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Lumiose City is the biggest city by far, so don't be shy and use the taxi if you're in a hurry.

South Boulevard

Whoa, what an awesome city! The female will go stand by the lab and the male assistant will wait around. You can go exploring now! We may as well head to the lab first though. Follow after her and eventually you’ll reach it. The female assistant will talk with you, then you’ll be able to head inside.

First though, continue past it and find the Pokémon Center on the right side of the street. Head inside and heal up, then head back to the Pokémon Lab and enter. Once inside, you’ll be directed to take the elevator to the third floor. First, let’s go to the second floor and grab us some items.

Once you’re there, talk with the scientist to your south-west. She’ll give you 5 Luxury Balls . There’s nothing else to grab here, but feel free to talk with everyone else on the floor. Once you’re ready to, head up to the third floor. Here you’ll finally be greeted by the professor. He’ll walk off.

Head right and talk with the scientist there. She’ll check how many Pokémon you’ve seen. She’ll then give you TM54 - False Swipe , to help you catch Pokémon.

Once you have it head around and speak with Professor Sycamore! After speaking for a bit, your rival and Shauna will drop in. After they do, Sycamore will suggest a Pokémon battle, with him as your opponent. How cool! When you’re ready, talk with him and tell him so. Let the battle begin!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Professor Sycamore

Pokémon Level Type
"Bulbasaur" IconBulbasaur 10 Grass
"Squirtle" IconSquirtle 10 Water
"Charmander" IconCharmander 10 Fire

And when you defeat Sycamore, guess what happens! You get a second starter ! And it’s one of the Gen 1 Starter Pokémon too, which is pretty sick. You’ll probably want to pick one of the Pokémon that isn’t the same type as your starter to create a more balanced team.

This is an ideal opportunity to fill in any gaps in your team.

Grass-Type Fire-Type Water-Type
"Bulbasaur" IconBulbasaur "Charmander" IconCharmander "Squirtle" IconSquirtle

Once you’ve chosen, you’ll get the corresponding Mega Stone for that Pokémon! As if things couldn’t get any more awesome! Sycamore will then give you your next objective; Camphrier Town! He’ll then send you on your way. Let’s explore Lumiose City first though!

When your each the first floor of the lab, you’ll see a strange fellow talking to the assistant from before. You’ll get called over and he’ll introduce himself as Lysandre. Afterwards, he’ll leave. Let’s follow suit.

Exploring South Boulevard

From the lab, let’s go right instead of left. Head down that road until you reach the man at the end stopping you because there’s a blackout in that part of the city. Now it’s time to work our way back along the boulevard. First turn around and begin going back. Near the parked car is a restaurant. Let’s head there first.

Continue along the boulevard and you’ll see an alley to your right which you can’t head down because of the blackout. Continuing on you’ll see the Lumiose Transportation Office to your left. Feel free to head on in. It provides you with information about the various transport in the city (none of which currently work).

If you want, you can talk to the people on the second floor, including a trash man who leaves, but there’s nothing really special there. Head back out. Continuing down the boulevard; you’ll see Cafe Introversion opposite the Transportation Office. Head on over and enter if you want to talk to the people inside for fun, but otherwise, nothing useful there either.

Keep heading down the street and you’ll reach the Pokémon Lab. You can head down the street Vernal Avenue if you want, but let’s finish exploring South Boulevard first. Further along you’ll find the Pokémon Center. Head on in and heal up again if you need.

You can also find a guy that will exchange Poké Miles for prizes, but we’ll get back to this later on. You can also check the Poké Mart here for some items!

Lumiose City Pokemart (Right Clerk)

Item Cost
TM78 - Bulldoze 10,000
TM76 - Struggle Bug 10,000
TM75 - Swords Dance 10,000
TM11 - Sunny Day 50,000
TM18 - Rain Dance 50,000

Once you’re done in the center, head back outside. More exploring must be done! Opposite the center is the PR Video Studio . Feel free to head in and see what it’s all about.

PR Video Studio

You can share PR videos you've created with nearby or online players.

Head inside and you’ll be greeted by a receptionist. Head over and speak with her and feel free to shoot your first PR Video. You’ll be able to choose a style and then have it shot. Once it’s over you’ll be able to view it. All videos in the studio are shot like this.

After finishing; head past the counters and talk with the girl with pink pigtails. She’ll give you the Lens Case . Sweet! You can use that to change eye colour. In the room off to the left, you’ll be able to go in and do a variety of things to change your look for when you want to shoot a PR video. Feel free to experiment with it. Once you’re ready, head back on out.

South Boulevard (Continued)

Now keep on going down the boulevard. You’ll come across a point with a street to your left and an alley to your right. We’ll be heading down the street later when you want to continue to the next town (and we have to visit a certain cafe first anyway).

The alley’s closed off because of the blackout, so let’s just continue on for now. Just past the alley and to your right, you’ll find Coiffure Clips . Head on in. You’ll find out that it’s a hairdresser. Feel free to get a haircut if you want, then head on back out.

Continuing on back outside, you’ll find Cafe Soliel to your right, with your rival in front of it. Your rival will walk on inside. Follow them. Inside you’ll find Lysandre, the man from before, having an odd conversation with Diantha, a famous movie star. They’ll speak with you and leave in turn.

Your rival will then officially say that they want to compete with you and the rivalry will really begin! There’s nothing else to really do here, so head on out.

After getting a new item, it's a good idea to open your item menu to see what it does.

You can leave the city now if you want, but we may as well keep exploring. Continue along the path and you’ll see a large entrance on your left. Head on in. Talk to the person sitting on the couch to your left inside. They’ll give you the item Quick Claw. Yay!

Head on up to the second floor. There you’ll find a two people in the top-right corner of the room, working at desks opposite each other. Talk to them both. One will give three Timer Balls and the other, three Quick Balls . Once you have them, exit the building.

Just on the opposite side of the road you’ll see another cafe. Head over and enter it. Inside you can find out about cameras. Once you’re done, exit and continue down the path. To your right you’ll see that there’s another street, but you can’t head down this one either, once again due to the blackouts.

Instead; continue on to the last place you can explore in South Boulevard which you’ll see to your left. When you see it, go on and enter. There’s nothing important to do here, but feel free to talk to people. Once you’re done, head back outside. That’s all there is to do in this boulevard! Now, head back to the Pokémon Lab. Let’s head down the avenue opposite it!

Vernal Avenue

Let’s go! You can explore this avenue, but no further. That’s okay though, because there’s a fair bit to do here anyway. Let’s check out all the places on the left side first. Enter the first one that you reach, the Stone Emporium.

Stone Emporium

It’s a shop that sells evolution stones! Awesome! Let’s check out the wares.

Item Cost
Fire Stone 2,100
Water Stone 2,100
Leaf Stone 2,100

For now you probably won’t need any of them, but they could come in handy later on! Anyway, you can also talk to the old man who’s the owner of the store. He’ll offer to sell you a Mega Stone for the measly sum of $1,000,000! Yea right. Once you’re done; head back outside. Head to the shop next door, Herboriste.


Talk to the left person at the counter to buy herbal medicine. Talking to the right person at the counter is for explaining what medicine to use for each situation.

Item Cost
Heal Powder 450
Energy Powder 500
Energy Root 800
Revival Herb 2800

Once you’re ready; head back on out. Move to the next shop, Friseur "Furfrou" IconFurfrou . Once you have a Furfrou in your party, you’re able to visit here and style its pelt for $500 whenever you so wish. Obviously it’s useless at the moment; so head on back out. Head to the last shop on this side of the avenue.

Inside is a cafe for fans of the Furfrou. Nothing much to do there, so once you’re done; head out and we’ll explore the other side of the avenue. Enter Cafe Classe , the cafe opposite you. Inside you can talk with the woman at the counter to hear about what each city is selling in terms of clothing

Once you’re done, head back out and enter the store next door, the last place left to explore in Vernal Avenue. This is the clothing store for the city, Boutique Couture . When you enter, you’ll be greeted and then turned away unless you’ve done certain things in Lumiose City that you’re not able to do just yet.

Oh well. Let’s exit Vernal Avenue and head back to South Boulevard . Turn right and head down the street, to where the exit is to the next town. As you begin to do so, you’ll receive a Holo Clip. It’s Tierno! He’s telling you about all the Pokemon currently in Route 5 ; just where you’re headed to now.

Go through the exit. At the gate you’ll be greeted by a man in a pink suit. He’ll proceed to tell you about O-Powers . You’ll receive the ability to use Attack Power and Defense Power and he will then leave. See the appropriate section if you want more information on O-Powers. Once you’re ready, head to Route 5 .

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