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The Outer Worlds

Passion Pills

Nathan Garvin
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Location: Monarch - Stellar Bay
How to Start: Talk to Nyoka

Talk to Nyoka in “The Yacht Club” (presumably during either Radio Free Monarch and/or Signal Point in Space) and she’ll ask you to get some caffenoids to counter her drunkenness, something she can’t do herself, since she apparently inhales them and has used up her monthly quota. From The Yacht Club head down the street to the west until you find the dispensary to the right. Inside you’ll find the proprietor, “Auntie” Abigail Edwards, who is nice enough… inappropriately so, in fact. Ew.

(1 of 4) There are many ways to get the caffenoid without leaving the dispensary, including bribing Abigail,

When you entered Abigail should have been talking to one Frederick Halstead, and when you talk to her you can ask about the “Velma” person whose name you overheard, but this just provides background for another quest later on. In any event, you’ll need to pass a [Medical 35] check to make any progress with this quest… at least by talking to Abigail. Yes, skill checks of some sort will be required to complete this quest in most cases, but you’ve got a ton of options for getting the caffenoids for Nyoka:

  • Talk to Abigail and a pass a [Medical 35] check, then say pick [Lie 20] and she’ll mention that she keeps her stock locked in the supply room upstairs.

  • Talk to Abigail and pass a [Medical 35] check, then say “Nyoka.” to witness a severe change in demeanor, after which respond however you wish. She’ll mention Dr. Williams’ terminal upstairs from which the doctor managed the town’s allotments. Pick the option “Where can I find this Dr. Williams?” to learn he liked to… experiment, with predictable results. His body is now in a raptidon-infested cemetery outside of town.

  • Talk to Abigail and pass a [Medical 35] check, then say “Nyoka.” to witness a severe change in demeanor, after which respond however you wish. Next, pick [Persuade 35] and she’ll mention that she has a key to the supply room, too.

  • Talk to Abigail and pass a [Medical 35] check, then say “Nyoka.” to witness a severe change in demeanor, after which respond however you wish. If you succeed at an [Intimidate 55] check you can bully Abigail into giving you the Caffenoids outright. You mean person, you.

  • Talk to Abigail and pass a [Medical 35] check, then say “That’s private.” followed by a [Persuade 55] bribe that’ll set you back a few thousand Bits. Still, you’ll get the Caffenoids Nyoka wants. Probably the most wasteful way to solve this quest, however.

Assuming you do the first three without getting the caffenoids (perhaps your skill checks aren’t high enough, or you just don’t care to bribe or bully her?) you still have plenty of options:

  • Head upstairs and pick the lock [Lockpick 30] to the supply room door (it’s the only locked door) and grab the Caffenoids off the shelf.

  • If you can’t pick the lock (c’mon… [Lockpick 30] should be trivial by now…) you can pickpocket the Dispensary Supply Room Key off Abigail and open the door. She doesn’t turn around and nobody comes in, so this should be cake. Once inside just grab the Caffenoids off the shelf.

  • If you can’t pick the lock to the door or steal the key from Abigail, you can hack the terminal upstairs [Hack 55], then select the options [Patient Records], [Nyoka] and [Increase Caffenoid Allotment], then talk to Abigail and pick the option “I’m picking up Caffenoid for Nyoka Ramnarim-Wentworth the Third.” That’s… a name. Anyways, this works.

(1 of 4) If you’re feeling more adventurous, head into the ruins south of Stellar Bay, kill some raptidons

  • Finally, if you can’t pass any skill checks you can still get your caffenoid, but it’ll require some fighting and travel. Exit Stellar Bay via the southeastern gate, cross a bridge to the southwest continue until you hit an intersection, then follow a road to the west. Shortly you should spot a church to the left (south) - the dome is a dead giveaway. Go inside and search a skeleton in an alcove behind the pulpit to find A Nice Hat. This unique bit of headwear might not have much in the way of armor, but it does give a +5 bonus to your Leadership skills and +7 bonus to Persuade. You can also find a Book on a bench in the churches eastern wing.

    Keep following the road west until you find a house with a hole in the wall to the left (southwest) of the road. The cemetery you’re looking for is on a hill behind this house, just kill two raptidons and loot Dr. Williams’ body for a Dispensary Supply Room Key. With this in hand, it’s merely a matter of returning to the dispensary, opening the upstairs storeroom door and grabbing the Caffenoids off the shelf.

So, you’ve got options. Get the caffenoids, return to Nyoka, and she’ll join your party… or try to. Send her to the ship or let her tag along if you want, she’s not really necessary to do anything on Monarch.

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