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The Outer Worlds
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First Published: 25-10-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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The Outer Worlds Guide

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Side Quests

Weapons From the Void

Quest Information
Location:The Unreliable
How to Start:Use the terminal in the captain's quarters

After you complete the quest Comes Now the Power by acquiring a power regulator, install it in the Unreliable and head into orbit. Once done, make your way to the captains quarters on the Unreliable, which are now unlocked, and search the terminal. Pick the option [Logs] then [Log Entry #1 - Titled: Shrink Ray] to start this quest.

This quest is basically just an on-going hunt for various Science Weapons in the game. Their locations are as follows:

Shrink Ray

Head to Phineas’ Lab and search a table to west of the microphone you can use to talk to Phineas. That’s it, it’s just sitting out there in the open, waiting for you to take it.

Prismatic Hammer

This device can be found shortly after the Shrink Ray. Head to Groundbreaker and pass the security checkpoint manned by Cpl. Leonard Wheeler. If you want some background on this weapon you can head into waste disposal (go through a doorway to the north of Belle’s Shells) and find a corpse near the waste chute, near which are some "Crumpled Instructions". This is unnecessary, however.

Instructions or not, in the area (north of) behind Cpl. Leonard Wheeler you’ll find a large passageway to the west. Pass through it, then turn north through a doorway to find the humble barracks where the Groundbreaker’s poor Stevedores dwell. Use some crates to climb atop the bed-domiciles and sneak your way west to find the opening to the hidden hangar mentioned in the letter by the corpse in the waste disposal chute.

Sneak into the hangar and watch out for several outlaws and their Scrap Mechanical. No way to avoid a fight here, so just try start out the upcoming fight in a good way by scoring a sneak attack if possible. The crates should provide cover while you gun down the outlaws, and once they’re down you can focus your attention on the Scrap Mechanical. Plasma works well on the outlaws, while shock will take the Scrap Mechanical down quicker. When they’re dead, loot the Outlaw Squad Leader for a Repair Hangar Keycard, which will open a locked door [Lockpick 60] to the north.

Beyond this door you’ll find the Prismatic Hammer Science Weapon in a safe that looks… rather too small for it. The Prismatic Hammer, as a Science Weapon, gets stronger the more you invest points in the Science skill, swapping between elements as you swing it, starting with plasma and shock. If your Science skill score is below 60, the third swing will be non-elemental, and afterwards the cycle will repeat: plasma, shock, physical. If your Science skill score is 60+ the routine will be plasma, shock, corrosive, physical. Finally, at Science 80+ all the modes of the Prismatic Hammer will be unlocked: plasma, shock, corrosive and n-ray.

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