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The Outer Worlds Guide

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Side Quests

The Grimm Tomorrow

Quest Information
Location:Monarch - Stellar Bay
How to Start:Talk to Grimm

A guard near the landing pad of Stellar Bay - Grimm - will ask you to check on the status of his signed tossball poster.Asking Celia about it will get you referred to Velmawhile Velma has decided to opportunistically sell the poster to somebody else.

You’ll find Grimm next to the elevator leading to the Stellar Bay Landing Pad. Talk to him and, after he gets done with his obviously rusty corporate procedure he’ll ask you to run an errand for him. What is it with guards asking you to perform menial tasks for them? In any event, he ordered a signed tossball poster and has been driving people crazy asking if it’s here yet. Since he’s squandered all good will he’s asking you to pester people on his behalf.

First up is Celia, who can be found in the MSI building, next to Sanjar. Talking to her will achieve little, and she’ll refer you to Velma, who can be found in the warehouse. Head over to the large building along the northern end of Stellar Bay to find Velma, who proves just as petty and greedy in this quest as she does in every other one she’s part of. Talk to her about Grimm’s poster and she’ll tell you that she has decided to sell it to Nell. Even though Grimm asked her to acquire it, Nell offered more money, and Velma is nothing if not heartlessly only interested in profit, no matter how petty and mean she has to be to get it.

Aside from convincing Velma to hand the poster over, you can also lie to Nell to get her to opt out of the dealor just steal the poster from Velma's locked bin.When he finally gets his poster, poor Grimm will be quite pleased.

Ask about Nell if you wish, and if you ask "You still have the poster, right?" she’ll tell you it’s locked up in her office. Good to know. Complaining on behalf of Grimm does nothing, but if you say "Surely we can work something out." you’ll be able to get the poster by passing an [Intimidate 55] check, a [Persuade 35] check or bribing her with 588 Bits. In case of the persuade check, she’ll only budge if you’ve completed her quest The Secret People.

Should you have trouble with Velma, you can let skulduggery make up for whatever you diplomacy can’t handle. Go through a doorway to the east, head upstairs, walk across a walkway and open a door to reach Velma’s office. In here you’ll find a locked container [Lockpick 50], wherein you’ll find the Signed Tossball Poster Grimm wants. You can just steal it and hand it over to him.

If that’s not enough options, you can find Nell in a building in the northeastern corner of Stellar Bay and chat with her, where you can pass a [Lie 55] check for… well, just XP, really. Her and Felix will get along rather well, and after they’re done flirting, continue with business by asking about the poster. You can pass a [Lie 55] check to convince her that Grimm and Sanjar are pals, which will make her back off. You can then tell Velma that "Nell’s no longer interested in the poster." to get her to give it to you.

If you can secure the poster by one of the means provided above, return to Grimm to get your reward. If not, you can always just tell Grimm that Velma is selling it to Nell, which will also complete the quest, although you’ll only get 100 Bits and no positive MSI reputation, while if you get Grimm his poster you’ll get 625 Bits, a Tossball Blocker deals corrosive damage (although no mods seem to justify it) and positive MSI reputation.

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