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First Published: 25-10-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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The Outer Worlds Guide

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Side Quests

A Family Matter

Quest Information
Location:Monarch - Stellar Bay
How to Start:Talk to Agnes Needham

Near the southeastern gate you’ll find Agnes Needham, who has… quite an active imagination when it comes to the perils of Monarch and her son’s susceptibility to them. Seems Agnes’ son ran away in search of adventure and… isn’t she kind of old to have a young kid? Whatever, she’ll blame the Iconoclast’s broadcasts for filling her son’s head with nonsense and causing him to go to Amber Heights. She’ll tell you a bit about the Iconoclasts, Amber Heights and if you agree to help her with her son you’ll start this quest.

To advance this quest you’ll need to head to Amber Heights, which is south of Stellar Bay. Once at Amber Heights, head to the northern end of the town and enter a building to the west, where you’ll find Tucker Needham, Agnes’ son. He drank that Iconoclast kool-aid something fierce - Agnes was right about the effect those broadcasts had, for sure. If you talk to him more, and his naivete and the specific nature of his complaints certainly make it sound like he’s more rebelling against and over-protective mother than corporate structure. Real Seymour Skinner, here.

To get Tucker to go face his mommy you'll need to pass a dialogue check.Failing that, you can help him convince his mother that he's deador just make him dead and take his ring to fabricate whatever story you wish to tell Agnes.

Pick the dialogue option "Tucker? You’re Agnes’s 'little boy' from Stellar Bay?", which will send him into a tissy. He won’t go back willingly, and trying to force him will only end in violence. The other Iconoclasts don’t seem keen to defend him, but if you kill Tucker you’ll gain a bit of negative reputation with the Iconoclasts anyways. You can then loot him for Tucker Needham’s Ring - "For my Tuck-Tuck", how embarrassing - and return to Agnes. You can pick a [Lie 1] option to tell her he’s dead and that you found his body, something the ring will help validate. This will get you 625 Bits from Agnes and complete the quest. If you tell her "Tucker attacked me. I killed him in defense." you’ll get no monetary reward, although it is a bit ironic that in this case her over-protectiveness led to Tucker’s demise…

Alternatively you can pick the option "So what do you want to do about it? She’ll keep sending people to look for you.", followed by "You want to fake your own death to avoid talking to your mother?" and "If we do this, I’d need some proof that it was your body I found." to get Tucker’s ring, after which you can return to Agnes in Stellar Bay and convince her that Tucker died on the road, or just tell her the truth - that Tucker ran away and would rather fake his own death than deal with her. Either way, the reward is the same - 625 Bits. The only differences between this option and the previous is that Tucker doesn’t die (obviously) and you’ll gain positive Iconoclast reputation rather than negative Iconoclast reputation.

Finally, you can succeed at an [Intimidate 35] or [Persuade 55] check to convince him to go back. If you use Intimidate you can go back to Agnes and, after you get paid say "Now that I’ve got the money, you can go, Tucker." to free Tucker - an opportunity he’ll take advantage of. Picking Persuade is far less contentious, but also doesn’t give him an easy out, and it’s doubtful he’ll find the spine to actually talk to his mom about it. Oh well. However you do it, if you make Tucker go back to Stellar Bay you’ll gain positive MSI reputation and, of course 625 Bits from Agnes.

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