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Nathan Garvin

There are three categories of character creation worth mentioning as far as this guide is concerned: Attributes, Skills and Aptitude. One should hope you’ll be able to figure out the Appearance and Name bits by yourself. Check out the relevant links if you want in-depth character creation information, but our personal build is as follows:

Attributes Rating
Strength Average
Dexterity Average
Intelligence High
Perception High
Charm High
Temperament Average

Once you’re done assigning your attributes you’ll move on to your skills, which like attributes are organized into groups of related attributes. Unlike attributes, however, the skill categories actually serve a purpose, as you’ll initially invest points into skill categories, not individual skills. Once a skill hits 50, that skill will no longer improve when you invest in the category as a whole, but you’ll be able to start investing in said skill directly.

For example, with this build you should start out with the following Dialogue skills: Persuade 20, Lie 13 and Intimidate 13, and as you invest points into the Dialogue skill group all three skills will increase. When Persuade hits 50 it will no longer increase when you invest points into the Dialogue skill group, but Lie and Intimidate (which both should be 43 by the time Persuade hits 50) will still both gain points until they, too hit 50. Suffice to say, it’s relatively easy to become competent in many skills, but difficult to master any of them.

At the start of the game you’ll be able to invest two points into skill categories, which will increase all grouped skills by 10. When you level up in the future you’ll gain 10 skill points to distribute, but these will only increase skill groups or individual skills by 1 each.

We invest these initial skill points into Dialogue and Stealth, as this will help us navigate dialogue, access loot and stealthily dispatch foes. Our starting skills are as follows:

Skills Starting Score
1-Handed Melee 6
2-Handed Melee 6
Handguns 13
Long Guns 20
Heavy Weapons 13
Dodge 13
Block 6
Persuade 30
Lie 23
Intimidate 23
Sneak 16
Hack 30
Lockpick 23
Medical 13
Science 20
Engineering 13
Inspiration 13
Determination 13

Finally, and least importantly are your Aptitudes, which are mostly just flavor allowing you to pick a background for your character. These typically increase a skill by one point, reduce some damage type by 3%, or increase food or drink duration by 3%.

Aptitude Effect
“No Discernible Aptitude” Determination +1
Beverage Service Technician Drink Effect Duration +3%
Bureaucrat, Rank 0 Block +1
Cashier, Sub-Grade, Non-Supervisory Persuade +1
Construction, Electrician Class, Wire Spooler Shock Damage Received -3%
Elevator Operations Specialist Engineering +1
Factory Worker, Conveyor Operator Dodge +1
Farmer, Dirt N-ray Damage Received -3%
Food Additive Tester Food Effect Duration +3%
Janitor, Sanitation Class Corrosion Damage Received -3%
Tossable Team Mascot Inspiration +1
Medical Technician, Junior Grade Medical +1
Safety Inspector Plasma Damage Received -3%
Scientist Assistant, Level 0, Class A Science +1
Sub Sous Chef 1-Handed Melee +1

That’s it! All that’s left is to customize the appearance of your humanoid popsicle, give them a name, and get started with the game!


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