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Sea of Stars

Where to Find the Solstice Shrine Final Door in Sea of Stars

Jarrod Garripoli

You will come across a Solstice Shrine relatively early in your adventure in Sea of Stars, but you won’t be able to do anything about it until a little later. There’s a total of five shrines, with each one offering a puzzle for you to solve. Upon solving the shrine’s puzzle, you will see an image of another door, with one of the lights going off on the door. This page will tell you where to find that final door, as well as guide you through the challenge found inside.

You might have run into this door early on in your adventure.

Where to Find the Solstice Shrine Final Door

While you might have found the final door early in your adventure, you didn’t know what it was for, so you might have forgotten about it. The final door is located in the Mountain Trail dungeon, near the top of the area. You might go check it out prior to finishing the five Solstice Shrines, but that does nothing at all for you, as the door won’t open. So, you will need to complete all of the puzzles in the five Solstice Shrines, which will remove the lock on the door, creating a portal for you. You can visit the following pages for walkthroughs of all the shrines:

Before you go inside that portal, though, it’s a good idea to prepare first, as there is a challenging boss fight. You will want your best equipment for both Zale and Valere, as this boss fight is restricted to those two. That means the Eclipse Armor for one of the two, as well as the next best armor for the other (if you didn’t find the other Eclipse Armor). The Heliacal Earrings for Zale and Moonstone Bracer for Valere should also be equipped. You should also have some good food that restores party’s HP (which will also give some MP back, too). When you’re ready, inspect the portal and choose to go into it.

(1 of 2) You can see the doorway with the orange and blue lights on the Mountain Trail.

You can see the doorway with the orange and blue lights on the Mountain Trail. (left), The door turns into a portal after completing all five Solstice Shrines. (right)

How to Beat the Second Elder Mist Boss in Sea of Stars

The rematch against the Elder Mist does play out similarly to the first battle, but this one is tougher for a few reasons. The first is that you only have Zale and Valere here, so you’re stuck with only two party members. Thankfully, they are two of the best characters in the game, but it’s still a hindrance. The Elder Mist will also have some new attacks to deal with, and the whole sword mechanic from the first battle is still around, meaning you will have to be careful with accidentally attacking the main boss.

All Second Elder Mist’s Attacks in Sea of Stars

The Elder Mist will pretty much use the same attacks from your first battle with him, but will add two new ones into the mix.

  • Sword Active: Counter Slash: You will only see this attack if you attack the main body, while the sword is still active. He will counter with a sword swipe, that hits both characters for about 60 damage.

  • Fist Smash: This is Elder Mist’s normal attack. He will just use his fist to attack a single party member. It will deal about 40 or so damage (when it’s blocked). As with most attacks, you will want to time the button press right before the hit connects with your character.

  • Healing Mist: One of the Elder Mist’s special attack, this is just a single target heal that will have three Locks; the Locks will be different from one another, unlike with Thunder, which is all the same. If he does this on the main body, it’ll heal for around 150 HP, while it’s about 210 HP when done on the sword.

(1 of 5) The Counter Slash is still present in this fight, so go after the sword first.

  • Torblado: A special attack with five Locks. If used, the Elder Mist summons a small tornado in front of him, which sends out gusts of wind that hit one character. It will do upwards of 100+ damage, making this move very dangerous. Breaking the Locks can be a pain, too, if the sword is active, since you’ll then get the Counter Slash attack.

  • Thunder: The other new attack he adds into his repertoire. This is another three-Lock move, but all of the Locks will be the same. The Elder Mist will summon some lightning that hits both characters. Note that there will be two lightning bolts that don’t hit, then the third is the one that will hit. Time your block right after the second lightning disappears. Unblocked, it will deal around 45-50 damage.

Strategy for the Second Elder Mist Boss in Sea of Stars

Yes, this will be a challenging boss rematch, since you will only have Zale and Valere. That means you won’t be able to delay the boss’s turns at all, which is a powerful factor in trying to eliminate their powerful moves. You will also have a problem with trying to break the Locks here, since you get a counter if the sword is still active. The Counter Slash can actually hurt a lot here, too, since it will do around 60 damage to each character, and you’re a character short in this battle.

That means you will need to eat some of the special skills, since you want to focus on the sword to get rid of it. Of course, the sword can be revived, but you usually have a few rounds before that happens. Also, there is a little trick you can use to damage both the boss and the sword at the same time. Any attack that does splash damage won’t trigger the counter, if you make the sword the primary target. As an example, use Sunball so the cursor isn’t blink while it’s on the sword. It will damage both targets, and you won’t receive that counter. Valere’s Crescent Arc works like this, too, but Moonerang does not. You have to see the blinking cursor on the Elder Mist for this to work like this.

(1 of 3) You will still have to contend with the sword being revived multiple times.

Survival is pretty key to winning this battle, so saving your Combo Points for Mending Light might be the best situation. Every attack from the Elder Mist is pretty important, and learning the timings for blocks can also be the difference between a successful run or not. Torblado is the most damaging move of the bunch, although it only hits a single character. Thunder is the next worse move, but it’s not too difficult to actually time the block for it. Managing those two moves, as well as your own health (and even MP), will be your biggest problems.

You also have Healing Mist, but that shouldn’t really be too much of a problem, as your damage should be outclassing it. Note that the Elder Mist will be weak to both Sun and Moon damage, which includes your boosted normal attacks. Also, don’t forget about Valere’s Lunar Shield skill. Not only is it a heal, but a casting of it will negate one attack, although it only blocks a single hit of Torblado.

For winning the fight, you will unlock the Elder Dissed trophy/achievement, as well as receive Zale’s ultimate weapon (Sun Blade) and Valere’s ultimate weapon (Moon Bo).

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