothing to do in the plaza itself either so just find the alley leading to the next Avenue and head down it.

When it splits into two paths, take the right one. There’ll be a trainer waiting at the end.

Trainer Battle: Punk Guy Faust

Pokémon Level Type
"Haunter" IconHaunter 30 Ghost/Poison

Once he’s defeated, head back to where the paths split and take the other path. Follow it to the next avenue.

Autumnal Avenue

The Poke Ball Boutique is perfect for your Poke Ball needs!

When you come out of the alley, head inside the Poké Ball Boutique just to the left of the alley. Tell a guy inside that you like round things (ahem…) and he’ll hand you a Luxury Ball . Nice. Check out the wares of this store; they’re actually really cool.

Poke Ball Boutique

Item Cost
Quick Ball 1,000
Dive Ball 1,000
Timer Ball 1,000
Premier Ball 200
Heal Ball 300
Net Ball 1,000
Nest Ball 1,000
Dusk Ball 1,000
Repeat Ball 1,000
Luxury Ball 1,000

Once you’re done, head back outside. By now you should be hungry with all the walking, so let’s visit the restaurant next door.

Restaurant Le Yeah

You can dine here and partake in battles if you so wish to. Head back outside and across the road to Restaurant Pokémon-Amie if you wish to hear information about Pokémon-Amie. Afterwards, head back outside and head toward the centre of the city. When you see the blue shop behind the taxi, enter it. It’s the Juice Shoppe .

Juice Shoppe

In this unique shop you can combine two of your berries for many juice combinations at the right counter or receive a premium juice at the left counter that changes daily. Once you’re done here, head back outside. Cross the road to the next alley leading anti-clockwise. In this alley is Lysandre’s Cafe! Head inside.

Lysandres Cafe

The King's Rock isn't reliable, but it's great when it does work.

Walk in and Sycamore and Lysandre will call you over. They’ll speak with you and Lysandre will give you a King’s Rock . After that he’ll leave and you should too. Once you do you’ll receive a Holo Clip. It’s Trevor! He’ll mention that everyone’s meeting at Route 14 , so you may as well too! Only a tiny bit more exploration before we’re able to head there.

Head on through to the other side of the alley.

Magenta Plaza

You’ll be in Magenta Plaza, the last place to visit before you’re done. There’s a Pokémon Center here. Head inside. Now just heal up from the battles before and stock up. From there, head into the centre of the city.

Centrico Plaza

There’s not anything of importance here, but it’s an easy way to Route 14. Head clockwise two entrances and enter the entrance you’re now if front of. You’ll be in Rouge Plaza. Head to North Boulevard from there. When you reach North Boulevard, you’ll be directly in front of the exit to Route 14. Head on into the gate and through to the next route!

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