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The Outer Worlds
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First Published: 25-10-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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The Outer Worlds Guide

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Side Quests

Little Memento

Quest Information
Location:Monarch - Amber Heights
How to Start:Talk to Ash

At the northern end of Amber Heights you’ll find a bar, where a veteran mercenary named Ash now drinks away his present. Talk to him and if you ask him about "heartbreak" he’ll end up asking you to seek out an old keepsake box he’d like you to retrieve.

Kill some marauders near the Abandoned SafehouseInside, be sure to read a datapad to learn that Ashe isn't who he says he isthen read some entries on a terminal to learn where the crew went so many years ago.

The location he wants you to visit is a good march southwest of Amber Heights. Travel past Fallbrook to the Forlorn Crossroads, and from there make a beeline to the southwest (or follow the road south and west for a slightly longer route) to reach the Abandoned Safehouse. Exterminate around a half dozen marauders (and their little bot, too!) then open the door to the safehouse with the Hunter Outpost Keycard, which Ash provided upon accepting his quest.

Once inside, help yourself to the loot strewn about, then read a datapad and note that Ash is never mentioned in the logs. Curious. Next interact with a terminal and read the entry [FROM: Lamont], which gives you a location and tells you that whomever used this terminal was planning on getting off of Monarch.

The next leg of the journey requires you to travel south and slightly west, and there’s no harm in getting your feet wet. That said, the cliffs nearby don’t present a safe way of getting down to the river, and the gentler slope southeast of the safehouse doesn’t lead to a viable way to ascend to your destination on the other side of the river, so backtrack to the Forlorn Crossroads and from there head south and slightly east to cross the river at a shallower point with much more accessible banks. Be wary of mantids as you go, though - they’re thick around this part of the river.

Kill some mantidsthen search a corpse-filled pit to find some remains - and the lockbox.If you call Ash out on his duplicity before giving him the lockbox, you'll get a more substantial reward.

Cross the river to reach the southern bank, then head west, wiping out or avoiding a marauder camp along the way. When you near the quest marker you’ll need to dispatch a nest of mantids, including a Mantiqueen. Do so and search for a corpse-filled pit, specifically a skull inside the pit that suggest mantids were to blame for the deaths of whomever these bones belonged to… but at least the lockbox Ash wants made it through the ordeal intact.

Travel back to Ash in Stellar Bay and tell him you found Lamont’s body. After this you can make an inconsequential reply about what you found at the site before getting to the more important options. If you respond with "Yeah. I’m lucky to be alive, you know" or "I did. Here you go" you’ll get 625 Bits, some positive Iconoclast reputation, and XP, after which you can call him out on being a fraud - and worse, responsible for their deaths. On the other hand, you can lead with "Yeah… thing is, I found a list of agents in that outpost. You aren’t on it." and he’ll admit to his crimes, but share more of the spoils with you - 875 Bits, to be exact. Not a very satisfying end to things, but… well…

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