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The Outer Worlds


Nathan Garvin
Trophy/Achievement Overview .
Missable Trophies/Achievements: 11* - Everybody Likes Me, Flawed Hero, Anything for a Friend, All for One, SubLight to the End, Peace in Our Time, Monarch Abides, Dentastic, Mightier than the Sword, Ludwig was Right, Sunburn
Online Trophies/Achievements: None
Difficulty Trophies/Achievements: Game must be completed on Supernova difficulty
Number of Playthroughs: 1.5 (2.5 recommended)

*Many trophies/achievements are technically “missable”, but you almost have to go out of your way to miss most of them, save the eleven listed above. Randomly killing named NPCs or saving over your only save past the point of no return (Brave New World) are likely the ways you’ll miss any trophies/achievements not listed above.

The Outer Worlds Platinum Trophy

You’ll earn this trophy when you collect every other trophy.

The Outer Worlds

This trophy/achievement will pop when you finish the quest Brave New World on any difficulty.


This trophy/achievement will pop when you finish the quest Brave New World on Hard difficulty. You cannot change the difficulty from Hard at any point during the playthrough to earn this. If you complete the game in Supernova difficulty, you’ll also earn this trophy.

Enemies in Hard difficulty have more health and deal more damage, which can make the beginning of the game a bit trickier. Still, you can save at any time and enemies have aggro territories beyond which they won’t chase you. That being the case, it’s not too hard to sneak up on a group of foes, perform a sneak attack, finish off an enemy with your current clip and/or TTD, then run away and wait for your health to regenerate before returning to pick off another. If you flee without killing a foe, expect injured enemies to very quickly regain all their lost health - killing a foe each assault is imperative.

Making use of elemental weapons will make things much easier:

  • Plasma weapons are good against lightly armored foes (most marauders, save ringleaders) and creatures (save mantids).
  • Shock weapons are good against automechanicals.
  • Corrosive weapons are good against automechanicals, heavily armored foes (marauder ringleaders, corporate troopers).
  • n-ray deals less damage, but ignores armor, and is effective against pretty much everything save automechanicals - when used in confined areas against massed enemies the area-of-effect n-ray damage can quickly wipe out entire groups of foes.

That said, once you get a few levels under your belt and companions at your side, the game becomes much easier. In fact, in our humble opinion, the game is best played on Hard difficulty, as challenge can be somewhat… lacking, on lower difficulties. Once you make it out of Emerald Vale (the first area in the game) and have leveled your Stealth, Dialog and Tech skills some, you should be able to pass skill checks to solve most quests, rendering combat difficulty somewhat moot.

Enemies on Supernova difficulty have roughly the same stats as on Hard difficulty, making this good practice for a future Supernova difficulty run.


This trophy/achievement will pop when you finish the quest Brave New World on Supernova difficulty. You cannot change the difficulty from Supernova at any point during the playthrough to earn this.

The game’s hardest difficulty, it blends the combat of Hard difficulty with some light survival elements, including the need to rest off injuries, manage Hunger, Thirst and Sleep Deprivation meters, deal with restrictions on saving and fast travel, and permanent companion death. These issues will be discussed in depth below:

Save Restrictions: In the case of saving, you can only manually save on the Unreliable, but the game also regularly makes autosaves when you zone in and out of areas. You can use this to your advantage by saving your progress in some areas by just leaving and returning, which significantly reduces Supernova’s difficulty. In fact, the only time the restricted saves really become an issue are on Monarch, where you’ve got long stretches of wilderness full of hostile wildlife to traverse without the benefit of fast travel. Still, you can use Stellar Bay, Amber Heights, Fallbrook and Devil’s Peak to zone in and out for autosaves.

Fast Travel Restrictions: Like saving, fast travel is really only an issue on Monarch, as most of the other areas in the game are relatively small, and giving you a way to fast travel to the safety of the Unreliable is actually pretty generous. Yes, this does inevitably mean more running about, but since most foes can be run past without much issue, it really just adds a bit more tedium to a normal playthrough… especially on Monarch.

Hunger, Thirst and Sleep: On Supernova difficulty you’ll need to manage three meters - Hunger, Thirst and Sleep Deprivation. You can replenish your Hunger bar by eating (Carbohydrates and Meats), you can ward off Thirst by drinking (Caffeine Drinks and Sugary Drinks) and you can stave off Sleep Deprivation by sleeping on board the Unreliable - other beds are unusable in this mode.

Honestly, this was only an issue for us for around the first thirty minutes of the game. Once you explore around Edgewater you should have enough food and water stockpiled for quite a while. Just try not to idle too much, or waste too much time sleeping (anything more than healing injuries of dealing with Sleep Deprivation is a waste of resources). Looting thoroughly and stealing is also helpful, and when absolutely necessary you can buy more food and water from vending machines.

Injuries: Some attacks will damage your limbs, potentially crippling you. When you suffer such an injury, you’ll just need to return to the Unreliable and sleep it off.

Companion Death: If a companion falls in combat, they’re dead for good, which effectively should force a reload. Since companions aren’t terribly smart nor sturdy, this was our top cause of reloading, and frankly, you should just avoid quests that are likely to get your companions killed. Trying to get them to navigate traps or deal with multiple, prolonged engagements is a recipe for trouble (the quests Space-Crime Continuum and Canid’s Cradle come to mind). Other than that, we had good results giving them the heaviest armor we could fine, setting their distance to “Far”, their weapon to “Ranged” and putting a Heavy Machine Gun or Light Machine Gun in their hands. Buying them perks that increase their health and reduce their aggros also help, but they shouldn’t be relied upon, and whenever possible you should be the one leading the charge in combat. Between your inhaler and just not being a complete dunderhead like your companion AI, you’ve got a much better chance at surviving any fight, and if you draw aggro, so do your companions.

As with Hard difficulty, Supernova is most difficult at the beginning. Once you get to the Unreliable, you’ve cleared a significant hurdle, as you can now manually save and sleep on board the ship (at first a cot in the cargo room will have to suffice). Some general pointers follow:

  • Invest your attribute points in Intelligence, Perception and Temperament. Melee combat is not advised, nor should you be terribly concerned with maxing out faction reputation, so you don’t need Strength, Dexterity or Charm above Average.
  • Travel to Edgewater and steal/loot food and drinks. The items gained from Edgewater should be sufficient to see you through the quests in Emerald Vale.
  • Get Parvati ASAP - companion permadeath is a chore, but the extra firepower will help… not to mention their skill point boosts.
  • Invest in Stealth, Tech and Dialog trees - talking your way out combat is a far safer and faster option than fighting.
  • Quests will give you much more XP than combat. In Supernova, you shouldn’t be trying to do and see everything, but you should go out of your way to complete side quests and tasks that are relatively safe and easy. If it can be resolved with skill checks, it should be. The levels will help you earn more skill points, and give you a competitive edge when you do have to fight.
  • Related to the above point, but play both Phineas and the Board. More quests means more XP. There’s no reason not to do the Board quests to get to Byzantium faster, earn more XP and Bits, and give you more options for resolving quests down the line.
  • You can run past most foes without having to fight them. This is especially true on Monarch, where you absolutely do not want to deal with every raptidon, mantid and marauder in your path.
  • That said, raptidons are actually a fine source of meat.
  • Once you complete Radio Free Wasteland and/or Signal Point in Space, you should be all but done with the game. There’s absolutely no good reason why you should have to fight anything after that point - skill checks should get you past the rest of the foes.
  • With the following skills: Persuade 80, Lie 80, Intimidate 50, Hack 50, Lockpick 100 and Inspiration 60, the Armor Master perk, the Chimaera outfit and Vicar Max and S.A.M. companions, you shouldn’t have to fight anything during the quests Kept Secret But Not Forgotten and Brave New World.

Best Friend

You’ll gain this trophy/achievement after recruiting your first companion. This should be Parvati, who can be recruited in Edgewater, just accept her offer to join you.

The Harder They Fall

Mega creatures are uncommon at the beginning of the game, but they’re by no means limited - you should find them in abundance on Monarch. The earliest you can get this trophy/achievement, however, is actually in Emerald Vale. Just kill the Mega Sprat under the Edgewater Landing Pad. Failing that, you’ll certainly earn this on Monarch - there should be numerous Mega creatures along the northern end of the map, specifically in and around the Sulfur Pits area.

Got Your Back

To perform companion abilities you’ll need two things: companions (obviously) and a base Inspiration skill score of 20+. Once you have both of these preconditions met, companion abilities will be assigned to the LEFT and RIGHT buttons on the D-Pad when they’re in your party. Just aim at an enemy and press the correct button to get them to attack. Based on the relative strengths of your companions and your foes, this may or may not kill them, and the best way to earn this trophy/achievement is just to use companion abilities regularly throughout the game. If you need to grind it later, take a high level party to Emerald Vale and clear out the low-level marauders and primals. They’ll respawn if given enough time.

Silver Tongue

While technically missable, the thought of going the entire game without passing thirty dialogue checks is nigh unfathomable, considering how many easy, throwaway checks you can pass. If you’re being diligent, you should get this sometime around Monarch, but you can speed the process up by allowing your cover to fall while using the Holographic Shroud, then passing dialogue checks when caught by a guard.

Poor Sportsmanship

Shooting enemies in the groin during TTD shouldn’t be something you do enough on accident to earn this trophy, and even trying intentionally with TTD it can be kind of a hit-and-miss affair. Pun intended. To make this easier to pull off, keep an eye on the text below your reticle during TTD, as it lists the context-sensitive status effect your shot can inflicted based on where you’re aiming. If you’re truly aiming at the groin, it should say “Weaken” on screen. You can’t account for enemies moving, but at least you can ensure you’re on target when you fire. You can easily grind this out in Emerald Vale, perhaps with a plasma weapon to also make progress on “We All Fall Down”.

Upgrades Available

This shouldn’t be too difficult to get naturally. When you find a weapon you want, tinker with it a few times to boost its stats (within reason - we tended to not spend more than 300 Bits on Tinkering in until we had end-game weapons and armor) and perhaps use the odd elemental mods to create weapons suited towards specific foes. Just by climbing the weapon tiers, this should make you significant progress. If you don’t have it by late game, save your game, invest any extra points in Science (respec if you have to) then just go nuts tinkering with weapons and armor until this trophy/achievement pops. If you need more money, you can always go killing foes on Monarch.

Never Seen

Sneak attacks require you to have a base Sneak skill score of 20+, and since they’re such a fine way to start a fight, you should get in the habit of using them early on. If you don’t manage to get this naturally during your playthrough, return to Emerald Vale late in the game with a high-powered rifle (Hunting Rifle Ultra or Dead Eye Assault Rifle II) and start picking off primals and marauders. They’ll respawn if given enough time.

Short Circuit

Not technically missable, since automechanicals respawn on Monarch, these kills via respawn are relatively slow going, so you should ideally be working on this throughout the game. Complete the quest Die, Robot in Emerald Vale and you should get a Mag-2-Zap, with which you can modify a weapon to deal shock damage. Use this to clear out the automechanicals in the Geothermal Power Plant and you’ll have made a fine start on this. Just keep a shock weapon on hand (upgrading new weapons with Mag-2-Zap as necessary) and kill any automechanicals you find with it and you should end up with this trophy sooner or later.

This trophy/achievement - like most others - seems to stack between playthroughs, so you can save your game, clear an area of automechanicals, save on a new slot, reload the original save and clear out the automechanicals, then save again on a new slot. Repeat until you get this trophy/achievement.

We All Fall Down

To “turn 100 enemies to ash with plasma damage”, you just need to kill a lot of foes with plasma weapons. Mag-2-Power is one of the cheapest, earliest elemental mods you can get, and there’s no good reason to not mod a weapon with plasma early and use it on everything that’s not an automechanical, mantid, or heavily armored for (marauder ringleaders and corporate troopers). If you don’t get this naturally, just return to Emerald Vale late game and start killing primals and marauders with plasma weapons. They’ll respawn if given enough time.

Tossball All Star

Pretty straight-forward, just bludgeon foes to death with tossball sticks or tossball blockers (tier one or tier two variants both work fine) until you get this trophy. If you’re not particularly keen on melee combat, just keep one stashed away until late-game, then take it out, return to Emerald Vale, and bash the low-level marauders and primals there until this trophy/achievement pops. No particular investment in melee skills is required, and the enemies in Emerald Vale will respawn if given enough time.

Everything Must Go

Pretty self-explanatory, selling 10,000 Bits worth of items is something you’ll likely manage to do over the course of the game, but you shouldn’t expect it to go fast. Even tier two weapons and armor only tends to sell for 50 - 100 Bits, and you’ll likely want to keep some of them for your own personal use, or to break down into weapon/armor parts. Over the course of a normal playthrough, selling junk regularly (both subjectively and the objective in-game category designated as junk) should get you there eventually.

Everybody Likes Me

This one actually takes some doing, but not as much as you might expect. First, the ease of this trophy/achievement is partially dependent upon your Charm attribute. The higher your Charm, the most positive reputation you’ll gain over the course of the game, making it easy to hit that 75% threshold. If your Charm isn’t maxed by default, you can temporarily boost it before earning reputation (usually before turning in quests) by drinking Alcohol.

There are nine factions in the game - five primary factions (Groundbreaker, Iconoclasts, Monarch Stellar Industries, SubLight Salvage and Shipping and The Board) and four secondary factions (Auntie Cleo, C&P Boarst Factory, Deserters and Spacer’s Choice), some of which are at odds. While you can gain some positive reputation during dialogue, the vast majority of positive reputation will come from resolving quests in a favorable manner for members of each faction. If you complete most of the quests for each faction (see below) you should gain over 75% positive reputation provided you have at least an average Charm score or higher.

There’s no good reason you can’t have both Spacer’s Choice and Deserters above 75% by the time you leave Emerald Vale at the beginning of the game, and helping out on the Groundbreaker should be enough to earn you this trophy. If not, you can earn positive reputation with Auntie Cleo by completing the quests on Roseway in ways that benefit said Auntie Cleo characters… which typically means you won’t sell the stuff they want to Gladys on Groundbreaker. Completing quests for Monarch’s two primary factions - the Iconoclasts and MSI - should also make it fairly easy to raise your positive reputation with them.

Despite the inherent conflicts between many factions, it’s quite possible to have 75%+ positive reputation with all the game’s factions without having 20%+ negative reputation with any of them.

A list of quests that boost reputation with the game’s various factions is listed below:

Reputation Influencing Quests .
Auntie Cleo By His Bootstraps, The Amateur Alchemist, The Doom that Came to Roseway, Vulcan’s Hammer
Deserters A Few Kindred Spirits, Comes Now the Power, The Frightened Engineer
Groundbreaker Happiness is a Warm Spaceship, Solution Vital, The Silent Voices, Who Goes There?
Iconoclasts Canid’s Cradle, Little Memento, Odd Jobs, Sucker Bait, The Commuter
MSI A Family Matter, BOLT with His Name, Canid’s Cradle, Errors Unseen, Flowers for Sebastian, Herrick’s Handwork, Mr. Pickett’s Biggest Game, Passion Pills, The Grimm Tomorrow, The Secret People, The Stainless Steel Rat
Spacer’s Choice A Small Grave Matter, Comes Now the Power, Die, Robot, Fistful of Digits, The Long Tomorrow
SubLight Slaughterhouse Clive, Space-Crime Continuum, Spratkings, The Chimerist’s Last Experiment, The Ice Palace
The Board Balance Due, Foundation, Kept Secret But Not Forgotten, Long Distance, Signal Point in Space, The Long Tomorrow, The Demolished Woman, The Puppet Masters

Destroyer of Worlds

Much easier than its counterpart, “Everybody Likes Me”, this trophy/achievement can be earned by getting 75% negative reputation with three factions. You earn negative reputation by completing quests in ways faction-related characters don’t like, but more universally, by getting caught stealing, or by killing members of said faction. When you want this trophy/achievement, just save your game and go on a good old fashioned killing spree. Terrorize enough factions and you’ll get your trophy/achievement.


Flaws will pop up as you play the game and various, hidden conditions are met - usually taking damage from specific sources. When a flaw pops up you’ll be told what the flaw is, and what its effects are, and you’ll be given the choice to accept the flaw and it’s penalties in exchange for an extra perk. If you decline a flaw you won’t gain any of the penalties, nor will you gain the extra perk, but once accept a flaw is permanent. For this trophy you’ll need to accept three flaws, which should happen naturally as you play the game. The easiest flaws to weather, in our opinion, are ones that give you stat penalties when fighting various enemies, especially primals (Pitecophobia), canids (cynophobia), mantids (herpetophobia) and raptidons (raptiphobia). The penalties are relatively mild, situation, and do not apply to any of the strongest enemies in the game (only humanoid and automechanical foes go much over level twenty or so).

To get any of these aforementioned flaws, just fight - and take damage from - these aforementioned creatures until the flaw appears. Once have have three flaws, you’ll get this trophy.

Not the Best Choice

A fairly self-explanatory trophy/achievement, you’ll need to wear gear made by Spacer’s Choice in your armor, helmet and four weapon slots. You can see what company made an item by looking under the item’s name in your inventory. Fortunately for you, Spacer’s Choice is pretty prolific, and you can just about get everything you need by picking up and storing choice items during your first few quests in the game. After all, Edgewater is a Spacer’s Choice settlement. In fact, you start out wearing a Hibernation Suit (made by Spacer’s Choice) and most of the common, early-game weapons you’ll find - Light Assault Rifle, Light Machinegun, Light Pistol, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Sentry Saber, Telescoping Staff and Trip-Blade - are all Spacer’s Choice weapons. It’s not an exaggeration to say that by the time you leave the Unreliable for the first time, you could be only missing a helmet.

Should you not have been diligent about keeping these arms and armor, never fear - running through Emerald Vale again at a later date and killing any marauders that may have respawned will likely get you some - if not all - of the weapons you need. In addition to a murder rampage across Emerald Vale, you can probably buy every item you need for this trophy from Julius Moreau, the proprietor of the general store in Edgewater. Failing that, you can buy more Spacer’s Choice gear from various merchants around Halcyon, including Martin Callahan and Ike Kristiansen (Groundbreaker), from Zeng Shuren (Monarch - Stellar Bay) or from Duncan Elley (Monarch - Fallbrook). Once you have one piece of gear for each equipment slot, equip them all at the same time to score this trophy/achievement.

A list of various Spacer’s Choice gear can be found below:

Chest Head Melee Weapons Ranged Weapons
Hibernation Suit Defective MoonMan Helmet Axe Light Assault Rifle
Laboratory Outfit, Splash Resistant Eye Covering, Standard Blad on Stik Light Machinegun
Researcher’s Scrubs Hemlock’s Eyepatch Hatchet Light Pistol
Light Work Gear, Grade 1 Hibernation Helmet Impact Hammer Ol’ Reliable
Light Work Gear, Grade 2 Lab Protective Monocle Pickaxe Peacekeeper
Light Work Gear, Grade 3 Mining Helmet, Grade I Raptiprod Revolver
Medium Work Gear, Grade 1 MoonMan Helmet Sentry Sabre Salvager’s Helper
Medium Work Gear, Grade 2 Precision Spectrum Magnification Mono-Lens Shears Sawed-Off Shotgun
Worker Outfit Researcher’s Mask Shovel
Soft Speaker
Telescoping Staff
Tossball Blocker
Tossball Stick

Well Dressed

For this trophy/achievement you’ll need to wear A Nice Hat and Chimaera at the same time.

To get A Nice Hat you’ll need to search a church in the ruins south of Stellar Bay on Monarch. Behind the altar you’ll find a skeleton in an alcove, on the skull of which rests A Nice Hat.

To acquire Chimaera you’ll need to complete the quest Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel.

Level 30

Pretty self-explanatory, to earn this trophy/achievement you’ll need to hit level thirty. Enemies in outdoor wilderness areas (Emerald Vale, Roseway, Monarch) respawn give enough time, and there’s more than enough quests to reach level thirty. If you’re enough of a completionist to look up a trophy/achievement guide, you’ll probably earn this trophy/achievement during the course of a normal (albeit extensive) playthrough. If you find yourself needing more XP by the end of the game, go run around killing critters on Monarch.

Anything for a Friend

This trophy/achievement merely requires you to complete one companion quest, which, if you’re following the guide chronologically, will probably be The Illustrated Manual. A list of companion quests follows (excluding those that require the completion of a previous companion quest, as being irrelevant for the purpose of this trophy/achievement):

Elemental Maelstrom

Easy to explain, somewhat more laborious to actually do, this trophy/achievement requires you to kill an enemy that was hit with all five damage types. These include physical, plasma, shock, corrosive and n-ray. Physical damage is the default damage of most weapons, while a few inherently deal elemental damage, like the Bolter Pistol (plasma), Flamethrower (plasma), Inferno Scythe (plasma), Plasma Cutter (plasma), Plasma Launcher (plasma), Plasma Rifle (plasma), Pulse Hammer (plasma), Security Blade (shock), Shock Cannon (shock), Stun Baton (shock) and Officer’s Spine (corrosive)… and that’s not even counting rare weapons!

Despite this, your best bet is to acquire mods to create your own custom weapons. These include Mag-2-Power (plasma), Mag-2-Zap (shock), Mag-2-Melt (corrosive), and Mag-2-Ray (n-ray). Of these, the Mag-2-Power and Mag-2-Zap mods are fairly common and relatively cheap, but Mag-2-Melt mods probably won’t start dropping or being stocked in stores until your level is in the late teens (we found them somewhat regularly on Monarch) while Mag-2-Ray mods come even later still, around level twenty (we typically only found these in the last few story missions).

If you can’t get a drop, buying a Mag-2-Melt will set you back 4,000 Bits while a Mag-2-Ray will cost you 8,000 Bits, before any reputation-based vendor discounts, of course. Technically any weapons merchant should be able to sell these, along with numerous vending machines, but you’ll likely only get a discount from the former, and when several thousand Bits are at stake, it’s a very welcome discount, indeed. We had a good bit of luck shopping at Belle’s Shells on Groundbreaker, but this could well just be subjective. If your merchants/vending machines aren’t giving you what you want, go rest on the Unreliable for a few days and try again.

Once you have an elemental weapon of each type and a non-elemental weapon in your inventory, find a foe with a sufficient amount of health (something sturdy like a Mantiqueen, for example), shoot it with each weapon, then swap out for the physical weapon and kill it with that and the trophy/achievement should pop when the afflicted critter dies. The target does not need to be under the effects of any elemental damage over time for this to work, just as long as it took some damage (look for those color-coordinated numbers!) from each damage type. You could split up the weapons among your companions, but we found this less troublesome when we just kept our companions on the bench - any time you have to rely on companion competence for a trophy/achievement is… less than ideal.

Patient N

While technically this trophy/achievement is more complicated than just going out and killing enemies with n-ray damage until it unlocks… in practical terms you should just go out and kill enemies with n-ray damage until it unlocks. Getting the n-ray damage is the real trick, as you probably won’t see an Mag-2-Ray mod drop until the last few main story missions, while they can be purchased (for a whopping 8,000 Bits) from merchants around level twenty. As for finding n-ray weapons, only The Candy Cane and Phin’s Phorce natively deal n-ray damage, and unless you want to wait until rather late in the game, mods are your best bet.

Once you have a proper n-ray weapon, just return to Emerald Vale and start picking off weak enemies with your shiny new n-ray weapon until this trophy/achievement pops. Obviously if you get an n-ray weapon earlier, just using it regularly should be preferable to grinding.


Few, if any skills warrant you getting them to a natural 100, and certainly none before the very end of the game. Companions and armor should supplement otherwise middling skill investments. Don’t worry about this trophy/achievement, and when you get to the end of the game (the quests Kept Secret But Not Forgotten or Brave New World are active) save your game, use the Vocational Competence Respecification Machine on board the Unreliable, set a skill to 100, confirm, and enjoy your trophy/achievement.

Jack of All Trades

This trophy/achievement can be a bit of a chore, honestly. First, you need to be strong enough to one-hit-kill an enemy with a science weapon (which are typically low-damage weapons) sneak attack (you need a base Sneak score of at least 20+) during TTD, with a weakspot critical hit (whatever weapon you’re using will need a base skill score of 40+).

This is another trophy/achievement you’ll be better off waiting for. Just play the game normally, forget about it, and when you’re higher level and have more resources at your disposal (and a power imbalance between your protagonist and the weaklings around Emerald Vale) you can consider getting this.

As for preparation, you’ll want the Prismatic Hammer science weapon (check out the quest Weapons From the Void for more information about this) and make sure your 2-Handed Melee skill score is 40+ so you “Unlock TTD Location Hit Effects” and Sneak skill score is 20+ so you unlock sneak attacks. The damage/sneak attack damage boosts won’t hurt, either, and tinkering with the Prismatic Hammer is also a good idea - anything to boost the damage will make this easier.

Once you have those skills and the Prismatic Hammer equipped, return to Emerald Vale, sneak up to a marauder, activate TTD and kill them to unlock this trophy/achievement.

Well Balanced Breakfast

As you explore Halcyon with your sticky fingers, you should come across a variety of foodstuffs, which are broken down into crude categories: Meat (increases Base Health by 25%), Carbohydrates (+200% Health Regen), Sugary Drinks (Body Attributes +1), Caffeine Drinks (Mind Attributes +1) and Alcohol (Personality Attributes +1). When equipped on the Inhaler tab in your inventory, then used via said inhaler you’ll gain the aforementioned buffs for a period of time. All the drinks have a duration of one minute, while the meat lasts two minutes and the carbohydrates last a mere twenty seconds.

To get this trophy/achievement you’ll need to have all five of the aforementioned inhaler buffs active at once, so just equip these substances via your inhaler menu in the order of their durations (Meat, drinks, Carbohydrates) and use them in that order. Note that you always have to have a dose of Adreno equipped in your inhaler, which serves as the “base” for the inhaler, so you’ll need one Adreno for each use of the inhaler. This can be anywhere from two to five doses. Also note that you unlock a new consumable slot for the inhaler when you Medical skill score hits 20, 40 and 80 - the more consumables you can equip at once, the fewer uses this will take, and you must have at least unlocked the second consumable slot at Medical skill 20+, as the aforementioned Adreno always consumes one slot.

For our part, we just saved up skill points, saved our game, boosted our Medical score to 80, threw three consumables into our inhaler, used it, tossed in the remaining two necessary components, inhaled again, then reloaded when the trophy/achievement popped.

Mad Scientist

For this trophy/achievement you’ll need at least four science weapons (see the quest Weapons From the Void) which is a task in itself. Once you have these, you’ll need to kill an enemy afflicted by four different science weapons at the same time. Most science weapon effects don’t have a terribly long duration, so a bit of luck and trial-and-error may be necessary for this. Also, given the short duration of the effects of science weapons you’ll need to balance a number of variables, including enemy strength/health and your own damage output - the enemy must be strong enough to survive while you apply all four statuses, but not too strong that you can’t kill them quick enough. Worst of all, you’ll need to rely on companions to inflict these science weapon effects in a timely manner.

So, yeah. No sense in sugar coating it, it’s a chore, and you’ll need to be patient and keep trying.

We unlocked it by equipping the Mandibular Rearranger on one companion and the Prismatic Hammer on another. Our main character was armed with the Gloop Gun and Shrink Ray. Both companions were set to “Close” distance, “Melee” weapon and “Aggressive” mode. Getting them to both attack the right foe at the same time can (optimistically) be done by tagging said enemy by looking at it and pressing UP on the D-Pad. For the actual foes, we were playing on Hard difficult with level thirty characters while scouring Monarch. The trophy/achievement finally popped around the third group of foes, specifically a Mantisaur Soldier that everything just… fell into place while fighting.

Our Science skill score was only 40~ at the time (for the COMPETENT skill unlock) and our weapon skills were both very low (20 or so in Ranged skills for the NOVICE skill unlock), and we didn’t have either the Weird Science or Wild Science perks.

Impossible Mission

Far from being impossible, this trophy/achievement is downright mundane, assuming you’ve got decent Dialog skill scores. To earn this, you need merely have the Holographic Shroud (found in the captain’s quarters on board the Unreliable after Comes Now the Power), an ID cartridge, and a restricted area for you to use said Holographic Shroud and ID cartridge. The earliest time in the game for this is during your first visit to the Groundbreaker, where a Mardet ID Cartridge will allow you to infiltrate the restricted guard station overseen by Comdt. Sanita.

With all these things taken care of, you need merely wander around until your cover fails (the purple bar of your Holographic Shroud depletes - which is done by merely walking around in a restricted zone while cloaked). When your disguise falls, get caught by a guard and you’ll be able to get out of trouble by passing a dialogue check (either Persuade, Lie or Intimidate). Do this three times without leaving the restricted zone (the difficulty of the dialogue checks increases each time) to get this trophy/achievement. You probably won’t need Dialog skill scores higher than 60~ for this.

All for One

You’ll need to complete all the companion quests in the game to earn this trophy/achievement, which naturally means you’ll have to recruit every companion (see “All for One”, below). These quests include:

It’s worth noting some of these quests (The Cleaning Machine, The Illustrated Manual and Worst Contact) are required to recruit said companion in the first place. You’ll know you’re done with a companions questline when you unlock a character-specific perk for them. Clear the list, above, and you should get this trophy/achievement.

One for All

There are six possible companions you can recruit in The Outer Worlds:

  • Parvati: She’ll offer to join you during the quest Comes Now the Power after talking to Reed Tobson. When you acquire the Power Regulator and return to the Unreliable, allow her to permanently join your crew to keep her.

  • Vicar Max: Talk to Vicar Max in Edgewater’s church and accept his quest The Illustrated Manual. After you complete it, he’ll offer to join you when you secure passage out of Emerald Vale, appearing on the Unreliable after you acquire a Power Regulator during Comes Now the Power, although he won’t technically be usable until you actually leave Emerald Vale for the first time.

  • Felix: As soon as you land on Groundbreaker, talk to Felix, who is being chastised by a mardet and a corporate trooper for an act of violent insubordination. Take care of your business on the Groundbreaker (talk to Udom Bedford to get your ship out of impound) then return to the Unreliable to find Felix waiting for you. Allow him to join your crew.

  • Ellie: You’ll find Ellie arguing with Dr. Mfuru in the Sick Bay on the Groundbreaker. Talk to her to start the quest Worst Contact - complete this quest and Ellie will offer to join your crew.

  • SAM: Investigate a maintenance closet on the Unreliable, just up the stairs from the captain’s quarters to find the deactivated SAM. This should start the quest The Cleaning Machine which, after some running around the Unreliable, tasks you with finding an Acid Sweeper on Roseway. To get this device you’ll need to talk to Gladys on the Groundbreaker to start the quest The Distress Signal, and when you land on Roseway find a man named Orson Shaw to start the quest Vulcan’s Hammer. This last quest isn’t necessary, but it’ll take you to the same facility where the Acid Sweeper is stored. Once you recover said Acid Sweeper, return to the Unreliable and install it on SAM to gain the cleaning machine as a companions.

  • Nyoka: You can find Nyoka in The Yacht Club establishment in Stellar Bay on Monarch. Talk to her and complete her quest Passion Pills and she’ll offer to join you.

Recruit them all to earn this trophy/achievement.

Welcome to Halcyon!

Story related, can’t be missed. You’ll earn this trophy/achievement shortly after character creation, when you land in Emerald Vale.

Ticket to Anywhere

Story related, can’t be missed. You’ll earn this trophy/achievement after installing the Power Regulator in the Unreliable during the quest Comes Now the Power.

Something’s Fishy

Story related, can’t be missed. You’ll earn this trophy/achievement when you reach Stellar Bay. That said, this can be done in a variety of ways. First, you can purchase a Stellar Bay Navkey from Gladys (the subject of the quest Passage to Anywhere, second you can acquire a Stellar Bay Navkey by working for the Board (this requires you to complete the quests Balance Due, The Puppet Masters, The Demolished Woman and Long Distance). Finally, you can just travel to Monarch, land at the Cascadia Landing Pad, then travel on foot to Stellar Bay. If the last options sounds simple, you’ve not been to Monarch - the route ahead is crawling with strong creatures, including raptidons and mantids. If your level isn’t in the high teens or higher, you probably don’t want to attempt this run.

However you reach it, this trophy/achievement should pop when you zone in to Stellar Bay.

Ticket to Anywhere

Story related, can’t be missed. You’ll earn this trophy/achievement when you first reach Byzantium. There are two ways to go about this: First, either complete the quest Radio Free Monarch for Phineas and you’ll be tasked with traveling to Byzantium, gaining the Byzantium Freight Port Landing Pad to facilitate this. Second, complete Balance Due for Udom Bedford on the Groundbreaker and you’ll get a navkey allowing you to land at Adjutant Akande’s Landing Pad on Byzantium. The latter option can be done far earlier in the story, for what that matter. Other than when this unlocks, the path you choose is irrelevant - both will get you this trophy/achievement.

Hard Time

Story related, can’t be missed. You’ll earn this trophy/achievement near the beginning of Brave New World, just travel to Tartarus to get this trophy/achievement.

Lost and Found

Story related, can’t be missed. You’ll earn this trophy/achievement at the end of the quest Kept Secret But Not Forgotten. Where you skip the Hope doesn’t really matter as far as unlocking this trophy/achievement is concerned.

Pirate Radio

Story related, can’t be missed. Complete either (or both) Radio Free Monarch and/or Signal Point in Space to earn this trophy/achievement. Whether you accomplish this by completing the quests BOLT with His Name, Errors Unseen, Pay for the Printer and The Commuter, or by just killing Sanjar Nandi (Stellar Bay) and Graham Bryant (Amber Heights) or some combination thereof doesn’t really matter.

The Audience Gasps

Story related, can’t be missed. At some point during the main story you’ll see a recorded video by Chairman Rockwell, revealing a dark secret about the fate of the Halcyon colony. Where you’ll see this video varies depending on what quests you’re doing. If you complete Signal Point in Space you’ll see it after return to Akande at the end of said quest. If you’re working for Phineas, you’ll see it during The City and the Stars.

SubLight to the End

You’ll need to complete all four quests of the SubLight questline. These start with Salvager in the Sky on Groundbreaker, after which you’ll need to secure a Stellar Bay Navkey by either buying one from Gladys for 10,000 Bits, or by completing the quests Balance Due, The Puppet Masters and Long Distance for the Board. Once you have a Stellar Bay Navkey you can finish Salvager in the Sky, then complete Space-Crime Continuum, The Ice Palace and The Chimerist’s Last Experiment. Check out the linked pages for more details. You’ll want to be around level twenty before starting these, as the foes you’ll be facing (starting with the critter on Monarch during Space-Crime Continuum) are around that level, themselves. When you complete The Chimerist’s Last Experiment this trophy should unlock.

Peace in Our Time

A fairly missable trophy/achievement, you’ll need to get MSI and the Iconoclasts to agree to a peace treaty. Completing the quests BOLT with His Name, Errors Unseen, Pay for the Printer and The Commuter will get MSI and the Iconoclasts to agree to stop broadcasting, which completes Radio Free Monarch and/or Signal Point in Space and begins Canid’s Cradle. During Canid’s Cradle you’ll be tasked with acquiring the targeting module from a crashed UDL gunship, and bestowing this on a faction will effectively shift the balance of power on Monarch irrevocably in their favor.

If you kill either of the major quest-givers for MSI or the Iconoclasts (Sanjar Nandi and Graham Bryant, respectively) you won’t be able to negotiate peace between the two factions. This is true for most trophy/achievement related quests, but unlike most other quests, killing Sanjar and Graham is a viable solution for Radio Free Monarch and/or Signal Point in Space. In addition to not killing those two, you must complete Zora’s optional objectives during Pay for the Printer and The Commuter. If you do, she’ll give you the quest Sucker Bait while Canid’s Cradle is active, and if you complete this quest you’ll be able to overthrow Graham and supplant him with Zora. This is a necessary step to negotiating a peace settlement, as no such outcome is possible as long as Graham is in charge of the Iconoclasts.

Once Zora is in charge of the Iconoclasts, talk to Sanjar Nandi and he’ll ask you to secure a performance review to prove Zora is competent enough to cooperate with, which is actually a fairly involved process that requires you to travel to the southern half of Cascadia (which itself is along the western edge of Monarch). Once you have this review and Sanjar is convinced, head to Amber Heights and pass an [Inspiration 55], [Persuade 55], [Intelligence] or [Perception] check to convince Zora, after which you’ll be invited to mediate the peace discussions. At this point, it’s merely a formality - say what you will and after the negotiations you’ll earn your trophy/achievement.

This is all covered in more detail in the Canid’s Cradle page.

This trophy/achievement and the “Monarch Abides” trophy/achievement obviously cannot both be gained in one playthrough, but if you save your game before giving the targeting module to either faction you can get one of these trophies/achievements, then reload and get the other… assuming you complete the preconditions for “Peace in Our Time”, namely completing the optional objectives for Zora during Pay for the Printer and The Commuter.

Monarch Abides

Complete the quest Radio Free Monarch and/or Signal Point in Space to begin Canid’s Cradle, during which you’ll be tasked with acquiring the targeting module from a crashed UDL gunship, and bestowing this on a faction will effectively shift the balance of power on Monarch irrevocably in their favor. Give the targeting module to whichever faction (MSI or the Iconoclasts) you prefer, after which you’ll have to fight off an assault from the other faction. When you kill the opposing leaders (Sanjar Nandi for MSI or Graham Bryant and Zora for the Iconoclasts) you’ll win the battle, and can talk to the leader of the surviving faction to earn this trophy/achievement.

This trophy/achievement and the “Peace in Our Time” trophy/achievement obviously cannot both be gained in one playthrough, but if you save your game before giving the targeting module to either faction you can get one of these trophies/achievements, then reload and get the other… assuming you complete the preconditions for “Peace in Our Time”, namely completing the optional objectives for Zora during Pay for the Printer and The Commuter.


Talk to Gladys on the Groundbreaker to start the quest The Distress Signal, after which you can travel to Roseway and talk to Anton Crane to start The Doom that Came to Roseway. Complete this quest by recovering the stolen Auntie Cleo’s Research Data from Cassandra (see the linked quest for more details) and give said research data back to Anton Crane to earn this trophy/achievement. If you wish to give the research Data to Gladys, instead, save your game before turning it in to Anton Crane, get the trophy/achievement, then reload and do what you wish.

Mightier than the Sword

This trophy/achievement and “Ludwig was Right” are the sole reason why this game requires more than one playthrough to earn all the trophies/achievements for… well, that and because numerous trophies/achievements probably aren’t well suited for Supernova difficulty, but we digress.

To get this trophy/achievement you must work for the Board by completing the quest Balance Due, The Puppet Masters, The Demolished Woman, Long Distance and finally Signal Point in Space. After these are completed, you’ll either be given this trophy/achievement or the quest Foundation, depending on your actions earlier in the game during Comes Now the Power.

If during Comes Now the Power you rerouted the power to the Botanical Lab or you convinced Reed Tobson to step down in favor of Adelaide, Akande will give you the quest Foundation, which will earn you the trophy/achievement “Ludwig was Right” once completed (see the linked page for more information about this quest). If you rerouted the power back to Edgewater and left Reed Tobson in charge of the town, Akande will instead just congratulate you for turning Edgewater around and you’ll earn “Mightier than the Sword”.

Neither of these are particularly difficult, but since you have to make a choice concerning Edgewater, Adelaide and Reed Tobson earlier in the game which affects these trophies/achievements later on, it does require quite a bit of replaying to do. Technically you don’t need to start over fresh, but practically speaking since going from Emerald Vale to (and through) Monarch can take some time - especially on Supernova - you’re better off shooting for “Ludwig was Right” on your first (non-Supernova) playthrough and “Mightier than the Sword” on your Supernova playthrough.

Ludwig was Right

This trophy/achievement and “Ludwig was Right” are the sole reason why this game requires more than one playthrough to earn all the trophies/achievements for… well, that and because numerous trophies/achievements probably aren’t well suited for Supernova difficulty, but we digress.

To get this trophy/achievement you must work for the Board by completing the quest Balance Due, The Puppet Masters, The Demolished Woman, Long Distance and finally Signal Point in Space. After these are completed, you’ll either be given this trophy/achievement or the quest Foundation, depending on your actions earlier in the game during Comes Now the Power.

If during Comes Now the Power you rerouted the power to the Botanical Lab or you convinced Reed Tobson to step down in favor of Adelaide, Akande will give you the quest Foundation, which will earn you the trophy/achievement “Ludwig was Right” once completed (see the linked page for more inform

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